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The Friends of Bruce Weinrib, ZL's Campaign

Please join us in raising funds for United Hatzalah of Israel. We are doing this in memory of Bruce Weinrib, ZL.

Message to sponsors:

Bruce Weinrib epitomized “your ways are ways of pleasantness". He was a role model of devotion to family, loyalty to friends and selflessness for his community. He is sorely missed, especially by his family, and forever treasured by the thousands of people whom he impacted through his wise counsel, humorous spirit and generosity.

Bruce loved the State of Israel and was committed to spending as much time as possible with his family there. Supporting United Hatzalah and its role in saving diverse members of Israeli society will be an enduring tribute to the memory of a great man.

Donations raised to date:

Mort Fridman
Molly Listhaus
Betty and Randy Makovsky
Aviva Itzkowitz
Ariel Berner
In memory of ברוך צבי בן אברהם מנחם Bruce Weinrib z''l
Beth Lewis
From Zoe, Madeline and Jed, In honor of our neighbor who always had a smile for us.
Etti and Jordan Stavsky
Sheryl and Michael Katz
Harris Sterman
Dalit and Harris Sterman
Sheryl and Michael Katz
Ariel and Danielle Sterman
In Memory of Bruce Weinrib, who inspired us to start giving, and in honor of his family and Am Yisrael.
Carol Stone Applbaum
Bruce (ah) was a prince. He was an amazing addition to our family in every respect. His values were exemplary. His quiet manner in everything he did, showed us all how things should be done. Bruce was more of a blessing than i can ever adequately express. May his nashama have an aliya.
Amy Unger
Chanie and Len Grunstein
Ryan Salim
Stephanie and Adam Levie
Debbie and Jaime Smith
Judy & Jay Hochsztein
Anonymous A
Leonard Eis
Sol Wieder
Betsy I Wexler
In Memory of Bruce Weinrib From Rabbi & Mrs Stanley Wexler
Anna Wexler
In loving memory of Uncle Bruce. Love, Anna, Jon & Kai
Marshall Wilen
May Bruce's neshamah have an aliyah thanks to the mitzvot performed in his memory. -Marilyn and Marshall Wilen and family
Dina Roemer
Dedicated to ambucycle in memory of Bruce Weinrib (z”l) from his sister Irene Wexler’s family in Efrat, Dina Roemer and Shaya Wexler.
Leah Herzog
With much love to all of you and much respect and admiration for everything Bruce did and stood for. Leah and Avi Herzog
Alistair Gatoff
In loving memory Lisa and Alistair G
Jonathan Gellis
In Memory or a wonderful man and Mentor. You will always be remembered. Love Alisa and Jonathan Gellis
Judy & Bob Friedman
In memory of Bruce
Sharon and Jerry Unger
In memory of someone who lived his life to help others.
Tara Rooney
David Kahn
Barbara and Joseph Rotenberg
Guttman Family Foundation
Elizabeth and Hillel Ribner
Talia and Michael Farbowitz
What a wonderful way to honor Bruce’s memory!
Neil Bromberg
Chana and Daniel Shields
Mark Terjesen
We both appreciate your efforts to try and take something profoundly sad and tragic to help others in the future. Mark and Carolyn
Karen and Dror F
Shari and Nathan Lindenbaum
It is incredibly inspiring and humbling to think of all of the positive ripple effects one unique person named Bruce had on so many lives in so many profound ways. Think of you every day. With immense gratitude. A Yeshivat Orayta connection.
Steve and Yael Weil
In memory of one of the finest Jews and Human Being we have ever known.
Nina and David Sohnen
In memory of a wonderful person who we were honored to know. May his neshama continue to have an aliya.
David Ackert
Never a finer man nor a better friend than Bruce.
gerrald silverman
Steve Wruble
Thank you for all your important work, especially in memory of such a special person as Bruce Weinrib. I miss you Bruce and will forever be touched by your sweetness and hard work for your family and others.
Alan Feld
Sharon Greenbaum
יהי זכרו ברוך
Benjamin and Dorienne Planer
Amazing what you have accomplished- thank you!
Elad Cnaan
Jodi and Yossi Kashnow
Genene Kaye
