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Lichstein Family's Campaign

Join us in raising funds and awareness for United Hatzalah of Israel. We are doing this in memory of Dr. Bernard Lichstein.

Message to sponsors:

Bernard Lichstein, Binyamin Moshe ben Yosef, z"l, was a devoted husband, loving father, adoring zaidy, favorite uncle, and dedicated friend. A talented painter and voracious learner, he sought to understand Hashem's world.

A scientist and inventor, he developed products for wound and health care. We chose to honor his life by raising funds to train and equip a medic for a year.

Please help us reach our goal. Any amount will help save lives and serve as an aliya for the neshama of Binyamin Moshe ben Yosef,

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Donations raised to date:

moshe s
Ilene M
In Memory of Dr. Bernie Lichstein From Ilene and Akiva Miller
Esther S
In memory of Dr. Bernard Lichstein
family h
From Chave and the Heftler Family. We love and miss Bernie. He is a model for all of Klal Yisroel. Yehi Zichro Baruch.
Gitty F
Chana K
Debra & Stuart W
Zeev A
Aviva O
Lzecher Nishmas Bernard Lichtenstein
Shmuel & Rivki K
Leah M
Devorah & Harvey S
My dad was brilliant, sensitive, and a Jack-of-all-trades but most people didn’t know all this because he was so unassuming. I miss him everyday. Love from his daughter Devorah
Susan B
Max and Honey W
Jonathan P
Yoni and Katie L
Eric O
Gilah L
Deena S
Aaron S
In honor of the Lichstein family.
Moshe and Tiffy M
Liiluy nishmas Binyomin Yosef Ben Moshe and Bentzion ben Reva.
L’Iluy Nishmat Binyamin Moshe ben Yosef

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.