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Friends of Michael's Campaign

Join us in raising funds and awareness for United Hatzalah of Israel. We are doing this in celebration of Dop Turns 50! .

Message to sponsors:

Dear Friends and Family,

This is a special organization that Michael feels very strongly about.  Please join me in raising funds for a piece of lifesaving medical equipment. Any amount you give brings us closer to our goal and will help save more lives.

If we can - it would be great to keep this a secret and surprise him with this gift at his party!


Donations raised to date:

Amy and michael T
Happy birthday and many more!! Hope it's an amazing year for you!! Amy and Michael tarlowe
Robert and Sheri W
Happy 50th! We're way ahead of you. All the best Love Robert and Sheri
Robert B
Happy Birthday Dop! Love, Rozby.
Matt L
Happy Bday, Dop!
Fran G
Happy 50th Birthday Michael! Wishing you all the best!!! Fran
Hannah S
Mazal Tov Dop!!!! xoxox Hannah
Avishay S
Mazal Tov! Good health, success and happiness for many years to come!
Debbie and Mike B
The Big 5-0 is like the Big 3-0, just with a little more gray hair! Wishing you all the best in this decade... Love, Debbie and Mike
Saranne R
B"H Hey Dop, Happy Birthday to my gem of a friend. With love & laughter, Saranne
Happy 50th Dop love Sean and Lindsay
Jerald D
To my nephew (and best person I've ever known). Mazel tov to you and all of the good you do! With love, Uncle Jerry
Robert F
Dear Michael, Mazal tov on this great milestone. May we continue to share in many smachot together. Happy Birthday. Best, Deena and Benzion
Jody B
Wishing you a very happy birthday and a year filled with all great things. Lots of love, Jody and Alan
Michelle and Neil S
Dear Michael On reaching this milestone, we wish you good health and much happiness ad meah ve'esrim shana! all the best, the Sorschbaums
Meryl and Mark K
Dear Michael, Happy 50th Birthday!! Young of mind, spirit and body. You are a dear friend to all who know you. And we are blessed to call you nephew and friend as well. We hope your birthday celebration will be amazing and that you will live in good health and happiness at least another 50 years!! :-) Love, Meryl and Mark
Marc B
Happy Birthday Michael! All the best... Marc
Vardit G
My dear friend, Mazal Tov on your very special birthday. I wish you lots of love, good health and wonderful happy moments in the years ahead. I'll always cherish our very special friendship.. Love Vardit
Jane B
Happy birthday, Michael!! Jane and Gianfranco
Jeffrey K
Dop, Our Shadchan. Happy birthday! Ad Me'ah Ve-essrim Shana, Jeff & Stacey Keller
Deborah Z
Dop - We are so excited to celebrate this milestone with you! To 120!! Love you Deb & Lance
Amy L
Happy B'day Michael! Celebrating many years of friendship. Here's to many more to come. Love, Amy & Kostya
mark s
yom hu'ledet sameach יום הולדת שמח
Shelly and Jeff K
Happy birthday! So excited that we can celebrate with you... Much love from your oldest friend and her husband :)
Stacey and David H
This donation is to honor our dear friend Michael for his 50th birthday and for a wonderful organization. Stacey and David Harel
Laurence G
Happy 50th! We hope for all great things for you and look forward to many more years of friendship! Laurence and Carrie
Steve and Valerie R
Happy 50th Dop! Much Love, Steve and Valerie
Rosalie B
We wish you many more wonderful birthdays to celebrate with your friends. Rosalie and Larry Berman
Heather G
Happy Birthday Michael! I wish you a wonderful Birthday party and MANY more future celebrations! I am very much looking forward to tonight. Love, Heather
Andrea N
Dear Dopp, Wishing you a very happy birthday and many many more happy and healthy years! We love you and look forward to spending many more years of fun and meaningful times together. Love Andy, Stewart and Julian
Ruby G
Dear Michael, Happy happy birthday!!! Xo Ruby and Shimon
Jonathan and Svetlana S
Happy birthday to a most wonderful guy who always strives to improve the lives of others ! All our love, S+J
