United Hatzalah’s Annual Concert Puts Family in the Spotlight

As we get closer to the beginning of the holiday season, United Hatzalah is gearing up for their annual concert that will take place on Chol Hamoed Sukkot in Binyanei Ha’Umah. As opposed to previous years, this year the organization is shifting the usual focus of the event to highlight the contribution that family provides in saving lives.

Over the past year, the organization has put a strong emphasis on lifesaving that takes place at home by training thousands of individuals across the country in basic first aid. The project which is aptly called “Family First” encourages, parents, older siblings, teachers and community workers to take a 4 hour basic first aid course so that they will know the proper first response in cases of choking, heart failure, burns and a variety of other emergency situations that require immediate treatment such as CPR.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-16 at 17.19.18

The organization also recently touted the many married couples who make lifesaving a priority in their homes with both spouses volunteering as first responders. Eliana Ben-David is a volunteer EMT together with her husband Avner. In a recent article, she explained how much she learned about herself after she became an EMT and how some rules from the field can be applied to building a proper family. “You do your best to help where you can but you can’t always save everyone. You learn so much from the experience of going on calls, about yourself and how to help your partner on scene. When applying that to family life it teaches you how to work in high-intensity moments while keeping your relationship positive. You should always be there to not only solve the problem but help your spouse or family member as well.”


The President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer spoke about the concert’s theme and how important the concept of family is to United Hatzalah. “Family is one of the main reasons why our volunteers do what they do. They go out to save people, to save families. But at the same time, they instill a series of values in their own families. Values about the importance of helping others, about putting the needs of others before your own, of the importance of a life, and about self-sacrifice. None of our volunteers get paid or reimbursed for their time. They often give up their own special quality family time in order to help other families remain intact. What’s extra special about our volunteers here at United Hatzalah, is that they, in essence, have become their own family. Each branch, each chapter, has become a family, and the entire organization has become one big family. I like to think of all the volunteers as many extended family and I know that I am not alone in thinking so.”


Beer’s family certainly feels the same, as his wife Gitty not only finished an EMT training course of her own in the past year but ushered in a new era for the organization by creating a specialized women’s unit that caters to the Haredi community and dispatches female responder to help assist other women specifically with women’s health issues.


The annual Sukkot concert this year is reflecting this sentiment. “We are inviting families from all over to come and attend,” said Eli. “We are even giving a family discount if people purchase tickets before September 1st. It will really be a family affair,” he added.


The concert will take place on Monday, October 9th at 19:30, at the Jerusalem Convention Center. In an appropriate nod to the theme of the evening, some of the artists themselves are family members. The concert headliner will be, the fan favorite, Avraham Fried who is a supporter and friend of the organization. Performing with him will be Shmuel and Bentzi Marcus from “8th Day”, Eli Marcus, Simche Friedman, and recently risen Chassidic star singer Benny Friedman. United Hatzalah volunteers will also be on hand during the evening to speak with audience members and share stories.

“The holidays are the time to spend with family. So, in support of all the families we save, bring your family out to meet ours on Sukkot, and I promise you that you will not be disappointed,” Beer encouraged.   

For more information about the concert please click here: https://israelrescue.org/campaigns/sukkotconcert


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When The Emergencies Keep Coming – EMS Volunteer Responds to 8 Calls In One Evening

Late one evening last week, Avner was alerted to a fire at a store in Tel Aviv and immediately raced to the scene on his ambucycle. A few minutes later, he received an alert that another fire had broken out nearby! Since there were already enough medics on-site, United Hatzalah dispatch directed him to head over to the other emergency and Avner jumped back on his ambucycle, speeding to the scene and quickly treated two people who were suffering from smoke inhalation.

The first fire that Avner responded to on the night when he did 8 calls back-to-back.

The first fire that Avner responded to on the night when he did 8 calls back-to-back.

Another alert came in that an elderly man had lost consciousness. Realizing that all Tel Aviv ambulances had been dispatched to the dangerous, quickly-spreading fires, Avner knew that an ambulance was responding from outside the city, meaning at least a half-hour delay. He jumped on his ambucycle and raced over to the address. The elderly man was barely breathing and Avner rapidly provided high-flow oxygen, stabilizing the man’s condition and keeping him alive until an ambulance finally arrived.


