THE NREMT PROGRAM was created to provide students who are studying abroad in Israel an opportunity to train as EMTs and gain lifesaving skills with international certification. After obtaining accreditation from the national registry for our EMT training, students receive EMT and EMR medical certification, which is recognized by the United States National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). The NREMT program is also affiliated with the Commission on the Accreditation of Allied Health Educational Programs (CAAHEP). Thus, students will be fully accredited EMTs and EMRs both in Israel and in the United States. Graduates will finish the year as certified EMTs. For more information or to sign up, please e-mail Shai at or visit

CPR FOR ALL, or in Hebrew Mishpachat Bitucha, offers a one-time session, which is a 4 hour first-aid class, open to the public at large. In 2016, 10,000 individuals were trained, and an additional 11,000 are planned to take the course in 2017. Sponsored (mostly) by Neurophen, United Hatzalah has already given 700 courses throughout Israel. The project’s mission is to get the basics out to the public so that anyone and everyone can attain four basic first-aid protocols. The course teaches CPR, what to do if a child is choking, how to handle basic hazardous injuries in the home, and what to do if a child has a fever-induced seizure. To sign up for a course near you, please contact Noa at

THE WORKPLACE SAFETY PROGRAM, or in Hebrew Mosad Batuach, started in 2016 when United Hatzalah began selling training courses and legally-required equipment to schools, businesses, organizations, and corporations throughout Israel. The Workplace Safety Program offers to train an institution’s staff on the basics of first-aid so that if there were to be an emergency on the work site, the staff would know what to do until a medic or EMT arrives. United Hatzalah offers the most inexpensive equipment and training packages in the country simply because this project is not for profit. The amount we charge covers the cost of the equipment as well as United Hatzalah’s time. To learn more about this program, e-mail Dovid at

THE TEN KAVOD PROGRAM was designed to provide regular medical checkups to elderly individuals living alone, focusing especially on Holocaust survivors. United Hatzalah volunteers receive specialized training in geriatric care and visit program participants at least once a week to take their vital signs, follow up on their illnesses, and check if they are in need of medication or extra care. The volunteer medics are members of the community serving the elderly members of their community. Our volunteers become family to these elderly people who have no one around and no one to care for them. Click here to learn more, or contact Michael at (Hebrew speakers: Shmuel at

SMART GIVING: United Hatzalah is signed up for the Iggul Hatova or “Round-Up” credit card program that enables individuals to donate a percent of their spendings automatically through their Israeli credit card. The money goes straight to United Hatzalah through this program. To date, 187,000 people have signed up for this program and the number is rising, along with the amount of organizations signing up to be on the receiving end of the donations. To sign up and give to United Hatzalah when using your Israeli credit card, click here.
In addition, when purchasing on Amazon, don’t forget to click on AmazonSmile for United Hatzalah!

FAMILIES FIRST is a program aimed at providing the spouses of EMS volunteers with a social network in which they can find camaraderie, support, and share stories and challenges with fellow spouses of EMS volunteers. In Hebrew: “Linashot Neshama.” Although volunteers have an almost weekly support group in their cities/branches all across Israel, United Hatzalah came to realize that behind (almost) every volunteer there is someone supporting his/her work and taking care of things back at home. Families First holds a grand get-together for the spouses of the volunteers in each of the 50 branches of United Hatzalah at least once a year. We believe that by supporting the families of our volunteers, we are in essence supporting the volunteers themselves.

AT THE HOSPITAL SCENE: In 2001, United Hatzalah made waves in Rambam Hospital (Haifa) when they began a program that significantly decreased waiting times in the emergency room. The program assisted ER nurses in effectively treating patients faster without sacrificing the quality of care. In what has become known as the Hospital Liaison Program, volunteer EMTs and paramedics from United Hatzalah volunteer for a minimum of two shifts per month to help streamline basic procedural and medical tasks in hospitals. The program is highly effective and significantly cuts down waiting time in the ER. Today, the program has expanded greatly, currently providing aid to eleven hospitals throughout Israel, and we are in the process of bringing the program to another four.

OUR CSR MODEL The Corporate Social Responsibility Model of United Hatzalah encompasses the idea that any group of people could participate in one of the following venues.
A community, institution, school, organization, firm, corporation, enterprise, factory, business, or even neighborhood can:
–Create its own “Team Medic Training Program” on-site, for example, click here to learn about TEAM AMDOCS. Amdocs is an Israeli corporation that created it own on-site medic team. E-mail Shai for more information:
–Sponsor its United Hatzalah local branch including, but not limited to, sponsoring its equipment, local medics, local programming, local training, and local courses.

NCSY HATZALAH SUMMER PROGRAM Have the experience of a lifetime on the NCSY’s EMT training summer program, Hatzalah Rescue.
Hatzalah Rescue is a co-ed travel program for teens looking to learn CPR, hemorrhage control, and how to be a first responder. On Hatzalah Rescue teens will be certified as EMRs, volunteer on an ambulance, and assist in the Hatzalah logistics center, all while learning the intricacies of Hatzalah and their daily operations. Each participant will be able to make an impact on the Israeli people through their willingness to learn and give back.
Activities include:
• Watersports in the Kineret with Hatzalah’s state-of-the-art rescue vehicles
• Jeep in the desert on Hatzalah’s special sand
rescue vehicles
• Rappel off Israel’s cliffs with Hatzalah’s search
and rescue unit

Our life-saving efforts are bringing people from different towns closer together and strengthening all of our communities. — Maor Nachum