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Sponsor an EMT's Campaign

Join us in raising funds and awareness for United Hatzalah of Israel. We are doing this in recognition of the necessity of extra EMT coverage in the Greater Givat Sharet Neighborhoods .

Message to sponsors:

What do you have in common with:

Mitch Schneider
Elisheva Erlanger
Jeff Nider
Rachel Holzer
Daniella Stadtmauer
Debra Strosberg...

and more than thirty other amazing friends and neighbors from Sheinfeld, Nofei Aviv, Nofei Shemesh and Givat Savyon?

YOU can help provide our community with a 90-second emergency response time!

These volunteers are ready to become our neighborhood's first team of volunteer EMTs. They’re prepared to help your family when you need it most.

If the worst was to happen, you should feel secure knowing that there are people in the same building, the next building, or your street who would drop everything to help you. 

With local EMTs, our community can benefit from a 90-second response time until MADA arrives!

But, to make this possible for our community, it will take a one-off cost of $25,000 for United Hatzalah of Israel to train up to 40 participants. 

YOU can help make it possible for local volunteer EMTs to be there for our family, friends, and neighbors when every second counts!

Donate now to provide the Givat Sharet community with 90-second emergency response time! Every shekel counts!

Donations raised to date:

Sharon & David B
Larry and Flo Z
In honor of the Erlanger family
Ayelet S
Stanley M
In honor of our most amazing sister Elisheva Erlanger!!
moshe w
Rafuah Shlemah for Devorah Chana bas Leah
David F
This donation is made by the Flamholz family of Beit Shemesh in memory of Doris Fisher a"h (Breindl bat Yosef v'Miriam)
Anonymous A
בהצלחה לאיחוד הצלה- גבעת שרת!
Anonymous A
בהצלחה לאיחוד הצלה- גבעת שרת!
David & Lisa S
Robin N
Natan and Devorah E
Karen D
Tova W
Kol HaKavod to the residents of Givat Sharet
In Honor of Natan Edelman.
Hana B
Yaron M
Wishing you much success and kol hakavod to all the initiators of this! -Sarah
Deborah S
Alan and Rhonda Z
In honor of Aviva and Jonathan Zahtz. We're very proud of you!
Zipora S
Ari F
Paul R
Josh N
Rivka B
Shulamis M
Shirley and Jeff P
Hatzlacha Raba for this worthy and potentially life saving effort
Leslie K
Rami and Deb S
We are so proud to be a part of this community!
Ralph and Sandra R
Wishing you well in your endeavors
Richard & Orah M
Jason and Bruria R
לאה ב
יעל ל
Good luck to all of you. Daniella - I am so proud of you :) <3
Leslie K
David L
Lisa H
Roslyn J
Adina K
Supporting Elisheva and Shmuel Erlanger and family in this worthy cause!
Beit Shemesh appreciates your efforts!
Miriam C
Sara and richie S
In honor of joy goldsmith and United hatzalah
Max and Rachel R
Rachel H
Good Luck!! Proud to be part of such a worthy cause! Love you all
Yael and Elliot S
In honor of the our dear friends the Erlangers!!! You never seize to amaze us!!!
Linda G
myrna m
Susan Duker thank you for trying to get your EMT training I hope this donation gets you there sooner ! love, Cousin Myrna this donation should go to your betshemeshteam
Norma H
In honor of Rachel Holzer Referred by Rachel Holzer
Yisroel L
For a refuse shelaymah for Yosef Yehudah Ben Aaron. Referred by Shulamis Pollak.
Debbie and Max R
Lindsay P
Good luck!!!
Nina W
Wishing you much success! - Nina Wand
Mira K
Yaffa S
Keep up the amazing work.
Shully and eliana B
In honor of the Erlangers, new Olim to the neighborhood
Estie F
In honor of Elisheva Ehrlanger
Ruthy and Steven R
Solicited by Jamie and Daniella Stadtmauer for Donation for United Hatzalah Beit Shemesh. Ruthy and Steven R.
Seryl &Charles K
In honor of Daniella Stadtmauer, so proud of you. All our love Aunt Seryl and Uncle Charlie
Jason S
Sara Z
Thank you to all the United Hatzalah volunteers and IYH to all the future ones as well.
Ora and Ira B
Mart&Sue T
Privileged to be part of this initiative
Naomi & Bob S
Naomi & Bob Silverman are happy to be part of the Mitzvah. L'iluy NIshmat Sara and Itzik Lichtenstein, Dovid and Yossi Lichtenstein of Pietrokov,
In recognition of Elisheva Erlanger
Lisa C
In honor of Jonathan & Aviva Zahtz
Jen E
In honor of Elisheva and Shmuel Erlanger!
Elisheva erlinger referred us
Jeffrey N
Malka F
Riva B
Marci P
Good luck Elisheva Erlanger!!! You’re amazing!
Norman H
I was wowed by your video! Wishing you so much Hatslacha! Mushkie
Shmuel R
Schneur R
In honor of Avi and Rifki Orzech!
Cuz who doesn't want there to be Hatzalah BS?! :)
Ariel D
Moshe K
Yossi and Yocheved B
Daddy O
Best of luck to Avi & Rifky O. & all of your co-workers on this project!
William N
A Light unto the nations.
Mordechai L
Best wishes and hatzlocha . In honour of Avi and Rifki O. From Motti and Dini L
Mitch and Naomi S
In honor of all the future First Responders in the Givat Sharet neighborhood. Kol HaKavod for taking the time to save lives.
good luck! requested by avi and rivky orzech
Rifki O
Thrilled to be part of this
David G
Alicia & Jason B
Kol HaKavod, Elisheva Erlanger! We are incredibly proud of you!
It is an honor to contribute to this initiative.
Ellen W
Elliott G
In awe of our daughter's participation in this amazing program.
Israel S
Bobby and Leah W
In honor of our dear cousin Elisheva Erlanger whose lifelong mission of helping others is an inspiration to us all!
Gila S
כל הכבוד to Elisheva Erlanger and to all of the people involved in this important endeavor.
Naomi G
shoshi and Alan s
Go Elisheva!! We love and miss you guys!
Moshe & Shani S
Happy to support this important initiative for the community...and looking forward to taking the course!
Gary Davida S
Dara O
Daniella and Jamie S
Mindy H
Hal Z
Shani W
We want this earmarked for the Beit Shemesh -givat sharett training. Kol Hakavod to your important work!
Joseph W
Michael & Randi L
Avi and Shana Z
In honor of our dear friends Elisheva and Shmuel Erlanger!
Adam K
We're proud of you Elisheva Mayerfeld-Erlanger! From Shulamis, Adam, and Azariah
Nahum D
We are so proud to be part of a community like this! Kol hakavod!
Etana H
Kol Hakavod to Mitch for spearheading this much needed program in our community!
As residents of the community, we believe this is a worthy cause. Kol HaKavod.
Susan and Jonathan D
Shkoyach for starting this important initiative! Looking forward to being a part of it!
Happy to give and be part of this special initiative!
Such an important life-saving initiative. I hope you reach your goal very quickly so you can begin your critical work as soon as possible.
You can start up your personal new campaign page in minutes, and help us reach your friends and your community. Choose your own fundraising goal, and ask your friends to help you reach it.

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.