As Avner mounted his ambucycle to return home, he was alerted that a woman had been struck by a car. Already on his ambucycle, Avner quickly changed direction and sped to the scene, arriving first. The 60-year-old pedestrian was bleeding heavily from a serious head wound. There was no time to lose. The experienced medic worked swiftly bandaging her wound, setting up an IV line, immobilizing her, and taking her vital signs. By the time an ambulance arrived 25 minutes later, the patient was treated, stabilized and prepped for transport!


Avner responded to eight calls that night! The dedicated volunteer finally returned home at 2:15 am, crashing into bed for a few hours of sleep before his day began at 5:00 am.

Avner responds to a car accident, one of his 8 back-to-back calls that night.

Avner responds to a car accident, one of his 8 back-to-back calls that night.

The next day he spoke about his efforts. “The things they don’t mention to you in training is how hot you will be when your adrenaline is pumping and you are racing from call to call in a vest and a motorcycle jacket. They also don’t tell you how draining it can be to go on a series of back-to-back calls like this. But that is part of the job and it’s part of what we do. As any EMS volunteer can tell you, other people live because of our sweat and tears. This evening, like so many others before it, really brought home for me once again the EMS creed ‘so others may live’”.  

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Volunteer EMT Saves a Life Mid-Haricut

On Tuesday, in the middle of receiving a haircut in her hometown of Ra’anana, United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Shiran Finder received a notification from the national dispatch center alerting her that a person nearby had collapsed and was unconscious. Shiran who already had dye packs in her hair, rushed out of the Nir Adir Hair Lounge to help treat the person whose location had been identified as being on the opposite side of the street from the hair salon.

Shiran together with another United Hatzalah first responder following the incident on Tuesday

Shiran together with another United Hatzalah first responder following the incident on Tuesday

Upon arrival just a few seconds later, Finder found the patient semi-conscious and in need of medical assistance. She began treatment. As other first responders arrived at the scene they did a double take noticing Finder’s attire of a salon gown and dye packs in her hair.


“I felt the need for a change and I wanted to get my hair done so I went to the salon today,” Finder commented after the incident. “While the hairdresser was wrapping my hair in silver foil dye packs I got the call about an unconscious patient just a few meters away from my location. How could I not go out and help when the location of the incident read 0.0 kilometers away?”


Finder added “I didn’t hesitate for even a moment. Even though I must have looked ridiculous I ran out and was prepared to begin CPR compressions. Luckily when I arrived I found the person conscious, and I certainly heard chuckling from all directions, but hey I went out to save a life while layering highlights.”


When hearing of the incident, President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer said, “Finder is one of our highly energetic and tenacious EMTs who is always looking to help people however she can. She is consistently one of the first to respond to any medical emergency in her vicinity, large or small. Recently, she has been accompanying EMS trainees on calls in order to help them build their experience and the organization hopes that some of her enthusiasm rubs off on the trainees as well. This incident just goes to show how dedicated Shiran and the other volunteers like her truly are. No matter what is happening or how it looks, our volunteers drop everything to save a life. That is what makes us special. That is what makes us strong.”


Finder’s emergency call was one of 11 calls that took place in Ra’anana on Tuesday, and one of more than 800 that the organization responded to across the country that day.

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EMT Saves Life of Relative of Deceased At Funeral

Yossi Kurt is a sixth-grade teacher in Kiryat Atta, the town where he lives together with his family. Kurt recently attended a funeral of a fellow teacher in the school when a man in the crowd, a relative of the deceased suddenly collapsed during the procession.

Yossi Kurt on his ambucycle

Yossi Kurt on his ambucycle

As frantic screams for help rang out, Kurt, a United Hatzalah volunteer EMT, dashed to his ambucycle parked just meters away.  He rushed over to the man, took out his medical kit and began to treat him.  Kurt checked for a pulse and finding none, the experienced medic immediately launched into CPR, mere seconds after the cardiac arrest had occurred.

There in the cemetery among the crowd of mourners, Yossi hooked up the defibrillator pads to the man’s bare chest and then single handedly performed intense chest compressions. The machine advised a shock, Kurt stood back and pushed the flashing button. The man’s body jerked as electricity coursed through him. Kurt resumed the rigorous CPR with the help of other medics who had just arrived and began systematic ventilations.

After a few minutes of CPR, the man’s pulse returned. The medics worked to stabilize his condition and by the time the ambulance arrived, the man was even breathing on his own.

The battle for life in the cemetery had been short and successful, thanks to Kurt’s immediate on-site treatment with the equipment from his ambucycle, which he always keeps nearby.


