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Evan Daniels's Campaign

Please join me in raising funds for United Hatzalah of Israel. I am doing this in celebration of My Bar Mitzvah Project.

Message to sponsors:

Hi, my name is Evan Daniels and for my Bar Mitzvah project, I am raising funds for a piece of lifesaving medical equipment in celebration of my Bar Mitzvah. Any amount you donate brings us closer to our goal and will help save more lives. Thank you so much in advance for all your help and support! We can do this together! 

My family and I were introduced to United Hatzalah, an extraordinary organization, during our TBJ trip to Israel this past winter and are astounded with their work. United Hatzalah of Israel has done life-changing work in Israel. I chose to raise money for United Hatzalah for multiple reasons, including their mission to help anyone without discrimination (Jews, Muslims, Christians, etc.) and the rapid speed in which they get to people. When emergencies occur, rapid medical treatment increases the chances of survival exponentially. Using specially equipped motorcycle ambulances, called Ambucycles, United Hatzalah’s network of more than 6,000 volunteer medics help save thousands of lives each year across Israel by providing medical treatment in an average response time of 3 minutes or less. United Hatzalah's services are free, universal and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. The fully equipped Emergency Response Ambucycle that I am raising money for is designed to help lifesaving medics arrive at emergencies in the fastest time possible, arriving within just 3 minutes. All money raised funds all of the required medical equipment, maintenance, and insurance for 3 years of the Ambucycle. Let's do this!

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About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.