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Jaime Biton's Campaign

Join me in raising funds and awareness for United Hatzalah of Israel. I am doing this in honor of My Bar Mitzvah .

Message to sponsors:


Dear Friends and family,

After a great summer at Camp Judaea, my family and I set off for Israel. Friends and family joined me on August 7th at the Kotel as they helped me put on Tefillim for the first time. It was a meaningful moment in my life.  The following day we left for a trip around Israel starting with a day on the Kineret and a couple of nights in the Golan Heights. 

What started as a celebration quickly became a nightmare for my family. On our first night in the Golan my sister became very ill. She would go on to be treated in two hospitals over 16 days. Somehow this terrible situation was wrapped in blessings and miracles. Over the next few weeks my family was helped by wonderful people - friends and strangers, Jews and non-Jews, and many in between. My sister received amazing medical care, prayers, delicious food, and my parents built new friendships. 

In honor of the incredible people who helped save my sister Sofia with gratitude to Hashem for Sofia's healing, in lieu of gifts, I would like to raise money to help others in their time of need. With this in mind I have started a Bar Mitzah project to fundraise for Hatzalah.

Please help me reach my goal so that together we can donate a much needed ambulance to be used in Northern Israel to help save lives. Every donation counts and helps us get closer to our goal. More information can be found at:

Thank you for donating. 


Donations raised to date:

