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In loving memory of Zvi Ejnes

Please join us in raising funds for United Hatzalah of Israel. We are doing this in memory of Zvi Ejnes.

Message to sponsors:

Please consider making a donation to United Hatzalah to purchase an AMBUCYCLE in memory of Zvi Ejnes, may his memory be a blessing. We chose this life saving non-profit organization because we feel the many connections between United Hatzalah’s mission and our beloved, kind-hearted Papa.

Papa had a rough start in life, born in 1934 in a Polish schtetl. He dealt with anti-semitism and countless every-day hardships while his family became refugees in war-torn Europe. Papa and his family escaped the Nazis by eking out a meager existence in bitter Siberia. After the war, upon finding their hometown decimated and with no surviving Jews, they wandered through the ashes of post-war Europe, wound up in a Displaced Persons Camp in Germany then moved to France where they found some relatives. Finally, in 1949 the family was able to make Aliyah to Israel.

At that time, Israel was a brand new country and for Papa it was also a brand new beginning. Coming of age as a pioneer, a “Chalutz”, Papa flourished. He lived on a kibbutz, learned Hebrew and developed skills as a machinist. He served in the Israel Defense Forces, fought in the 1956 Sinai War and did his part, heroically, for the defense of the Jewish nation. He worked as a bus driver for Egged, the Israeli national bus service, sailed around the world with the Israeli Merchant Marines and cruised the streets of Yafo and Tel-Aviv on his very cool motorcycle.

Papa had a heart of gold and was loved by everyone who met him. He was hard-working, capable, resourceful and was always first to lend a hand. His gentle aura, twinkling blue eyes and his ever present warm smile simply made everything better. Papa was a devoted husband, father, grandfather, uncle and friend. Zvi was the epitome of the “strong-but-silent” type who spoke volumes with his actions.

United Hatzalah saves lives in Israel, it is a fully volunteer Emergency Medical Service organization that provides the fastest and free emergency care to those in need regardless of race or religion. When emergencies occur, rapid medical treatment increases chances of survival exponentially. Using specially equipped motorcycle ambulances, called AMBUCYCLES, United Hatzalah’s network of more than 6,200 volunteer medics help save thousands of lives each year.

The United Hatzalah AMBUCYCLE program would have resonated deeply with Zvi because of his love of Israel, his eagerness to help others and his fondness for motorcycles. It gives us much joy and comfort to know that an AMBUCYCLE adorned with the name ZVI EJNES will be zooming around the streets of Tel Aviv performing acts of heroism and spreading goodness. Please consider donating to this very worthy charity in memory of our sweet papa, Zvi Ejnes. 

Thank you,

Bella, Ted, Michele and Mark

Donations raised to date:

Rhonda Nathan
In loving memory of Zvi Ejnes.
Tricia Kampton
In memory of Zvi Ejnes, a warm & sweet man whose wife, daughter & her family, have always treated us as family. May his memory be a blessing to all who knew him and to this whom this project will help. With love & sympathy, Tricia & Mitch Kampton
I didn't know your father but as the child of a Holocaust survivor myself, his story resonated with me and is inspiring. May his memory be a blessing.
Sheila and Marty Katz
In loving memory of Zvi, his smile will forever be with us. - Sheila and Marty Katz
gary goldman
May the memory of Zvi Ejnes bless and inspire our lives.
Jill and Steven Student
Zvi was a very special man. How blessed you all were to have him in your lives.
We miss you Harold your friends from Valencia Palms
Michelle & Stephen Beinhacker
Ted, Jody, Jake & Noah Ejnes
In memory of the greatest Dad and Papa. We will love you always.
Myra Linker
Bella Ejnes
In loving memory of my Best Friend of 62 years, Zvikahle. Miss my love everyday but always in my heart forever
Jack and Brian Zatz
In loving memory of Zvi.
Gerald Rosenfeld
In memory of Tzvi Ejnes
jodi urkov
Aileen & Mike Lederman
Mike & Aileen Lederman
Gil & Judy Zuckerman
Stuart Antell
Jane and Bob Elisofon
Aviva & Rami Cohen
Made with love ????
Aviva & Rami Cohen
In memory of a Gitta-Nashuma and the best husband, father & grandfather. You will be sorely missed.
Jonathan Shaw
Rita Friedman
In loving memory of Uncle Zvi Ejnes
Brian Hertz
Beautiful story
In loving memory of the most kind-hearted man. Miss Zvi dearly :(
Jessica & Larry Morgenthal
Mindy Unger
In memory of Zvi Ejnes. May his memory be for a blessing.
Linda Tishler
Donated in memory of Zvi Ejnes, a very special & outstanding, loving, kind & resilient man, husband, father, & grandfather. Sent with much love to his wife, Bella, & his family. Linda Tishler
Shirley Kesselman
In memory of Zvi Ejnes
Roberta Greenberg
This man is the most deserving of such an honor! He is loved by all who knew him. May he rest in peace, and always be in our memories.
Zipora and Dan Salzhauer
In Memory of our good friend Zvi Ejnes. Wishing Hatzalah much success with thr great job they do in Israel. Now, Zvi will be part of that sucess. Love, Tzipi and Donny
Karen & David Zatz
In loving memory of Zvi, who lit up a room with his smile and exemplified the kind of soul we wish we could be.
Karen & David Zatz
In loving memory of Zvi, who exemplified the kind of soul we wish we could be.
Allen Bernstein
In memory of Zvi Enjes Allen Bernstein
We will miss our dear friend! with love, Kleid, Weintraub, Mednik, Zatz, Scherterman, Roth, Jacobowitz, Graftstein, Ehrlich, Korn, Peltz and Schwartzstein
Pola Goren
Pola Goren is happy to donate in memory of my dear friend Zvi
In Loving Memory of Zvi Ejnes, may his memory be a blessing All our love, The Laubs’
Limor Schwam
May this be used to save many lives, and May this honor the memory of Mr. Ernest who was such a kind and wonderful man!
Bradley Marsh
Alyssa Fisher
Robin and Michael Rabinowitz
In loving memory of Zvi Ejnes
Irving & Janet Zatz
In loving memory of Zvi (Harold) Ejnes, who always had a warm smile for everybody.
Cindy and Joel Haber
Our deepest condolences on you loss. May his memory be a blessing. Love, Joel and Cindy
Jay Friedman
In loving memory of ZVI EJNES. Love, Jay and Sarit Friedman
Donation in loving menory of our dear uncle Zvi Ejnes
Neil Yaris
Marilyn Goodman
In loving memory of Zvi Ejnes, beloved husband, father, and grandfather. Marilyn Goodman & Jay Smith
Mark and Bonni Kingsley
What a wonderful way to honor Zvi’s memory
Kim, Jeff, Eli and Mila Rosen
Jay Saltzman
Neil Yaris
Gail Oliver
Our sincerest condolences to the family of Zvi Enjes. Zvi was a wonderful person who will be truly missed. May Zvi's memory be for a blessing. With love, Gail and Ken Oliver
Linda Friedman Schmidt
Donation In loving memory of Zvi Ejnes
Anna Peris
In memory of Zvi. May his memory be a blessing…
Janice & Howard Tanner
In loving memory of Zvi Ejnes.
Jill Rafaloff
In memory of Zvi Ejnes
Kim Fields
Amy, Adi and Arnie & Renada Rosenbach
Amy Adi and Arnie & Renada Rosenbach will gladly contribute to this wonderful organization in memory of our dear Uncle Zvi, may his memory be a blessing.

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.