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Memorial Fund for Rabbi Horwitz Z

In support of his children, beloved United Hatzalah volunteers.

Message to sponsors:

Who did not know the late Rabbi Yaakov Horwitz Z"L? The man with the wide smile, who always helped others! The late Rabbi Horwitz volunteered, among other things, in the Psychotrauma Unit of United Hatzalah in addition to his extensive activities volunteering and helping in hospitals, COVID wards and more.

Immediately after the Meron tragedy he took on the task of helping on a fully volunteer basis to the medics who were exposed to the mass sight of chaos and tragedy. He met dozens of volunteers who responded to the disaster and took part in its rescue operations and helped many of them cope mentally with the difficult sights they witnessed.

And so his work continued after the terrible disaster at the Karlin Synagogue on the night of Shavuot 5741 when the bleachers there collapsed on boys and children, helping those people who saw and were in this disaster.

The director of the Psychotrauma Unit referred him to countless people who had been helped through him and he helped them mentally get back to normal life.

On the 22nd of Iyar 5722, the late Rabbi Yaakov Horwitz passed away from sudden cardiac arrest at only 63 years old, leaving behind a widow and three children not yet married. One of the orphans is a very active driver in a rescue unit and his eldest son is a veteran volunteer in the organization, and an ambulance driver.

In light of the disaster that befell the family, this special fund was opened to donate to the weddings of the unmarried children.

We hope you'll join us in supporting this very special family, who is part of our own, in aknowledgement of the great deeds of Rabbi Yaakov Horwitz Z"L and those of his children.

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