In memory of a wonderful neighbor and friend. Bruce’s presence is missed by so many of us.
Morris Kalichman
Marcia and Bob S
Esther and Warren Levie
Devorah Levie
Nechama Levie
Bekah and Bentzion Levie
Devorah and Mordechai Levie
Brueckheimer Family .
Ivy and Joseph Podolski
Jaqueline and Mark Horowitz
Josh Gottlieb
Avi Stokar
David Ribner
Samuel Ebel
Fran and Sam E. In memory of Bruce Weinrib, Z"L
Thank you for taking care of our people. We all know you do it with such beauty.
Thank you Doniel for including me in this wonderful chessed.
Elana & Marc Rothenberg
Stephen Fox In memory of a wonderful guy- Bruce Weinrib
Friends of the Weinribs .
Doug Mann
In honor of the great work Jason Katz does for United Hatzalah and in honor of the birth of his daughter Ella Katz.
Beth and Ronnie Stern
An honor to contribute לזכר נשמת such a wonderful human being Bruce Weinreb. May we all learn from his legacy.
Ari & Alex Matityahu
In memory of the most special person on earth.
ira palgon
Howie and Meital T
in loving memory of Bruce Weinrib z"l
Barry and Joy Sklar
Maya and Menachem Katz
May Bruce’s memory be a blessing. With sadness and gratitude to a very kind man
Laurence and Daniela Schreiber
We miss Bruce so much! Happy to be able to participate.
Roberta Stoll
In loving memory of a wonderful man May his Neshama have an Aliyah
Tim S
David Harari
May Bruce's neshamah be elevated with this humble contribution
Julie & David Papier
Isaac Applbaum
Manny and Laurie Litchman
Tali Neuhaus
Jenna Winarick
Thanks to Doniel & Shosh Levie for passing along this opportunity. May the neshama have an Aliyah.
Eeta Pinewski
Marion Schechter
In memory of our dear Bruce. You are missed every day.
Michael Baer
Naomi And Jason Greenblatt
In Memory of Bruch Weinrib
Rosalie and Marvin Waltuch
Bev and Ari Kellen
Susan & Larry Krule
What a beautiful way to honor Bruce's memory. Susan & Larry K
Stephanie Strauss
Proud to donate in memory of Bruce. His legacy will be blessed through the good works of so many. Stephanie and Alan Strauss
Yaakov Applbaum
In memory of our dear brother-in-law, Bruce Weinrib
Yisroel and Shira Hochberg
Harold Fischman
Dita and Eitan Cooper
In loving memory of our dear friend, Bruce Weinrib z"l. We miss him and will continue to cherish our memories of him.
Elie & Alfred Neugut
Miriam and Menashe Zupnik
In memory of a great man may this be an Aliyah for your neshama from Miriam and Menashe Zupnik
Rachel and Allen Friedman
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute to such a worthy cause in honor of Bruce’s memory!
Elayne Matityahu
Dena and marl Levie
In memory of a tremendous baal chesed.
Shari & Josef Katz
Anne and Tom Langer
perachya Sorscher
Ellen & Stanley Stone
Ariel Matityahu
Daniel Turk
Allison Adler
kenneth brander
an important charity in honor of a wonderful man
Stuart Greenstein
In memory of a wonderful human being -- His neshama should have an Aliyah. We think of you often. Stuart and Sylvia Greenstein
Sara T.
Phyllis & Buzzy Green
In loving memory of our good friend and incredible role model Bruce Weinrib. Phyllis and Buzzy
May his memory be blessed. Nini & Steve B
Alisa, Tovah and Evan, Aaron, Jonathan and Gila Weinrib
shalom baum
Francine and Ari W
Suzanne Gitler
Nahum Felman
Benjamin Lopata
In memory of a very fine man
Robert Hoenig
Kol Hakavod!
Paula and Lou Friedman
Brenda and Ari Zak
Hila and adam Berner
May this help continue to elevate your precious neshama
Chava and Ephraim Casper
Bruce continues to be an inspiration. May his memory be blessed. Chava and Ephraim
Elnatan & Yael Rudolph
Allen and Karen perl
Ricki and Jay Scharf
Jacob Rosenfeld
Shosh and Doniel Levie
Benjy Finkel
richard Finkel
ruthie levi
Mort Fridman
L’iluy Nishmat Bruce Weinrib
Rochelle and Philip Goldschmiedt
With this Ambucycle lives will be saved . In dedicating this life saving vehicle in Bruce's memory may his Neshoma achieve great heights .

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.