“When these incidents occur you don’t think, you simply respond. You follow your protocols and let your training take over,” Kurt said. “I was very happy that we were able to revive this man and save his life. Having two funerals of family members on the same day would have been a tragedy to immense for everyone there. I am happy that I was able to be there and provide assistance. That is what volunteering with United Hatzalah is all about.”


Upon hearing about the incident, the Founder and President of United Hatzalah Eli Beer said, “Yossi’s immediate response saved this man’s life. That is why we built United Hatzalah, to provide emergency medical response from within the community in an effort to save everyone who can be saved. I don’t want there to be a single person who dies because EMS response wasn’t fast enough. My goal for United Hatzalah is to have a responder on every street corner throughout Israel so that no one will ever have to wait for EMS responders to arrive. We want to be able to respond to every emergency within 90 seconds and we are getting there, one volunteer hero, like Yossi, at a time.”  

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On Jewish Holiday of Love EMS Couples Reflect On Saving Lives Together

Tu b’Av is the Jewish holiday of love and what better way to celebrate your connection with another person then by saving lives together.

Among the 3,500 volunteers of Israel’s national EMS volunteer organization United Hatzalah are more than a dozen couples who answer emergency calls and go out on rescue missions together. The couples come from different backgrounds and walks of life, from secular Tel Avivians to ultra-Orthodox Jews living in the periphery. Many have been working together as responders since United Hatzalah began more than 10 years ago, and some span various levels of emergency first response as one spouse is an EMT and qualifies as basic life support (BLS) while the other is many times a paramedic or doctor and qualifies as advanced life support (ALS). While the life of a volunteer EMT can be challenging in unexpected and often eventful ways, it can also create bonds that last a lifetime.

Avner's proposal to Eliana, a woman she met via an organizational EMT whatsapp group

Avner’s proposal to Eliana, a woman she met via an organizational EMT whatsapp group

Eliana and Avner Ben David are two people who began to volunteer with Israel’s national emergency medical services (EMS) organization, United Hatzalah, a number of years ago. They began their paths separately but, due to their involvement with the organization, they found each other and began a family that is dedicated to saving lives every day. Avner met Eliana via a Whatsapp group that was set up for the local EMTs. “We talked a lot about some medical details and different cases that we had both seen, which then lead us to a private conversation. A week or so later we spoke on the phone, which eventually led to a date,” said Eliana.

“While we were dating, we kept receiving calls and we answered them together, as we were often together. I had to keep reminding him that these calls were not considered dates,” she quipped.

After some time, Avner invoked his brother’s help to arrange the proposal. As both he and Eliana are avid responders who care about their work, Avner had the dispatch center create an emergency call for just the two of them to arrive in the middle of a park. Instead of seeing a stabbing victim, which had not been real, Eliana arrived shortly after Avner to see a candle-lit proposal, complete with a bottle of her favorite wine and Avner with a ring. The two EMTs got married in May of 2014 and they have a 2-year-old son.

One of the things that astounded Eliana was how much she learned about herself after she became an EMT and how some rules from the field can be applied to marriage. “You do your best to help where you can but you can’t always save everyone. You learn so much from the experience of going on calls, about yourself and how to help your partner on scene. When applying that to marriage it teaches you how to work in high-intensity moments in your relationship. You should always be there to not only solve the problem but help your partner as well.”   

As every couple must, the young family has made changes to their routine of going on emergency calls now that there is a toddler to look after at home. “Avner certainly heads out more than I do,” said Eliana. “In order to create a balance, we have established ground rules for when it is an appropriate time to go out on calls and when it is not. But what we do what we can to help save those in need whenever we can without impacting too much on our family life.”


Kobi and Avigail Brillman sporting their motorcycle gear before they take a ride on Kobi's ambucylce.

Kobi and Avigail Brillman sporting their motorcycle gear before they take a ride on Kobi’s ambucylce.

Kobi and Avigail Brillman from Kochav Yaakov in the Binyamin region are one such couple. The town that they live in is not located in close proximity to a hospital. Immediate EMS response is something that saves lives continually, and the pair has dedicated their lives to help save others. The couple utilizes Kobi’s ambucycle in order to arrive at emergencies scenes quickly as their area suffers from constant traffic jams due to car accidents on the one major highway in the region. Avigail’s ALS training as a paramedic allows her to provide the patients with much needed medical intervention at the scene of the incident, in many cases this comes long before an ambulance can arrive. The couple, which has two children, respond on average to 3-4 emergencies per day. They have a deal with their neighbors that if they need to head out the neighbors will watch their children who are both under the age of three.

