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Alexander & Lily Coppel's Campaign

Please join us in raising funds for United Hatzalah of Israel. We are doing this in celebration of our Bnei Mitzvah.

Message to sponsors:

Dear family and friends,

On a recent Shabbat we met Ellie Beer, the inspiring founder and CEO of United Hatzalah (Hebrew for 'Rescue').  We were very moved to hear his story about the special organization he built.  With the aid of thousands of volunteers equipped with specialized motobikes, Hatzalah is able to reach the scene of an emergency within minutes of its occurence and thus help save countless lives!  With the Ambucycle, a fully equipped emergency response motorbike, responders are able to arrive at an emergency within 3 minutes of being alerted;  Seconds save lives! Please join us in raising funds for one Ambucycle.  ANY amount you give brings us closer to our goal and will help save more lives!

Thank you very much in advance,

Alexander & Lily Coppel

Donations raised to date:

Hanna & Philip Goldsmith
Mazal Tov to Alexander and Lilly. It was wonderful to celebrate with you.
Great weekend Cousins, sorry we missed the glitz and glam but lovely to see you all on a very joyfull accasion.
Robert Blum
A belated Mazal Tov on your B’nei Mitzvah. We were so please to share in your celebration. Love yo you and your family.
Rita Benzacar Piltz
Simon Cohen
A Samson
simon levene
Alex and Lily, we are very excited to (belatedly) support your important cause lots of love sandra and simon
Rita Benzacar Piltz
Emilie Holden
Mazel Tov Lily and Alexander. I really enjoyed celebrating with you and think it's great that you are supporting this worthy cause. Love Emilie Holden X
Rita Benzacar
Stacey Coppel
Pamela Crystal
Mazal Tov Lilly and Alexander; What a wonderful cause to support. What a wonderful way to start your lives as 'adults' but doing the Mitzvots you spoke about. Witth love, Pamela, David, Maya and Allegra
Jason Coppel
Lisa Barnett
Dear Alexander and Lily, We were so upset to miss your Simcha. We heard it was a wonderful weekend and that you both did so well. You have learnt from your parents the importance of Tzedakah and this is a wonderful cause that you have decided to raise money for. Well done! We wish you both continued happiness, good health and success in all that you set out to achieve. With much love Lisa, Mark and Sammy
Sharon Francis
Well done to Lily and Alexander for supporting this amazing organisation
Jacob Polny
MAZEL TOV from the Polny family
Brandon Coppel
Alexander and Lily, it was a pleasure to be able to celebrate your Bnei Mitzvah and my word how you've made your family proud. From the way you handled this special occasion to the extraordinary generosity you've shown to this wonderful cause. Wishing you love happiness and success Michal, Brandon, Maya, Libby and Tammy
בטי בן ברוך
בטי ורוני מאחלים לכם הרבה מזל טוב בריאות ואושר
מיכל אחיטוב
לילי ואלכסנדר היקרים, משפחה יקרה ונהדרת. כל כך כייף להתאחד בזכות השמחה שלכם. זהו כבוד עבורנו לחגוג אתכם ולהשתתף במטרה הנפלאה להצלת חיים. הרבה מזל טוב ונשיקות ממשפחת אחיטוב
Dan Coppel
Mazeltov to Alexander and Lily. We had a great time celebrating with you. Great that you are supporting Hatzalah. Lots of love Sarah, Dan, Ella, Max and Talia.
Adam Coppel
Alexander and Lily, wishing you health, happiness and success on the wonderful occasion of your Bnei Mitzvah! A wonderful and worthy cause benefiting from an amazing, kind and caring family. Adam and Sophie xx
Raquel Savatti
Bea Caisley
I admire the work you do and hope this donation goes some way towards helping you and, therefore, helping others. Bea Caisley
James Benzacar
Daniella Jaff-klein
Mazeltov Alexander & Lily Coppel
Paul Oestergaard
Mazeltov dear Lily and Alex, also to your beautiful family.
Thomas Hoegh
