Atara Twersky Hosts Eli Beer On “Changing The Course” Podcast

Eli Beer President of United Hatzalah

Eli Beer president of United Hatzalah was just a six-year-old boy when he witnessed a bombing.  The memory stayed with him for a long time and he promised himself that one day he would save lives.  Eli is a man who keeps his word and then some.  In this week’s episode of Changing the Course, Eli talks about his miraculous recovery from the Coronavirus from intubation to extubation as he retells the chilling memories of being sedated for 30 days.  His story is one of hope and of survival but ultimately his story is one of heroism. We can all be heroes in our everyday life, we just need to take opportunities that lie in our midst.  Eli has taken those opportunities and in doing so he has saved thousands of lives and united those from varying walks of life.  Eli, the world is brighter because you are in it.  We are so happy about your recovery.

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Eli Beer Interview with Atara Twersky

Eli Beer President of United Hatzalah Show Notes

[02:15] Eli’s viral video and Coronavirus story

  • Eli was notified by the doctors that he had to be induced into a coma. He was hit by pneumonia and so concerned that he had to be intubated.
  • He knew that he had a 50-50 chance so he made a video pleading for everyone to continue saving lives.
  • He wasn’t unaware of what’s happening around him when he was sedated. He thought he was in Switzerland.
  • He experienced dream-like states when in the coma.

[11:48] Additional recovery work in Israel

  • The hospital is trying to use stem cells to cure coronavirus.
  • Eli became the first coronavirus patient in the hospital to receive stem cell treatment.
  • The next day, he felt better and eventually became extubated.

[15:00] United Hatzalah Movement and how it started

  • A week after he woke up from a coma, he was back in Israel. His assistant in NY showed him the video of Martino and shared the story of his fundraising.
  • Paula Abdul even helped with fundraising.
  • He was 6 years old when he experienced a tragedy. A kid was choking and the traffic was terrible at that time and the ambulance arrived for 21 minutes.
  • He started to create a pre-ambulance service to respond to emergencies.
  • The idea is to save lives by responding to an accident as soon as possible.

MyMitzvah Campaign

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