Kobi said that “saving lives is together is something that we both love doing. While these are not situations that we hope for in any way, the fact that we can respond together, understand what our spouse needs in the moment while responding and be there for each other after the fact is something that has helped us grow together over the years.

Racheli and Dovie Maisel on a nightshift together.

Racheli and Dovie Maisel on a nightshift together.

Racheli and Dovie Maisel are another couple who respond to emergency calls in their neighborhood of Ramle together. While Dovie has been involved in the world of EMS for over 25 years and is a paramedic, Racheli is a newly graduated EMT and is just going on out on her first calls. The couple has four children the oldest of which is old enough to babysit her younger siblings when the parents need to rush out to an emergency.

“If you’re already going out to an emergency call then it’s kind of fun to go out with your spouse to see my husband in action during a call in a situation in which I don’t get to see him every day, it gives me a new sense of pride in him and seeing him relate to patients. I was able to learn a lot from him during the shift and it gave me a new meaning to spending time together,” said Racheli. “It certainly adds an element to the adrenaline to be a part of the experience of saving lives together and supporting each other at the scene. Our kids really supported us going out together and me joining as an EMT. They also have become an essential part in our ability to save lives and it has become a family endeavor.”  

Dovie, who is a paramedic, joked that due to his higher medical ranking there was a certain amount of relief at being able to respond to calls as a couple. “I’ve been doing this for most of my life ever since I was a teenager. Now that my wife has joined me, I finally have one area in my life where I can be correct.”  


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United Hatzalah Opens Supply Depot in Uman Enabling Travelling EMS Personnel to Treat Tourists and Locals

Israel’s national volunteer EMS organization continues to expand its international operations for communities around the globe. United Hatzalah has opened a new medical supply depot in Uman, Ukraine, ahead of the annual mass pilgrimage that takes place during the High Holiday season. During the months surrounding the Jewish New Year, this year scheduled to begin on the eve of September 20th, tens of thousands of Jewish pilgrims head to the eastern European city to pay their respects to the deceased rabbinical masters whose graves are spread across the western half of the country. As the main focal point of the pilgrimage is the city of Uman, United Hatzalah has chosen it as the location of a new emergency medical supply depot for the organization’s volunteers who will be present during the upcoming pilgrimage.

Medical equipment and EMT bags being set up in Uman for use by visiting EMS personnel

Medical equipment and EMT bags being set up in Uman for use by visiting EMS personnel

The supply depot will allow traveling EMS volunteers and professionals from the organization to present their credentials to the staff on the ground and receive a full bag of medical equipment similar to what they would have in Israel. All volunteers have been instructed to leave their specialized emergency smartphone application running, which will still be used to track and alert them to medical emergencies that occur near their location. The volunteers will receive medical equipment, be notified of emergencies and join the local emergency medical services of the area in an effort to provide a quick and effective response to any emergency that may occur during their stay.


President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer relayed, “We are continuing to expand the international activities of United Hatzalah across the globe and assist any local rescue services that request our assistance. In this case, following the request of the local Hatzalah services in Uman, we are establishing a medical supply center for our many volunteers, including EMTs, paramedics and doctors who visit the area so that they will be able to join the local teams on the ground during their stay and thereby raise both the level and breadth of the care offered in the area. Now when our volunteers go to visit or pay homage at the grave sites of the holy rabbis who are buried there, they will also be able to help the local rescue and Hatzolah teams save lives in case of a medical emergency.”


Beer also said that the organization is looking to expand its activities even further in the area and include providing EMS services to other Jewish communities in the country and across Europe.”      

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Cognizant United Hatzalah Ambucycle Driver Helps IDF Prevent Gush Etzion Terror Attack Wednesday Afternoon

On Wednesday afternoon a terror attack was prevented from being carried out by an aware ambucycle driver and volunteer EMT from United Hatzalah and the IDF. The incident occurred near the Gush Etzion junction, a location that has seen numerous attacks in the recent months.


Shlomi Anavi, who recently began volunteering as an ambucycle EMT with United Hatzalah and who lives in Elazar was driving from his home town towards the intersection when he noticed an Arab woman walking on the side of the highway, against the flow of traffic and in a very suspicious manner.