Jaime, we are very sorry we couldn’t be with you and your family tonight. Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration for a lot of people. Felix, Daniela and the girls
Vivian and Michael P
Mazel Tov That you will be a great leader full of joy and happiness.
carmelo l
Keep up the good work Jaime! Very happy your sister is ok.
Nicole T
All the best! Love Always, Nicole
Salomon C
Muchas felicidades a los novios
Esther C
With all our love in honor of the wedding of Corina Biton Credi and Gary Blicksilver. May you always be as happy as you are today. With love Poti & Jaime
Corin & Sam W
This donation is in honor of Corina Gary's wedding. We wish them a lifetime of happiness, health, joy and meaning. Mazal Tov!
Mazel tov to you and Corina too.
Robin G
In honor of Corina’s and Gary’s wedding
Sandy B
Mazel Tov to Cori & Gary on their nuptials. A lifetime of love and blessings to them.
Renee N
This donation is in honor of Corina Biton and Gary Blicksilver's wedding. We wish them much health, happiness and adventure! Love, Renee and Gavriel Naim
Sol c B
Thank you for all the work you do
miriam s
In honor of Corina and Gary's upcoming nuptials and Jaime Biton's Bar Mitzvah!
Mercy S
on behalf of Cori and Gary, best wishes on your wedding. Mazel Tov! Graciela Crespin and Mercy Suarez
Belkys N
Jaime and Janette G
Cori and Gary: Mazel Tov on your wedding and what a great cause you have chosen to contribute to. Cant wait to celebrate! with love, Janette and Jaime
Alana K
This donation is in honor of Corina’s wedding! We are so happy for you! Wishing you a lifetime of health and happiness together! Xoxo, Alana, Jon, Sammy and Hannah
Carla N
Abraham G
Felicitaciones!!!! Abraham and Monique Gilinski
Luna G
Happy Birthday, Sofia! You are a sweet, intelligent, and beautiful girl. We love you very much. -Luna Gracia
Paul S
Jaime, thanks for all your work on this fund and cause. Congratulations on your Bar Mitzvah. We miss your family! The Stevens Family
Evelyn G
Happy Birthday, Sofia! We're so happy to celebrate another year with you. May you have many, many more joyous birthdays! Love, Evelyn & Joey Gonzalez
Suzana B
Felicidades Sofia en tu cumpleaños!!!! Ya voy a tener una chofer para mi! Te queer mucho, Tati
Suzana B
Happy Birthday Sofia!!! We love you - Abuelo & Abuela
Elliot S
Beautiful mitzvah! Happy birthday Sofia
Alana K
Dear Jaime, We are so proud of you. Mazel Tov! We love you! Tata, Jon Jon, Sammy and Hannah
Eileen G
Jaime-Mazel tov on your bar mitzvah and your very meaningful mitzvah project! Much love, Eileen and Mario Ginzburg
Jamie, Dodo and I are so proud of all your accomplishments dispite being only 13. Your davening, reading of Ha'azinu, running of track, being a good brother, understanding the importance of Zedacha, honor society, and most important being a good grandson and good son. You are a asset to the Am Israel. Love, Sabah and Dodo
Brenda and Dick R
Cipora F
Mazal tov on your bar mitzvah and your wonderful mitzvah project. All the best, Guido and cipora fraiman
Lisa F
We love you Jaime! Mazel tov on your bar mitzvah and we love the project you chose! Love, Lisa, gabe and the girls
Dear Jamie, Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah and your incredible mitzvah project! Your Bar mitzvah was very special as are you. We look forward to always sharing simchas together. All our love, The Wolf Family
Eli Jake and Eva Gelb G
Mazel Tov Jaime! Love The Gelb Kids
Ian B
Hey Jaime, Congrats on your Bar-Mitzvah! We'll have to celebrate next time we see each other. Lots of love from Chicago. - Ian & Mel
Michele M
Dear Jaime, Mazol Tov on your Bat Mitzvah. I am so moved by your project / goal. I know how proud your entire family is of you With love, Michele Margulies (Your Aunt Corina's friend)
Talya S
Mazal Tov Jaime on your Bar Mitzvah! What a great mitzvah project. Wishing you a future filled with good health, success, and happiness. Love, Talya Shechter & Family
Brian S
Jaime - it was great seeing you this weekend for your bar mitzvah! We're all incredibly proud of you and wish you all the best! Huge hug from NYC - hopefully see you guys soon. Love, Brian and Romy
daniel g
Mazal Tov Mazal tov!!! Sorry that we could not go the kidush.
Pedro S
Mazal Tov por tu bar mitzva!! Te felicito por la manera tan espectacular de leer la Torá!
Deborah R
Thank you Jaime for helping such an important cause!! We are so happy to help! XOXO Debbie & Scott Robins (I am close with your Aunt Corina. Friends since we were 7 yrs old :)))
Wendy B
Mazal tov! Alan Berner
Lisa W
Jaime M
Hola Jaime: Te felicito por tu Bar Mitzvah y por esta mitzvah tan inportante que estas haciendo. Jaime Mizrahi
Jenny K
Mazal tov Jamie !!! May you and your family be bless with lots of naches and health. What you doing is a great Mitzvah.... May hashem protect you all.
Tammy W
Mazal Tov!!! A beautiful mitzvah ... may Hashem always allow you to do these beautiful deeds The wengrowsky's
Shelly W
Jaime, Mazal Tov on your Bar-Mitzvah and kol A Kavod for this amazing mitzvah project!! Congrats!!! Idel and Yvette Woldenberg and Family
Isaac M
Mazal tov. Great job!
Tatyana G
Mazel Tov from Sasha and Eli
Ana R
Jaime, El mundo necesita muchas personas como tu con un corazon tan grande como el tuyo. Mi familia y yo estamos felices de poder aportar a tu proyecto. Gaby,Bernad y Briella.
Carlos F
Maizal tov!!! Familia Frost
mazal tov jaime on your bar mitzvah may we always celebrate together in simchas! we are so blessed to have a beautiful family! flora menda
Kristell A
Many blessings on your life journey
Kai B
Jaime you are an amazing kid that works hard for his goals you will reach all of them and as I see you have the wisdom to make the right decisions. Nothing like the the gift of giving.
Wiser F
Jaime, we are so incredibly proud of who you have become & excited to see all the wonderful, meaningful things you'll be doing. Mazal Tov to all!
Fortuna M
Thanks so much Jaime for allowing us to participate in this great Mitzvah! We wish you all the best now and in your future! Fortuna and Rafael Menda
Luna G
Jaime, we're proud to see you grow up to become a smart and kind young man. Work hard and you'll do great things in life. I'm sorry we can't be there to celebrate with you tonight. Congratulations on this important and happy occasion. We love you! From Luna and Rupert.
