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liora tannenbaum's Campaign

Please join me in raising funds for United Hatzalah of Israel. I am doing this in memory of 'Fishy' Kranzler.

Message to sponsors:

TEAM FISHY!! Help me reach my goal of funding 10 volunteers for a total of $26,000 by sposoring my run in this year's Jerusalem marathon in memory of my Uncle 'Fishy'. Each time we reach $2600 we have one more volunteer.  Let's come together to celebrate his life, love of giving, and dedication to Israel by providing the funding for these incredible volunteers in a region that is in need of it. Please feel free to share your thoughts, memories, etc. of Fishy here and don't forget to post a song that inspires you that you'd like me to add to my playlist for the day of the run.  Thanks!!!

Donations raised to date:

Eliot and Debbie Tannenbaum
Anne Bernstein
Jesse Mendelsohn
Sorry I forgot to donate earlier!
Wendy McGinty
Thinking of you with much love! Wendy, Dennis, & Hannah McGinty
Joshua Mendelsohn
What a beautiful thing to do in honor of Uncle Fishy. He would be so proud as we all are. Love, Josh, Nisha and Shiv
Allan Billig
Be'emet kol hakavod Liora, great project, great cause... How lucky for both you and Fishy to have had each other in your lives...
Robin Lipsky
Kol hakavod, Liora! We remember Uncle Fishy and his infectious smile very well. Good luck! Lylas. Robin and Ari
Love you babe!
Abby Goldberg
Eric Kranzler
Thank you for honoring my father's memory in such a meaningful way. He loved and respected you VERY much. Good luck! Love, Eric
Yishai Bellischa and family Mendelsohn
Amazing to see everyone get together and honor Uncle Fishy's memory. Here's a few of his Israel stories: 1) Fishy shooting the terrorist cow 2) While on shmira, Fishy busting the couple in the suspicious car ;) 3) telling us about the kibbutz food rations (~1949). But there was always enough food for the children... The adults saved the meat and eggs for them. What a man. You helped build Israel for the rest of us to live in - securely and happily. Thank you Uncle Fishy.
David Greenberg
Run like the wind! Love, Tamar & david & the gang
Eddie Mendelsohn
On behalf of the entire family, we are incredibly proud of YOU and MARC and the way you are honoring Uncle Fishy. Sure miss him... Lots of love to you all Uncle Eddie and the whole gang
Edwin Bernstein
You go girl!! So proud of you...each and every day. xoxo Denise & UE
Jay Pomrenze
Ivan Mendelsohn
Fishy would be dang proud of you as are we! Uncle Ivan & Aunt Lynn
Reut and Zevi Aber
Alison and Dov TANNENBAUM
Tomer W
Good luck Liora!
Adam Mendelsohn
In fond memory of Uncle Fishy! Good luck with the run!
Alisa Soble
Liora- We are so impressed and proud of you! Wish we could run with you, but we would need Hatzalah for ourselves- so we will be beside you in spirit! What a wonderful idea in Uncle Fishy's memory. He will be smiling down at you for all 10K. Love, Alisa, Yankie, Yakira, Doron, Hadar, Itai and Hodaya
leeza braun
good luck!!! Love-
Geri and Isaac Wiener
Kol ha-kavod, Liora! Your Uncle Fishy is smiling!
Cindy Nathanson
Go you!!
sdfsfds fdsfsd
Leah Mendelsohn
I already paid for one volunteer - as you know. But I wanted to donate in "honor of Fishy and in honor of your run". Good luck!!!
Ilana and Ran Segal
So proud of you. What else is new?! L.Y.L.A.S.!!!! Hugs and kisses, Ilana/Pookie + RanDMC
This is so great! Thank you!
Jacob Berman
Good Luck!
Daniela Mendelsohn
So proud of you. What a beautiful way to honor Uncle Fishy. You know he will be looking down thinking "Are you %$#$ crazy? First you name your kid Fishka and now this?!?" Run strong. Run proud. Run knowing that we are right there with you, cheering you on as we eat some 7 layer cake! xoxo D,K&D
Ariella Cohain
Excellent that you are doing this! I remember Fishy as always being so warm and friendly towards me. Very proud of you for doing this!! -Ariella
Stephen Bailey
It is a privilege to support your run in Fishy's memory. Kol HaKavod. Steve and Feigie
Joyce and eric Austein
What a beautiful tribute to uncle Fishy. May you and Marc continue in your beautiful acts of chesed. Love Joyce and Eric
Gil Melmed
kol hakavod - Fishy would have loved to cheer you on!
David Kaufthal
good luck liora - love you!
Jason Katz
helen and larry ciment
dear liora, lots of luck on the run! we remember uncle fishy with great fondness- he was a wonderful man. love, Helen and larry ciment
phil rosenblatt simply amazing llc
Hatzlachah Rabah on this wonderful project in memory of your uncle. Wishing you a big Mazel Tov Families of Amazing Savings
Adam Hirsch
Good luck!
Harlan Korenvaes
Good luck Liora & Marc on the 10k! Love, Amy & Harlan Korenvaes
Yosaif Cohain
Go Liora! It's great that you're doing this, I'll never forget how warm and happy Fishy was and how he was always so kind to me.
Joseph Kornwasser
Dear Liora, We wish you much Hatzlacha in the marathon and your fundraising for a very good cause. Fishy was a wonderful person with a heart of gold, and we all miss him but cherish his memory. All the best, Joe and Hana Kornwasser
Yael Harari
We'll be there cheering you on! And maybe with a seven layer cake at the finish line ;)
Ruth & Michael Schleider
Dearest Liora, Kol Ha-Kavod! B'hatz-lacha! With much love always, Ruthie and Michael Schleider
abie mendelsohn
What an amazing way to honor Uncle Fishy - Thank you for sharing your experience with us, we will be thinking of you (and Uncle Fishy!) All our love and support, Abie, Ali, Zoe, Ellie, Samantha, Ayden, Max, and our own little Efrayim Fishel (Nate) :-)
Harriet Seif
Good Luck- Harriet & Heshe
Elana and Leslie Mendelsohn
We are so proud of you! This is a wonderful organization and the incredible work that Hatzalah does is a great way to honor Uncle Fishy's memory. He loved Israel and he loved you. Our love to you. Mommy and Daddy
We support you all the way. Love, Uncle Aaron & Marcia
Abby Goldberg
You go girl!!! Amazing cause for an amazing woman 😘
Naama Elefant - Bernatein
You're amazing and he'd be so proud

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.