To date, United Hatzalah was actively involved in providing rescue assistance when disaster hit in two different mass casualty incidents: the Gorkha earthquake in Nepal, which killed nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000 (April 2015), and Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, which was extremely destructive and resulted in an estimated 1,100 deaths (September 2016).

In both incidents, the United Hatzalah delegation of volunteer emergency medical specialists departed from Israel for a deployment to the hardest hit villages and cities and operated on some of the roughest terrain under the most trying conditions. The United Hatzalah volunteers had the best medical equipment, protective gear, and communication equipment possible under the circumstances and gave their time, energy, and medical assistance to anyone in need. Their passion and professionalism helped save many lives and bring hope to the people of Nepal and Haiti.

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(Mass Casualty Incident) Training

United Hatzalah has encountered many situations that were labeled “MCI” or Mass Casualty Incidents. This includes several dozen terrorist attacks as well as international rescue missions. United Hatzalah gives an enrichment course to cities that are interested in learning from our model and experience. To date, United Hatzalah has given this course, which is a ten-day, 9-5 intensive training, to cities in Mexico, Panama, and Australia (Sydney and Melbourne).

The course can be taught abroad or on United Hatzalah’s own premises; it is up to the city to choose which location they prefer. The rigorous ten-day “boot camp” ends with a mock mass casualty drill, a test, and certification ceremony.
If you are interested in having a MCI training course for your city, please e-mail Batsheva at

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