Here’s how you can donate an ambucycle and save lives.


United Hatzalah’s most famously known vehicle is the ambucycle, a motorcycle that is outfitted with all of the medical equipment that is present in a regular ambulance, (except for the bed and stretcher) but smaller. The ambucycle allows its rider, a fully trained EMT, paramedic, or doctor, to get through traffic and arrive at the scene of a medical emergency in the fastest time possible. 

The organization currently has approximately 1,000 volunteers outfitted with ambucycles, but with the wear and tear that our volunteers need to put on these vehicles, there are many that have broken down or have aged to the point where they are beyond use. We have an urgent need to put an additional 100 ambucycles on the road to meet the needs of the Israeli people and keep up with the growing number of medical emergencies that our volunteers respond to each and every day. Your donation of an ambucycle will literally mean the difference between life and death for dozens of people in Israel each year. 

Please donate one today. 

Leave your name, number, and email address here, and someone from our team will contact you with more details.