Emergency needs in the field vary. United Hatzalah stocks its kits and vehicles with adult- and child-saving tools alike. Children saved today may grow up to save others tomorrow.


Oxygen tanks and regulators are used daily to help revive victims in emergency situations such as shortness of breath and heart failure. The oxygen kit breathes new life into all those who are in need of oxygen.


Our volunteers respond to missile, bomb and terrorist attacks and must be adequately protected when saving lives. Give them this military-grade bulletproof vest and this battle-proven helmet used by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and protect those that protect others.


Save lives by donating a compact life-saving machine – a defibrillator. All United Hatzalah medics need to carry one of these lifesaving devices to be able to restart a heart and give someone another chance at life.


Hatzalah knows the importance of the question “What’s in the bag?” This complete kit will accompany and enable our volunteers in their rescue missions.

Train & Equip a New Medic$9,600

Outfit 1 medic for 1 year. Afford them the equipment, supplies and refresher training they need to save lives. It’s a great investment. Help save a life and you have helped save an entire world!


Sponsor an E-bike, a nimble vehicle marked with distinctive United Hatzalah decals, a siren, flashing lights, and most importantly, a medical first aid bag and defibrillator. With these nimble electric Ambubikes, our volunteer medics will be able to reach victims in crowded downtown areas within 90 seconds.


There are many places in Israel that cannot be approached by cars or motorcycles, like mountain paths and desert terrain. However, emergencies do occur in these places and that is why we created the Ambutractor, which is used for rescue operations requiring a 4-wheel vehicle to save those in trouble.


To be there, Hatzalah must get there. Hatzalah requires a larger fleet of fully equipped ambulances to provide the highest level of emergency care in any location. Ambulance cost includes special monitor defibrillator. Give us life on wheels.

Sponsor a day of Lifesaving$18,000

United Hatzalah volunteers respond to over 1,800 emergency calls throughout Israel every day! Sponsor a day of lifesaving in honor of any occasion and you will receive a detailed call log report of all emergency calls that happen on your ‘Day of Lifesaving.’