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The Greater Klein Family's Campaign

Join us in raising funds and awareness for United Hatzalah of Israel. We are doing this in memory of .

Message to sponsors:

Please join us raising funds for a piece of lifesaving medical equipment. Any amount you give brings us closer to our goal and will help save more lives.

Donations raised to date:

. .
David G
אומר ה"שפת אמת" בפירושו על משנה זו, "עשה לך רב וקנה לך חבר: ופירוש הפשוט יתכן כי חבר צריך יותר לקנות מרב, כי מחברו יכול לקבל יותר" . Shea Z'L gave us from himself so much more than we gave him. He should be a Maylitz Yosher for his entire family, friends, and Klal Yisroel. Forever in our hearts - Yossie, Michal, Avrumie,Rivka, Ruchie, Miriam, Asher, Rivkie, and Kalman
ברכה ג
Avi M
May this special campaign honor the memory of my good friend Shea
צבי ז
זכות גדולה להשתתף בתרומה לעילוי ר' שייע קליין ז"ל אשר עזר בחסד להרבה אנשים. יהי זכרו ברוך
Rottman F
יואל י
In memory of a true friend and one who exemplified ahavas Yisroel.
. a
Rachel and David T
Leah S
This wonderful cause should a zechus for my dear beloved brother Shea z”l We miss you so much Leah and Nochem
/ \
Moshe M
A fitting tribute to a wonderful person!
Sarah Gerschel G
What a special way to honor the memory of a wonderful man. May his neshama have an an aliya.
Sara L
Shraga Tzvi S
לזכרון עולם של אבינו היקר
Nechama J
Yocheved, Avi, Leah, Chaya, Chesky, Tzily & Chemi S
לע"נ זיידי היקר, שזכרך ימשיך לנוע ולרוץ ברחובות בית וגן
Tzvi , Baily & Family L
In Memory of Our dear Tatty
Ariel Z
Golda H
with gratitude
Chaim & Gitty K
May Uncle Shea’s legacy live on through all the chesed that comes from this
rochel and dani h
In honor of our Uncle Shea who we miss dearly. Dani, Rochel, Rivki & Nafali Hollander
Herschel S
לעילו נשמת a great man and amazing uncle SHEA KLEIN ז״ל Penina Heshy Moshe Elazar Yocheved Avigail Sauber
tom k
Chaim and Rize and the American Klein Family In memory of my dear brother who was always here for all of us. You lived a good life and left a beautiful family and legacy. Too bad you checked out a bit early, you would have enjoyed sticking around. You continue to watch over us from your great view in Gan Eden and you are always in our hearts and thoughts.
Tehilla and Natan G
So sad to learn about Shea Klein Z"L's passing. Yehi Zichro Boruch.
Yaakov L
In memory of Uncle Shea who impacted so many from so many walks of life. Love, Danielle, Yaakov, Tamar, Roni, and Ezra
chesky K
Yosefa H
Avraham S
Chaim & Shira N
Liylu Nishmas Uncle Shea who continues to have a tremendous impact on our lives.
Liylu nishmash our special uncle Shea. Lazer & Shlimi
Gila Halleli W
Chaya Z
Elias Family .
Noah F
Sara and Dovid J
To the best uncle and great uncle ever - may your memory be for a blessing and grant life to others! Yoni, Simone and family
In memory of our dear brother Shea Klein from Yocheved and Donald Liss and family.
Zvi M
May it be a zchus for Mr. Klein’s neshama
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About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.