Miriam A
Jaime, We wish you a lifetime full of happiness and health surrounded by your family and friends. Mazal tov on your Bar-Mitzvah and we are proud of this beautiful project which means so much to us all. Much love, Alberto, Miri, Jack, Shena, and Dalia Aghion
Laurie P
In every way you make my days brighter. You are a gift. Love you
Vivian P
Maizal Tov We love you! The Perez
Carmelo L
I really admire what you're doing. I'm proud to know you and your family, I know you will become a great man one day. Many blessings for you and your family.
miriam k
mazel tov!!! may we share many more simchas!
Alan V
Beautiful cause!
Taliah R
Mazal Tov on you bar-mitzvah! You are certainly maturing into a kind young man and your efforts to help others prove that. May you continue to be a light unto yourself and others.
Abby Cohn (& Family) C
Mazel tov on your bar mitzvah and what a wonderful mitzvah project!!!!
anita s
Jaimie, mazal tov from your cousins in Israel. Folks that weren't with you in Jerusalem may not know a secret talent of yours. Your were a wonderful tour guide in the tunnels under the Kotel. May you and your family continue to be blessed by those around you.
Ema V
Jess O
Joanna S
Dear Jaime, Mazal Tov!! You make the world a better place. I'm so proud and humbled by the wonderful man you are growing up to be. Love you always, Joanna Slochowski (Morah Joanna)
Jamie B
Mazal Tov! What a beautiful way to honor your Bar Mitzvah and Hebrew birthday!!
Anat G
We all wish you and your family a Shana Tovah and Mazal Tov! Always in smachot! Refuah Shelemah to Sofia With all our Love Anat, Abraham, Shirel, Eitan & Liam
Daniel S
Congratulations to you on this momentous and joyous occasion. It’s a great milestone in your life. You will look back on this time and remember it forever. Mazal tov! Danny, Norma, Isaac and Maurice Schachtel
Gingi and Karla B
What a beautiful effort.
Lydia H
Mazal Tov! May you always be a great source of nachat to all your family. Very best wishes, Lydia Hasson
Jen Z
Go Jaime!!!! May you reach this goal and any goal you set for yourself!!! Mazal Tov!! The Zeuner Family
Emilie N
I'm so impressed by your selfless decision to help others and support Sofia. Congratulations!
zalman l
Bruce W
Jodi B
thanks for helping others jaime! your friends at lehrman love you.
jodi b
hi jaime, wishing sofia a speedy recovery and love what you are doing to help others! lots of love, jodi
Stephanie E
Mazal tov Jaime on your Bar Mitzvah and this amazing mitzvah project you have created!!!
Jackeline & Michael A
Mazel Tov Jaime. We are beyond proud of you. With Love, Jackie and Michael ( Amy's Mom and Dad )
Eliana G
Mazal tov Jaime! You're such an inspiration for the whole community! May you always give nachat to your parents, siblings, grandparents and all Am Israel!!!
Rabbi Alex and Chanie K
Mazal Tov! What a beautiful mitzvah to take on!
Karina M
Good luck on reaching your goal Jaime! So happy your sister is doing better. ~Karina McNish
Vickee and Jack M
Mazal tov Jaime! What a beautiful example you are to our community! We are amazed. May you continue to grow with lots of health and success and may you always be surrounded by your family and good friends. So so happy to hear Sofia is recovering well. All our love, Vickee and Jack Minski and Family
lori b
I am so very proud of you, Aunt Lori
Joel B
From the Bigelman family our prayers are with your family. Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah
So proud of you Jaime! And so grateful that Sophia is doing better! Sending you and your family so much love!
Ighal G
Jaime, yasher koach! You are an example to follow. Mazal tov!
Danielle L
Mazal tov on your bar mitzvah. What a wonderful thing you are doing. We know it will help many more people in the future! Mazal tov from Danielle & Ayal Lifshitz
Evelyn B
Jaime, We are super proud of you for doing this amazing Bar Mitzvah Project. I know you will reach your goal and you should feel vey pored of how many people you are going to help by doing this! We can't wait to celebrate this special moment with you. Evelyn, Guily, JoJo and Susana Barlia
Anita & Joey G
Mazel tov on your Bar-Mitzvah and we are so happy that Sofia is doing better and on the road to a full recovery. We are happy to be sharing in this wonderful mitzvah. Wishing you and your family a year filled with health, happiness and mazel. All our love, The Givners
corina b
So proud of you!! Love you Coco
jennie r
Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah Jaime! It is so admirable of you to be taking on this project and we are so proud of you for doing so. This is a very special time in your life and we want to help you reach your goal! Keep doing good for others and it will inspire others to do good too. With Love, Jennie & Eliott Rimon
Aaron & Jaclyn B
What a wonderful cause! Wishing you and your family many blessings and much happiness during this meaningful celebration. We are very proud of you. Love, Aaron, Jackie, Iliana & Gabi
Congratulations dear Jaime for becoming a great man! Surely you will also be a mench like your father and an example to the community like your mother. We wish you all the best! Los Jaimovich
Sandra D
Mazel Tov. Wishing you the best always. May Hashem protect and guide you always. So happy to share in your Simchas
Joshua R
Congratulations on your Bar Mitzvah, Jaime. Sorry we can't be there to celebrate! What a wonderful cause you have chosen to support for your Bar Mitzvah, Josh, Yael, Eitan, Eli, Asher and Ayla Rosen
Gregg R
Jaime - we're so proud of you for becoming a Bar Mitzvah and for your efforts to raise funds for such a worthy cause. Mazel Tov! love, The Rosann Family
Evelyn G
Jamie, We couldn't be more proud of you for raising funds for United Hatzalah. It's an incredible organization. We're honored to help them as they helped Sofia in her time of need. You're a kind, selfless and brave young man. Don't forget to experience the joy that comes with becoming a Bar Mitzvah - you have worked hard for it! Love, Your cousins, Evelyn & Joey Gonzalez
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