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Meira Lutch's Campaign

Please join me in raising funds for United Hatzalah of Israel. I am doing this in celebration of My Bas Mitzvah.

Message to sponsors:

Please join me in raising funds to support Hatzalah's Ten Kavod (Give Respect) Program.

This amazing service provides regular medical checkups to elderly individuals living alone in Israel, focusing especially on aiding Holocaust survivors.

Thank you for celebrating my bas mitzvah in such a special way!

--  Meira

Donations raised to date:

Nora Calabi
In Honor of our wonderful and spirited great-niece Meira- Mazel Tov on your Bat Mitzvah! May your kindness and thoughtfulness continue to guide you in life's journey. With love, Aunt Nora and Uncle Lou
Dovy & Reva Silber
Mazel Tov! What a beautiful way to launch in to becoming bas mitsva!
Jesse and Larry Tobin
Toby and Art Kansagor
Melissa Miller
Suzy & Sol Levy
Mazaltov Meira on your Bat Mitzvah. Sharing it with United Hatzalah is a true mitzvah! Suzy & Sol Levy
Steven Newman
Michael Schaffer
Binyomin and Leeba Berger
Mazel Tov Meira! You have grown into an incredible young woman from an incredible family. The simcha was beautiful and we enjoyed celebrating with you. You should continue to bring nachas to your family. Leeba and Binyomin and Family
Simcha and Aliza Wein
Mazel Tov on your Bas Mitzvah, Meira! Keep making your family, your community, and klal yisroel proud of you!
Yanky and Aliza Statman
Mazel Tov, Meira!!
Sarala & Peretz Wertenteil
Mazel Tov Meira on becoming a Bas Mitzvah! We are so happy to join you in this wonderful cause. Peretz and Sarala Wertenteil
Itta Steiner
Aharon Friedman
Yechiel Rubin
Meira, Mazal Tov on your Bat Mitzvah and thank you for allowing us to join in your Simcha. Your campaign for United Hatzalah is most impressive. Wishing you and your entire family Mazal Tov. Yechiel, Rochelle, Ilana, and Avigail Rubin
Molly Tobin
Meira, Mazel Tov! We're so happy to share in this wonderful simcha as you become a Bas Mitzvah. What a wonderful cause for you to have chosen to support. We're proud to support your efforts! Love, Cousin Molly and Josh
Tzivia Lutch
Dear Meira, Congratulations on becoming a bas mitzvah. I can't wait to keep making memories together! Love, Tzivia
Herb Tobin
Mazel Tov on your becoming a Bas Mitzvah Meira! Wishing you a wonderful celebration and so happy to contribute to your cause. Aunt Suzy and Uncle Herb
David Hoffman
Dear Meira, Mazel Tov on your bas mitzvah! I can't wait to celebrate with you. Love, Sora Hoffman
Jane and Joel Lubin
Meira Mazel Tov on your major milestone! We are so proud of you for so many reasons! You are a source of joy and happiness and we look forward to celebrating your Simcha. Love, Grandma and Grandpa
Sam and Becka Levenson
Meira, Becka and I are so proud of you for choosing such a special way to celebrate your bas mitzvah. While we won't be there in person, please know that we are always rooting for your success and wellbeing. Warmest regards from NYC, Sam and Becka Levenson
Tess Bender
Dearest Meira, I am so proud of the beautiful young lady you’re growing into! Can’t wait to celebrate your Bas Mitzvah with you next week. Love you lots! Love, Aunt Tess
Mazal Tov Meira and the whole Lutch family! The Heinemann's
Benjamin Ledsham
Rachel Weissman
Dear Meira, Mazel Tov on your Bas Mitzva! May you continue to give a lot of Nachas and happiness to your very special parents and grandparents. Love, Cousins Rochel, Zvi, Ahava, Tehilla, Eliana, and Shira
Judith Roth
Keep up the amazing work that you do. In honor of the Bas Mitzvah of Meira Lutch.
Gary Rosen
Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah. Barbara and Gary Rosen
Andrea Dan Hytman
Mazel Tov on Your Bat Mitzvah Meira. Stuart & Andrea Hytman
Aaron Martin
Mazel Tov Meira! What a beautiful way to embark on the next stage of your life. Lisa and Aron Martin
Bonnie Botwick
Mazel Tov!!! We are so proud of you. Thrilled to be a part of your celebration. Lots of love and hugs. Aunt Bonnie and Arnold
Yosef & Shanny Katzman
Mazal tov, Meira, on your bas mitzvah! We can both attest to how wonderful your parents are, and we're sure you're emulating them already with the chesed you do and mitzvos you perform. May you continue to be a shining light for your family and klal Yisrael! - Yosef & Shanny Katzman & family
Dr. Steven A Adelman
Meira, We deeply appreciate your committing yourself to this important cause and congratulate you on reaching the age of mitzvoth. Continue "la'asot chayil." Debbie Levenson & Steve Adelman
Mike August
Julia Lutch
Young Meira is a blessing for our people.
Jill Brant
Congrats Meira Love - Jill, David, Sydney & Josh Bran
John Day
Dear Meira, Congratulations on your Bas Mitzvah. We will be thinking of you on your very special day. John and Shelley
Joel Stein
In honor of Meira's bas mitzvah
Cecile Klavens
This donation is in honor of the Bas Mitzvah of Meira Naomi Lutch. Mazel Tov.
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Friedman
Meira, Mazel tov on the occasion of your Bat Mitzvah! We wish you all the best on this important milestone in your life! Warmly, Ann & Joel Friedman
yaakov schnur
Mazel Tov on your Bas Mitzvah! May you continue to be source of simcha and nachos for your entire family, and may we join in many more simchos I'yH in the future. All the best, Yanky and Rochel Schnur
Ellen Bender
Dearest Meira: We are so happy to make a donation in honor of your bas mitzvah. We are always so proud of you and your kindness toward others. You make the world a brighter place! We love you, Bubbe and Zaidy
jay seidel
Mazel tov from your friends down south! YL, Sharona, Gavi, Leora, Aliza and Boaz Seidel
Arleeta and Ivan Lerner
We are happy to give this donation in honor of Meira Lutch becoming a bas mitzvah!
Gottlieb Family
Mazel Tov, Meira. may you always bring nachas and joy to your fmaily.
joel blajchman
Mazel Tov Meira! You are an incredible source of nachas to your parents, family, and friends. We are so blessed to know you! May you be showered with every brucha imaginable! With all our love, Miriam, Joel, Shua, and Naomi.
Meira Lutch
Hershel and Ariel Lutch
Mazal tov Meira! We are so proud of you. This gift is made in your honor and in the memory of your namesake and great-grandmother, Mrs. Eleanor Laskey. We love you so much, Mommy and Daddy

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.