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We did it! Campaign Funded!

Israel Gabay's Campaign

Please join me in raising funds for United Hatzalah of Israel. I am doing this in memory of Assaf Hochberg.

Message to sponsors:

Dear Family and Friends,

Please join me in raising funds for a lifesaving Emergency Response Ambucycle dedicated in memory of my cousin Assaf Hochberg. Asi was somebody who loved life and brought life to everyone around him, wherever he went. That is why I think it would be so appropriate to dedicate a lifesaving ambucycle in his memory and liluy nishmato. This ambucycle will help bring more chessed into the world and b'ezrat Hahsem, will help save lives, which will all be in Asi's good merit.

With much appreciation,


Donations raised to date:

Hayim O
Beatuful idea Israel. May the memory of Assaf ben Rachel live on and shine brightly.
Daniel S
Great job!!!
Alexander, Benjamin, and Anita Ray
Our deepest condolences to the Hochberg and Zion family. We wanted to ensure this campaign goal was met by Shabbat.
Our deepest condolences to the Hochberg and Zion family on the loss of your beloved son and brother. May G*d comfort you among all mourners of Zion and Jerusalem and may Asi's name be for a blessing.
Yonathan &oshrit Zion
Dear Asi, may your good and kind dids will light the world forever ❤️
Sending you much love and success, Yisrael. Your new bro
Dinesh Nihalchand
Dear Assaf: I miss you but will never forget you. I have only fond memories of you and I thank you for always treating me like a brother and for all your guidance and friendship. Best, Dinesh
Eyal Kahlon
Leilui Nishmat Asaf Ben Rachel Eyal & Michal Kahlon
Orel Neiman
Aviva Wallick
What a beautiful tribute in honor of someone so special. May all of the lifesaving being done in memory of אסף בן רחל ונפתלי be a source of nachat and bracha for your entire family. Ben and Aviva
Naftali and Rachel Hochberg
לעילוי נשמתו של אסף בננו היקר. מי יתן ותרומה זו תמשיך את דרכך המיוחדת באהבת והצלת הזולת. אוהבים אותך לנצח אבא ואמא
britny blumenfeld
Eric Zion
Thank you for organizing. What an amazing way to honor Assaf. May his soul have an aliyah BH. All the best, The Lieberman family, Hong Kong.
Esther Singer
כל העוסקים בצרכי ציבור באמונה הקבה' ישלם שכרם
for memory of HOCHBERG ASSAF ע"ש
Jason Nussbaum
Lev Prais
Stephen York
Efat v shlomi Cohen
דוד יקר ואהוב שלנו מתגעגעים ואוהבים, תמיד תישאר בליבנו
Eric Zion
Eric Zion, Yisrael Gabay, Jacob Hamerman In loving memory of a man I always looked at as a brother. You have left us all way too early and very sad but I'm sure Hashem has a better plan for you up there. You left us with lots of laughs, acts of kindness and stories that will never be forgotten. May this Ambucycle continue to perform the good deeds that you have done for people in your name. We love you Asi!
Akiva Goldberger
Hatzlacha Raba Yisroel!
Sivan Shahar
so sorry for your loss- happy to help in any way i can. BDE
Marisa Braunstein
Rebecca Greenspan
Dana, with so much love and heartbreak! Tizku l'mitzvot!
Alison Billet
Yisrael Gabay
In honor of my beloved wife Dana. Thank you for kickstarting this campaign, for truly encouraging me and supporting me in this special work, and for always letting me go on calls, even when you need me at home. I love you forever. May all this collective chessed be liuluy nishmat Assaf ben Rachel.
Oren&keren Hochberg
באהבה ולזכרו של אחי, גיסי ודודנו אסף בן רחל ונפתלי. מתגעגעים אליך ללא קץ! מי יתן שבזכות מצווה זו תהיה נשמתך צרורה בצרור החיים וזיכרון מעשיך הטובים ימשיך לדורות. אוהבים ומתגעגעים
Ruth Raviv
תהייה נשמתו צרורה בצרור החיים , שלא תדעו יותר צער ...
Samuel Rbibo
Much success with this amazing project! May his neshama have an aliyah!
Howard Neiman
We love you Asi, forever. We stay connected always through our souls' loving memories and deepest wishes for our family's good.
Yafit Neiman
Asi we miss you so much. We will never forget your incredible light, your contagious laughter, your mission to make us laugh, your kind eyes and your warm inviting smile. It is not the same without you. May this not be needed and may it still be an aliyat neshama for you. Love you ❤️ Thank you yis.
sharon weisfish
Kol Hakavod! What a beautiful idea liluy nishmat. Hashem should protect you always and grant you the ability and siyata d' shamaya to save many lives.
Meir & Yocheved Sultan
May every life saved with this Ambucycle be a aliya for Assaf's pure Neshama!
Sarah Marlowe
Avi & Tali Haune
Thank you for letting us be a part of this mitzvah.
emily jacobson
Thank you for including us in this special mitzva. May your services be rarely needed; may your intentions be an aliya for your dear cousin.
Tiferet Gabay
Isaac and Talia Shmulewitz
Yoel Gabay
Rachelle Markowitz
L'zecher nishmat Asi. Rachelle and Jack Markowitz
Esther Varon
Merrill Lynch matching gift from Roei Gigi .
Tamar Markowitz
Asi’s neshama should have continuous aliyah. What a beautiful mitzvah and chessed. Thank you for doing this Yisrael!
tzvi weinberg
Yisrael.. Hashem loves you !!
Dov Jeremias
Your a very special person Israel and keep up your holy work.
tzvi wolfe
Keep up your great work thanks for letting me be part of your great work!!!!!!!! Tzvi
Dan Shwed
Erez Zion
In loving memory of Assaf Hochberg. Thanks for all the laughs. You will always be remembered for the smiles you put on everyone's face. You will be dearly missed.
Michal Fisher
Ronen & Iris Zion
To Our Dear Brother, Brother-in-Law, Uncle and Cousin, Assaf Hochberg. You left us too early and we are all devastated. We will forever remember your laughter, your smile and the light you spread wherever you were. We know that you are with Hashem, watching over us and continuing to spread your happiness up above. Rest in Peace, our Dear Asi.
Sharon Amrani
לעילוי נשמתו של אחי היקר והאהוב אסף בן רחל ונפתלי 💔
Simon Z
In Loving Memory of Assaf, We will forever remember your genuine smile, your innocent laughter and your HUGE love for family and friends. May you eternally rest in peace, my dear cousin.
Roei Gigi
Leluy neshmat Assaf Ben Rachel and Naftali May this motorcycle be a source of life and refuha to many people in Eretz Israel in Assaf’s memory! The Gigi Family
Rest in Peace, Dearest Assaf
Joey Abraham
Jacob Hamerman
In Honor of Eric and Yisrael
Diane Weber
Yisrael May you always have the knowledge, skill and equipment to help others. And...may there soon be a day when those services will no longer be needed. You make all of us so proud!
Maya Neiman
We're so blessed you've really become a part of the family. Thank you.
May we all continue spreading Asi's laughter and love for life.

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.