Happy Happy Birthday, Michael! Wishing you all the best and I hope all your wishes and dreams come true. This should be your best year yet! Much love, Lauren
Barry & Jill E
What a thrill to celebrate your 50th with you! Lots of love, Barry & Jill
Hope that you had a great party. Sorry that I couldn't make it.
Morey and Joy W
Mazal tov, Michael!
Michele A
Mazal Tov Dop! Wonderful to celebrate with you. Ad me'ah v'esrim!
Malka b
Mazal tov
Sean N
Happy Birthday Dop! Was great to celebrate with you. Hope your half century year is a good one.
Happy birthday Dop!
Michael & Haley F
MAZAL TOV, Dop!!! So great to celebrate with you. Ad me'ah v'esrim!!
Nicki B
Dear Dop, Happy happy birthday! You are an inspiration in so many ways and we’re honored to be a part of your celebration. xo Nicki, Marty, Aven and Nate
Mara G
It takes a long time to grow young XO
Happy Birthday Michael. Wishing you all the best in this upcoming year.
Tally Z
We love you, Dop! You continue to inspire us by your support for friends and community. Can't wait to celebrate with you! Love, Avi and Tally
Rina M
Rebecca W
Aryeh T
happy birthday dop!
Nathalie G
Happy birthday Doppelt!! Looking forward to celebrating with you!🎉
Jeffrey L
Wishing you a fantastic 50th birthday and looking forward to celebrating many more simchas together. May you continue to benefit so many with your dedicated leadership and thoughtful generosity. Love Nora and Jeff Lewis
Doug S
Happy bday Dop!!!
Amy P
Happy 50th birthday, Michael!!! Looking forward to celebrating your special day.
Ephraim F
Erez G
Adam & Lisa S
Happy Birthday, Dop. Love Adam & Lisa Stulberger
Meryl D
Happy 50th!!!
Jordan D
Happy Birthday to an amazing cousin, Godfather, and all around great person! We are looking forward to celebrating with you! Love, Lucas and Jordan.
Karen A
Happy 50th Birthday! Look forward to celebrating with you! Best, Karen & Jon
Michael P
What a beautiful way to honor such a special friend and person.
Lisa R
Happy Birthday Dop!
Lori K
Mazal Tov, wishing a happy birthday to a great friend. Love, Lori and Stu
Chana B
Happy 50th Birthday !!!
Tehillah H
Happy 50th Birthday Dop. May you always be surrounded with all the things you love, just like your party. Bruce, Woody, the Marx Brothers & Abe Lincoln. Surrounded by your friends - eating great food, drinking, dancing & celebrating life. And doing great things for Israel. Wishing you good health, prosperity & happiness 'til 120! xo Tehillah
Mark C
Happy Bday Dop!
Scott O
Happy 50th Dopp
Debbie M
Happy birthday big D!
Michael D
Happy Birthday West Side Michael, may you see plenty of excitement in the year ahead while the ambucycle gathers dust. Michael D
Charles and Leanne R
Congrats Dop. עד 120!!
Jeff S
Happy, Happy Birthday, Dop !
Howard T
Mazel tov Dop.
Neil K
Happy Birthday, Dop!
Jody R
Happy 50th! Looking forward to celebrating this milestone event with you. Jody
Laura O
Happy, happy 50th Dop! All our love, Laura and Matt
Orlee Z
Happy happy on 50 Dopsi!
To 120 - the world is a better place because you are in it. With love, Jon & Jordana
Barry L
Happy Birthday from Suzanne and Barry!
Seth K
Wishing you the happiest birthday! Seth and Danielle
Amy S
Laura D
Happy Birthday BD!
ari m
Peter K
Happy 50th Dop!
Moshe B
Could not be happier to share in this lifesaving mitzvah (good deed) with the rest of you, and in honor of such a great guy!!!
Tami & Mark B
Ron G
Mark and Niva M
50 X Chai for the big 5-0! Happy Birthday Dop, with love.
Penina B
Simon F
Larry P
Happy Birthday Dop!!!
Stacey K
Elizabeth R
Happy Birthday Michael!
Sarah A
Jamie K
Happy Birthday CO - wishing you all the best for this next year and always. Lots of love, Jamie
Paul L
Happy Birthday Dop! With Love, from Kate & Paul
Wendy W
MICHAEL!!! Wishing you a very Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Much Love, Wendy
Ellen and Dan R
Michele Rubin and David Z
Yocheved R
Happy Birthday!
Liane P
Happy birthday!!!
Susan K
Best of Birthdays to a very special person. With love and warm wishes for good health, joy, and meaningful adventures, Susan & Guy
Elyse L
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About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.