Israel Volunteer EMS organization to be honored by Persian community of Great Neck and New York City as part of Israeli Remembrance Day celebration

The largest Volunteer EMS organization in Israel, United Hatzalah, will be introduced to and honored by the Great Neck Community at an exclusive event being held by the Jewish Communities of Great Neck & New York City on May 11th. The event will see a renowned speaker from the diplomatic community, address the assembled guests in order to discuss Israel’s contribution to the west.

A United Hatzalah ambucycle with an Israeli flag in the background

A United Hatzalah ambucycle with an Israeli flag in the background

The Persian communities from Great Neck and New York will be coming together to honor their community’s bond with Israel and simultaneously honor United Hatzalah and the lifesaving work that the volunteer organization does every day throughout the country in Israel. The organization will be featured during the ceremony for helping save the lives of civilians, terror victims and soldiers throughout Israel. Dovi Maisel, the Director of International Operations will be in attendance and has been invited to speak on behalf of the organization.

“We are excited to be honored by the Great Neck community. For many of the people in this community, this will be the first that they hear about United Hatzalah,” said Robin Rendel, Regional Development officer for United Hatzalah in the Greater New York region.

An ambucycle in front of the Old City walls in Jerusalem

An ambucycle in front of the Old City walls in Jerusalem

“We are hoping that people in the community develop a new found awareness for the lifesaving work that United Hatzalah does in Israel and in other locations around the world,” said Rendel.  “We are a community based organization and Great Neck is a great community, we would like to make a strong connection with the people of this community and others like it.”

“I know that the Persian community is the one of the most passionate about Israel and I know that many people are careful to donate to important causes. This is a community that has a strong value for life and helping people. United Hatzalah is an organization that is dedicated to saving lives in Israel and abroad, and it stands by the ideals that the Persian community holds dear to its heart. I am looking forward to working together with the community and the organization,” said Rendel.

The organization recently had another exposure to the Persian community recently when Founder and President Eli Beer met with the Crowned Prince of Iran Reza Pahlavi at the World Values Gala on May 5th. The two spoke about the help that United Hatzalah provides for communities in Israel, after which Beer presented Pahlavi with the Israeli commemorative “Cyrus Stamps” that were specially printed by Israel to commemorate Judaism’s Persian heritage.

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