180 times best of luck in the grown up world!
Great Cause - super idea Alexander and Lily
Caroline Bernholt
Mazeltov Lily on your batmitzvah! What an amazing thing to do for such a great cause. Love Emma (Bernholt) x
Aliza Spizzichino
Natalia Ghenda
Ewa Kosowska
Dear Lily and Alexander, I am so proud of you! You both have such kind hearts and I love you a lot. I can't wait to see you both succeeding in the future. Even though you are still very young you both inspire me to share and to give. I am very happy to have mych wonderful people in my life;) Ewa
Elena Vorozhtzov
Dear Alexander and Lilly, Mazal Tov! Well done on supporting such an important cause! Looking forward to celebrate with you!
Nicola Loftus
Mazeltov Alexander, Lily and all the wonderful Coppel family! We can’t wait to celebrate this weekend with you all!! Thank you for introducing us to the wonderful work of Hatzalah! With much love Nicola, Andrew and the Loftus kids xxx
Laurence Kirschel
Dear Alex & Lilly, Mazel Tov on your Bar & Bat Mitzvah We are looking forward to celebrating this wonderful day with you Love Ivona & Laurence xx
Tali@Yaniv Benzakay
Andrew Coppel
Happy to support the cycle ambulance on the occasion of the Bat and Bar Mitzvahs of Lily and Alexander Coppel. June, Andrew Claire and Jonny
Toby Freeman
Dear Alex, Mazel Tov on your upcoming barmitzvah! Toby
Marc,Celine,Alex,Nikki Gordon
Alexandra and Lily, Truly inspiring to donate your gift to such a worthy cause. Looking forward to celebrating with you. The Gordon Family
Shai and Ada Weiss
Mazal Tov from the Weiss Family. Great to see you support such a great cause.
Belinda Gubbay
Jacqueline Roz
Great cause ! We are very happy to participate in this donation. We can’t wait to meet you. Mazal Tov. See you soon ! Cousins of France Jacqueline, Robert, Cédric & Manon.
Mathilde Sacareau
Avec tout mon amour. Mathilde
Tanya Vakaruk
Congratulations! Can’t believe how fast you grow. Good luck with your such a great project xxx
Sylvie Gaubert
Thank you for your kind invitation, i wish a big Mazal tove to the whole family. Hope to see you soon. The cousin of France Sylvie
Beverly Coppel
Manizeh Rimer
Great cause. Congratulations! The Rimers
Ran Meshulam
Good luck!!
dror meshulam
Val Rozansky
Mazal Tov, Alexander and Lily!
Eden Chesler
Mazeltov to Lily Coppel on the occasion of her batmitzvah! To United Hatzalah, Hope this donation helps in your mission and thank you for all your hard work! Lots of love Eden Chesler
Sharon Cohen
Beverly Coppel
With love and best wishes. Lucy,Ella and Talia
Karen Glassman
Delighted to be donating this for the amazing work that’s done.
Monique Bohbot
Alexander and Lily Coppel Mazal tov on your blessed LIFE’S JOURNEY
Shiri Benzakay
Love you coppel family Mazal tov xoxox shiri
Pinchas&elisheva Benzakay
Mazal Tov ti our beautiful children Lili and Alexander
Alon Goldin
To Lilly and Alexander hope you have a great weekend and raise lots of money for your cause Robert
Alexandra Maurice
Mazaltov to Alexander and Lily on their Bnei Mitzvot - we hope they raise the necessary funds to buy an Ambucycle. All the best, Alexandra, Andrew and Sadie Maurice
David Fine
What a wonderful first step into an adulthood of meaning, purpose and a commitment to the Jewish people. We are so proud of you and can't wait to celebrate together! Much love, Rachel & David
Emma & Joseph Khavari
Thank you for all that you do to help those that need your help. We very much appreciate the tireless work that your organisation does every day of every year. We wish you continued success. The Khavari Family
Toby Coppel
You continue to inspire and bring out the best in all of us!
Devorah Leah & Yisroel Weisz
Lily and Alexander following in your parents footsteps of making every simcha and all of your lives as giving not taking!

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.