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Joey's Ambucycle Bar Mitzvah Project

I am 12 years old, live in Bergenfield, New Jersey, and attend Yavneh Academy in Paramus. I feel that it is important to help kids and adults alike understand the important roles that Ambucycles play in saving lives in Israel. They are one of United Hatzalah's greatest needs and assets. After COVID struck my community and family, I understand the importance of urgent and immediate medical attention. Every second, every decision,  and every effort matters.

Message to sponsors:

Ambucycles, due to their size, are not held up by traffic jams or small streets. Therefore, their average response time is less than 3 minutes, the difference between life and death!

I would be incredibly grateful if you could help me reach my goal by my Bar Mitzvah in February 2024. My goal is to raise enough funds to donate an ambucycle and to impress upon every one that any amount of Tzedakah can have an impact! On this ambucycle, we will be putting a QR code, and when it is scanned, every person's name who donated will appear.

Donations raised to date:

Mazal tov Joey!
Jeff Braverman
elana goldsmith
Ira and Missy Hoberman
Mazal Tov Joey! What an amazing Mitzvah!
Ronna Adler
Jacquelyn and Zachary Berman
DJ Alter
In honor of the Goldsmiths
daniel rubinoff
Mazal Tov! Beautiful Mitzvah project!
Samantha Levenbrown
Aviva Stroh
Kudos Joey on this amazing tzedaka campaign! We are so proud of your initiative to help save others. May you continue to be a source of much nachas and inspiration to all of us! Sincerely, Aviva and Uriel
Rebecca Maghen
Kol Hakavod Joey!
Mazal Tov Joey and to the entire Goldsmith Family!
Mazal Tov Joey!
Jennifer & Aaron Mallin
Jason Jacobs
Rebecca and Noam Block
Mazal, Tov! Such a beautiful meaningful project that will absolutely save many lives!
Sara and Jeff Bernstein
Mazel tov!! A wonderful cause!
Adam Knapp
Inspirational family. All the best.
Chani & Dani Kohn
Mazel Tov Joey!! We should continue to celebrate many smachot together! Love, Chani, Dani, Ethan & Serena Kohn
Ari and Rebecca Ashkenas
Mazal tov!!
Mazal Tov Joey! What an amazing Mitzvah!
Giti and Aharon Schultz
Mazal tov Joey. What an inspiring project! May we continue to share in only Simchas together for many years to come. Love Giti , Aharon, Lily, Serena and Jacob Schultz
Samuel herzig
Shaina and JJ Donner
Levi Chazan
Matthew Feiler
Miriam & Daniel Hill
Mazel Tov!
Ari and Shlomit Lamm
Mazal Tov!!
Leah Gold
Mazal tov Joey! Kol hakavod on this beautiful mitzvah!
Batsheva and Irah Donner
Dear Joey, We’re so proud of what a sensitive and kind boy you are. Keep making your family and community proud! Love The Donners
Michael Rosenzweig
Matthew Lowe
Diane Selevan
Kol hakavod Joey! Diane and Ushie Selevan
Sara Chazan
Mazal tov on your upcoming bar mitzvah. Kol hakavod for taking on this amazing mitzvah. Much success in your endeavors
Barbara & Marvin Goldman
Mazel Tov on your up coming bar mitzvah, Joey. What a meaningful act of Chesed you are living…following in the footsteps of your wonderful parents and grandparents!
Max and Janine Klein
Mazel Tov!
Rebecca and Jason Katz
Mazal tov, Joey!
David Jacobi
Leah, Daniel, Argaman, Yarin Stroh
Such an amazing initiative from an amazing boy.
Leah, Daniel, Argaman, Yarin Stroh
Such an amazing initiative from an amazing boy.
Suri and Steve Moskowitz
In honor of Michael and Elana on Joey's upcoming Bar Mitzvah and Michael's continued good health.
In memory of Ezra Tovia Yaakov ben Netanel Yitzchak
Menachem Sorkin
Menucha Rubin
Michael Horowitz
Tizku L'mitzvos!
Jennifer Schoenbrun
Beautiful! Tzku limitzvohs! Penina and Daniel Schoenbrun
Hannah & Alan Feder
Brian Glass
Great idea and cause!!
Kasriel Raitport
Moishy Raitport
fruma c slavaticki
keep up the amazing work!
Louis Salesky
Rachel and Mikki Friedman
Mazel tov, Joey on your upcoming bar mitzvah!
Mazel Tov!!!
Jack and Shulie Stroh
Dear Joey, Mazal Tov on this amazing project and your upcoming Bar Mitzvah (next year. You constantly make us proud of you! Wish you much success in this wonderful endeavor that will save countless lives. Love Savta and Zaydie Stroh
Mazal Tov Joey! What a beautiful Mitzvah project!

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.