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United Hatzalah Canada's Tactical Trauma Kit Campaign

Please help us raise funds to arm our volunteer medics with trauma kits

Message to sponsors:

In recent months, a select number of volunteers have been testing compact trauma kits that have proven to be highly valuable when treating trauma patients. What we have found is that the items in the kit, especially the specialized bandages to treat stabbing and gunshot wounds, are significantly assisting our volunteers to save MORE lives.

Each kit contains all the equipment a volunteer would need to treat a trauma patient and for C$500 you can make that happen. That’s less than $1 a day for a year to save countless people who are hurt by terror attacks, stabbings and shootings.

These small kits are portable and assembled in such a way that volunteers can immediately find top items such as bandages, tourniquets, Leatherman Raptor scissors, high quality flashlights and more.

We are looking to raise funds to ensure a select number of approximately 2,500 medics have access to these vital trauma kits. 

Please consider donating a trauma kit today to help saves lives in Israel.

Donations raised to date:

isaac cohen
Beraja para mi esposa linda cohen
The Ben and Esther Dayson Charitable Foundation
A.T.R. Laboratories Laboratories
Bobby and Sharon Silberstein
Jason Lipstein
B”H Keep up the good work
Dani Cohen
Ariel & Bossmat Zauderer
David Spiro
David Fuchs
David Fuchs
Arnold Gotfryd
Bracha v'hatzlacha!
Steve and Suzie Pustil
Shalom Rosenzweig
Jeff Springer
Janice Nathanson
Irving and Barabara Green
Andrew Grossman
Bernice Levine
Thank you for your important work.
George Weinberger
Samuel Laredo
Helen Paulin
Aurelia Ostro
Rhona Vandelman
Maurice Pamensky
Dovy Zevy
Ralph Grossman
Lou Greenbaum
Reena and Ezra Lauterpacht
Esther Schwartz
Myrna Berlin
Michael D. Lipton Law Professional Corporation
Issac Osiel
Dahlia Plonka
Perla Meszen
great work!!!!
Rhona Vandelman
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Toby Landzberg
This donation is for Apter Friendly Society
Leora Roth
Keep doing your amazing work!
Larry Meyer
Dale Popika
Stephen Title
Zachary Muroff
Hersh Glickman
marvin shumacher

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