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Lazerson Family's Campaign

Join us in raising funds and awareness for United Hatzalah of Israel. We are doing this in honor of the upcoming yartzeit of our beloved daughter and sister, Devorah Leah, a.h. who was always ready to help another person with great love and laughter! At the young age of eight, Devorah Leah suffered from a severe form of epilepsy. Despite all the hardships, she made it her life mission to be happy and to use all her talents and energy to help others to be happy too, regardless of their background. We think Devorah Leah will love knowing that an Emergency Response Ambucyle donated in her honor is racing to help anyone in need in Israel.

Message to sponsors:

Over the years, Devorah Leah's life was saved many times by Emergency Medical Services coming to her aid. United Hatzalah of Israel, is a non-profit first-responders organization. It is inclusive both in its leadership and staff and in its responding to people of all ethnicities and religious backgrounds-Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Druze, and Bedouin. This incredible organization has so far helped over 3,500,000 people in Israel. The ambucycle which we are working to purchase can reach the site of an emergeny much faster than an ambulance--providing essential care in the very crucial first minutes of a trauma until an ambulance arrives. The average ambucycle response time to a call for help is only 90 seconds!  Check out this video about United Hatzalah.

 Please join us raising funds for a piece of lifesaving medical equipment. Any amount you give brings us closer to our goal and will help save more lives.

Thank you!!

Donations raised to date:

In honor a refuah shalemah for Eli!
In honor a refuah shalemah for Eli!
Judith L
Refoel L
Elisheva V
We miss you so much.
Judith L
In honor of a refuah shalemah for Bentzion Shalom Ben Freida Ita.
Agueda L
Thank you for all your work
Agueda L
Thank you for all your work
ישראל ל
Sheva, & family Wishing you hatzlocha in this wonderful project Love Nechama
Esther M
In honor of Devorah Leah Lazerson I can still picture her radient face when we would meet at Simchas Beis Hashoevea on Kingston May we all be reunited real soon with Moshiach NOW
Levi P
Devorah leah lazerson
leah c
Mendel R
From The Cincinnati Rosenbergs
Peretz C
In honor of OG, Rafi!
May Devorah Leah’s neshama have an Aliyah! Love to Sheva
Leyat and jack R
In honour of Sheva and Bryce Vissel and their families.. the Lazarsons and their late Devorah Leah.
Dovid Leib M
In Honor of Rafi
Chaim D
Bruce B
Sorah B
Eli R
Leibel F
May her neshama have an Aliyah
Allan S
In honor of Rafi in memory of Devorah Leah
Bentzi S
Gregg M
Raymond S
Leah Y
Miriam K
In loving memory of Norma Gealer
From Tzila and Avi Barel
Tova and Effie W
Andrea S
Chayim and CM G
Doba W
Sarah f
לעילוי נשמת בנימין הכהן בן יהודה יוסף
John T
In honor of the blessed memory of Devorah Leah. May her kindness, love and friendship to all live on in the many lives that will be touched and saved by this ambucycle. Lin and John
Patricia D. G
In honor of Devorah Leah who always went beyond 100%, Inviting Moshiach, imploring Moshiach :"Come Now!!"
Menachem S
Mendy & Bruria E
Levi G
Sholom H
Love will break all boundaries!!
Nechama G
May Devorah Leah's incredible spirit continue lift all those whose lives will be saved through her incredible spirit
Aaron, Bela, Ben, and Pearl L
Devorah and Tzvi B
miriam w
Masha W
Moshiach now!
Nora B
Tillie L
Jason M
Avi and Ilana D
shayna d
Thank you for everything you do.
Matthew D
Love to the Lazersons and their beautiful tribute to Devorah Leah.
Rochel K
May your lifesaving work be takenover by Moshiach speedily in our time!
Yos R
Rhona F
in the honor of Devorah Leah bas Dovid Baruch may the services of United Hatzalah bring life, health, and happiness to all people needing their services
Hudy L
Shnai & Chaya L
Malka F
We should Moshiach already... And you be very busy just helping to deliver healthy babies!
Akiva & Chaya S
Ben S
Big love to the Laz Clan!
Shoshie S
Such a beautiful idea.May Devorah Leah’s neshama have an Aliya!
Janice B
Malka W
ellen B
Moshe & Ahuva D
Lisa L
Faith P
Chaya O
Eliezer B
Dr Laz and Gittel What a great idea to honor your daughter memory Eli and Sheri Brazil
Dear dr laz, I will be thinking of you on this difficult day. She would be very proud of all that you do Your mds student
Bryce V
Mordechai S
All our Love to Gittel and Dovid in Memory of someone dear Devorah Leah- Ad Masi Moshiach now! MO and Sima Devorah Siev Tsfat
Menachem O
Amy B
What a special mitzvah in memory of a beautiful neshama. Thinking of you. Amy Baynash
Nina B
diana z
Anna K
Hindel and Zalman L
In memory of Devorah Leah Lazerson
Chani & Yosef Chaim B
In memory of Devorah Leah, whom I had the honor to meet; her sweet smile was contagious & her raps were the best! And in honor of Morah Gittel & Dr. Laz for the AMAZING work they do in chinuch.
Miriam K
Bentzi A
Mirele R
May Hashem bless all of your work. You are doing the world a great kindness.
Zahava K
In loving memory of Devorah Leah bas David Baruch Lazerson A"H whose yahrzeit is 30 Menachem AV and on the occasion of my seventieth birthday which is also 30 Menachem AV I am honored to participate in this very worthy and noble endeavor. May her neshama have an aliya gedolah and in the merit of all her mitzvahs and chessed ..may we be healed of all illness and tragedy with the imminent revelation of Moshiach !!!
Hadassah J
In honor of Devorah Leah Lazerson
Marc (Mendel Volf) S
Good Luck.
Steven R
in honor of Devorah Leah Lazerson may her nashama have an aliyah Jill & Chaim Rubin
Ney F
Sarah & Neil T
Mark D
This, our first donation, was given by Shlomo and Rochel Cohen

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.