Shlomi Anavi speaking to security forces following the attempted attack at Gush Etzion Junction.

Shlomi Anavi speaking to security forces following the attempted attack at Gush Etzion Junction.

After watching her while driving, and eventually passing her, he sped up and notified the IDF personnel stationed at the intersection explaining to them exactly what she looked like and from which direction she was coming. The IDF took it from there and when the woman approached their position ordered her to stop and leveled their weapons at her feet long before she was able to reach their position. The woman held out a knife and dropped the weapon before being taken into custody by the IDF.


In a letter of thanks that  Anavi wrote to his new organization he said, “Today, thank God we prevented a terror attack at the Gush Etzion junction thanks to the ambucycle you gave me. When one is driving on a motorcycle or ambucycle, one must be much more aware of their surroundings and the highway on which they are driving in order to pinpoint the car that might hit you or otherwise cause you to spin out.


During my routine drive today I noticed a suspicious woman walking along the highway against the flow of traffic. She was Arab and she was walking from the Southern Efrat junction to the Gush Etzion junction in a suspicious manner. When I arrived at the Gush Etzion junction I alerted the soldiers to my suspicions about the woman and explained in detail what she looked like and which direction she was coming from.


About 20 minutes later the woman approached the intersection and the soldiers were prepared for her arrival ordering her to stop and prepare to be checked for weapons. She had no other option but to drop the knife that she was carrying and surrender to the soldiers.


I am just a small cog in the wheel of protection for those around me and an even smaller cog in the wheel of the organization that is United Hatzalah, but I wanted to thank you for the lives that you helped me save today.”


Anavi has been the head of security for Elazar for the past 13 years and is a member of the Gush Etzion Search and Rescue Unit.  

His ambucycle was donated just a few weeks ago by a family from Elazar who wished it to serve their community and the surrounding area.

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United Hatzalah Adds Teams to Western Wall in Preparation for Tisha B’av Services

In preparation for the many visitors expected to attend prayers at the Western Wall during the Fast of the 9th of Av, United Hatzalah EMS volunteers will be on duty throughout the day at the site in order to provide fast on scene emergency medical assistance to worshippers.    

UH Ambucycle overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem

UH Ambucycle overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem

Security forces are expecting tens of thousands of visitors to the site over the course of the day. In previous years, United Hatzalah EMS volunteers have had to treat dozens of patients each year at the Western Wall due to crowding and the heat of the day with many of them requiring follow up treatment in hospital.

This year, as the day marking the Fast of the 9th of Av is expected to be extremely hot, the organization is calling upon visitors to attend services at the site in the later afternoon hours and to drink adequate amounts of water and hydrating liquids before the fast begins on Monday evening. During the day it is advisable to remain indoors or in shady areas so as to avoid dehydration.


With the beginning of the fast on Monday evening, and until its culmination Tuesday night, volunteers including EMTs, paramedics and doctors, together with members of the organization’s ambucycle unit will be taking shifts at the Western Wall in order to provide pre-ambulatory care.


President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer said that “In addition to our regular volunteers who respond to any emergency in the field, we have set up additional personnel at the Western Wall due to the high volume of visitors expected. While the largest crowds attend prayer services at the Western Wall on the night of Tisha B’av, many still attend services during the daytime, which is far more dangerous due to the intense heat and direct sunlight that worshippers are exposed to at the site. Our teams of volunteers will be ready at the site throughout the night and day in order to provide assistance for anyone in need. We hope that we won’t have any serious incidents and we wish everyone an easy and meaningful fast.”

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Story From the Streets Yishai Gavra – A Solomonic Tale of Two Children

I remember the incident like it was yesterday. Some incidents you simply don’t forget, especially when they involved the birth of your first son.


On July 11th, I was at home in Zichron Yaakov with my very pregnant wife when she began feeling contractions. We gathered our birthing bags that we had prepared for the hospital and began to head to the car. She was walking slowly, stopping to breathe when she needed to and I was rushing around making sure everything we needed was packed and in the car. I went back to help her up for the final trip to the car when I received an emergency dispatch from United Hatzalah’s national dispatch and command center that a child was choking nearby. For the first time in my EMS career I froze.


On the one hand a child was choking and needed assistance, and that was a matter of life or death that required an immediate response. On the other hand, my wife was in the middle of labor with our first child and she needed me as well. I had no idea what to do. I looked at my wife, my face full of indecision.

