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Brandon and Lexi Schames's Campaign

Please join us in raising funds for United Hatzalah of Israel. We are doing this in honor of Refuah Shelaima for Eli Beer.

Message to sponsors:

Brandon (7) and Lexi (6) had the privilege of meeting United Hatzalah's founder, Eli Beer, earlier this year and were very inspired by his story and the work of United Hatzala. They were enamored with his shiny orange ambucycle and the idea of “saving a life." When they heard Eli was sick with COVID-19 this week, while being quarantined at home, they decided this was the time to begin their effort to raise funds for an ambucycle, to help save lives in Israel, and in honor of a refuah shelaima (a complete and speedy recovery) for Eli.

They are currently thinking of services they can offer to earn money while in quarantine and look forward to making many lemonade stands and providing other services to earn money to reach this goal as soon as possible.

Please take a look at the important work Eli and United Hatzalah performs using ambucycles, in the links below:



Please join us in raising funds for this important piece of lifesaving medical equipment. Any amount you give brings us closer to our goal and will help save more lives.

Thank you,

Chelsea and Matthew Schames

On Behalf of Brandon and Lexi

Donations raised to date:

Kenny and Rachel Schames
Facebook donations -
Yehuda Silverman
Kenny and Rachel Schames
For hope and prayers that the pandemic will end very soon, and in memory of the Hon. Jack and Sonya Edleson.
Aviva Kosman
So proud of brandon and lexi!
Rachel S
In support of Israel
In support of your efforts to save lives in Israel. Keep up the amazing work; may Hashem protect and watch over Israel and the people who serve the land.
Only blessings! Keep up the amazing work!!
Talia and Adam Lebovitz
In memory of Hon. Jack L. and Sonya Edleson
Rivkle Ferszt
Shannon Ram
masks and chains and patches!
Eli Hartman
Masks and Chains!
Michelle Schames
Great job Brandon and Lexi!! We are so proud of you!
Shira Amster
Melissa Ellis
Thank you for letting us partake in this beautiful mitzvah!
Melissa Genet
Tracey Marion
Deborah Herman
Great job Brandon and Lexi!
Leslie Silverstein
So proud of Brandon and Lexi being involved in such a good cause!
shervin Eshaghian
Kevin Katz
Good luck! And amazing, worthwhile charity!
Mask chain sale!
Mask and Mask Chain Sale
Courtney Rosenthal
Dahlia Hoffman
In honor of Brandon and Lexi working so hard to raise money for an amazing cause!
Sarah Herman
Great work Brandon and Lexi!
Michelle and Scotty Schames
Rachel Herman
Elizabeth Echternach
Aaron Inlender
Tizku L'Mitzvot!
Anaelle Block
Nancy and Mark Schiff
nessia gottlieb
Shoshana Fogel
Bonnie Siegal
Kol HaKovd to Brandon and Lexi! So proud of you!! xoxox
Mask and chain :)
Morah Joy
Beautiful mask chain. :)
Courtney Rosenthal
Debbie Schames
Irina Moises
What a wonderful cause. Good luck.
Malka Fishman
Ilan, Ma’ayan, and Lior Stein
Thank you for the awesome mask chains! Rod and Marisol
Verity Weisz
Mask chains :)
Chelsea Schames
Pamela Gelman
Mask chains!
Mask chain Sale
Congratulations Brandon and Lexi for coming up with a great idea and selling out in 30 minutes!!
Nomi Nagel
Thanks brandon and Lexi!
Irina Moises
What a wonderful cause. Thank you for doing this. Love, The Schlichter’s
Eliana Blumenstrauch
Thank you for all the amazing work you are doing!! So proud of Brandon and Lexi Schames for making the most beautiful masks in support of Hatzolah! Tizku l’mitzvos!!
Nessia Gottlieb
Happy Birthday Brandon! From, Leo Weinstock
Gabe, Courtney, Benjamin and Leo Rosenthal
Happy Birthday Cousin Brandon!! We love you!
Emmanuelle Lehat
Happy birthday Brandon! We are so proud of you!
Ben Shuchatowitz
Happy birthday Brandon Tzidku lmitzvot
Happy birthday Brandon! What an amazing mitzvah you are doing right now. Sending lots of love! The Lipton family
Aviva Kosman
Happy Birthday Brandon!! We love you and are so proud of you! Love, Aviva, yaakov and Noah Grossman
Lisa Wintner
In honor of Brandon’s 8th Birthday!
Mindy Treitel
In honor of Brandon Schames birthday
Ellen Wintner
Thank you for all you do, United Hatzalah!
Jess & Josh Alyesh
Avi Gutis
Maya and Gregory Spinrad
Yasher Koach to Brandon and Lexie Schames!
Bita Simanian
So proud of you Lexi and Brandon! Wishing a speedy full recovery for Eli!
Adrian Engel
Brian and Debbie Schames
Joseh Schames
For Brandon and Lexi Schames' Campaign
To a wonderful effort by Brandon and Lexi!
Kenny and Rachel Schames
We are so proud of Brandon and Lexi!
So proud of Brandon and Lexi for having the biggest hearts and providing us with an opportunity to do mitzvah in Eli's honor. Wishing Eli a complete recovery. Love, Sanaz
Aviva Kosman
Yaakov and I are so proud of Lexi and Brandon Schames with this initiative, and we wish Eli Beer a Refuah shelama very soon!!
Adam Richeimer
John and Abby Pollitt
Dear Brandon and Lexi, Nana and Papa are very proud of each of you. You have chosen a wonderful mitzvah to embark on. We wish each of you much success and happiness in performing your mitzvah. Love, Nana and Papa
Chelsea Schames
We are so proud of Brandon and Lexi for taking on this project! Wishing Eli a refuah shelaima (a speedy and complete recovery)!! With lots of love, Mommy and Daddy

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.