Yishai receiving his ambucycle from the head of the Sharon chapter of United Hatzalah Naftali David

Yishai receiving his ambucycle from the head of the Sharon chapter of United Hatzalah Naftali David

My wife has always been proud and supportive of my being an EMS responder but this time she did something so unexpected that I am not sure if there is any way to repay her. My wife too had heard the call come in on my radio and she made the decision for me. She said one word, “Go!” I did a double take asking her if she was sure, and she reassured me that there was still time until she would give birth and that the boy needed my help more and his need was more urgent.


I rushed outside to where my ambucycle was parked, got on and raced to the location. I arrived just a moment later and found an eighteen-month-old boy convulsing on the floor. The initial report of a choking victim was mistaken. As I began to assess the child, it became clear that the toddler’s high temperature was causing the febrile seizures and I knew I had to lower the boy’s temperature in order to prevent brain damage.


I applied damp towels and monitored his temperature. As it slowly began to decline I breathed a sigh of relief. Other EMS responders arrived and I appraised them of the situation. What seemed like an eternity later an ambulance arrived. By that time the boy’s vitals had normalized. I helped transfer the boy into the ambulance and then I took off for home all the way praying that my wife was alright.


I got to my house, parked my ambucycle and rushed inside. I saw her still sitting where I left her as I walked in she smiled and asked with her eyes. I answered with a nod of my head and said, “Let’s take care of us.” I helped her up, accompanied her to our car and drove her to the hospital. Several hours later I became a father for the first time, to a healthy baby boy.


I’ve always known how incredibly empowering it is to be an EMS responder. To be able to do something meaningful with my spare time is inspiring in of itself. But on that day, it became so much more to me. The day my son was born, I learned the lesson that all parents know. I learned that If it were my son who heaven forbid was the one having the seizures, I as a father would want the best care for my son. I would want trained EMS responders to drop whatever they were doing and rush to my son’s aid. I think my wife knew that intuitively as well. That is why she told me to go help that boy, perhaps it will be the first lesson to my son. It certainly was a lesson for me.

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United Hatzalah Becomes Official EMS Provider for Israel Premier League Champions Hapoel Beer Sheva

Last month the Israeli Soccer League champions, Hapoel Beer Sheva, enlisted United Hatzalah to provide EMS support and coverage for all of their games on both the professional and junior levels. Volunteers from Be’er Sheva and the surrounding area were more than happy to support their local team and the national champions as they take on the toughest teams in Israel and across Europe.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-26 at 21.10.19 (2)

Negev chapter head of United Hatzalah Yisrael Rubinstein, spoke about the arrangement with the team. “The agreement is really mutually beneficial. We provide the team with EMS coverage and we get to give back something to our volunteers who can attend the games. We have staff on hand during all of the games and anyone we can treat at the game we do. Anyone who requires more attention and needs to be transported to the hospital, we do that as well and by us, that transport is free of charge.”   

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-26 at 21.10.24 (2)

All in all, the organization brings 20-25 volunteers to each game in order to provide EMS support and coverage for both team members and fans alike.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-26 at 21.10.31 (2)

“We are working together with the team not only to provide EMS coverage and support during their matches, but also to help bring EMS awareness to the community,” said Founder and President of United Hatzalah Eli Beer. “We are working with team representatives as well as with representatives from their large fan club, an organization that also strongly supports United Hatzalah’s efforts, to teach EMS courses and raise awareness within the community,” Beer added.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-26 at 21.10.34 (2)

During yesterday’s European Champion’s League 3rd round qualifier in which Hapoel Beer Sheva faced off and defeated Bulgaria’s Ludogorets at Turner Stadium 2-0, United Hatzalah volunteers treated four spectators. One patient suffered mild seizures while the other three were suffering from mild illnesses and general weakness.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-26 at 21.10.14 (2)

“Our volunteers were positioned at the corners of the field and provided coverage for the fans and the players alike. During emergencies in the stands, we grabbed our gear and ran by foot through the crowd to where the person in need of medical assistance was located. With regards to the players, we have been instructed to provide treatment only after the referees and the team’s medical personnel call for us,” said Rubinstein.  He added that in early July during the first match, five fans received treatment at the stadium.  


“Our volunteers love coming here and each of them volunteers specifically for this project, so they are eager to be here and eager to provide anyone in need with the best emergency medical care possible,” Rubinstein concluded.   

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