Ministry of Public Security Recognizes United Hatzalah as a National Rescue Organization

The Ministry of Public Security run by Minister Gilad Erdan has officially recognized the non-profit EMS organization United Hatzalah as a national rescue organization.

United Hatzalah in Action

United Hatzalah in Action


The organization will now officially join the ranks of other national rescue organizations in the country after the ministry has recognized it and its 3,500 volunteers as belonging to the same category as the police, fire and rescue department and Magen David Adom. United Hatzalah will now participate in a formal manner in all national emergency incidents. This will allow dozens of extra volunteer EMTs, paramedics and doctors who volunteer with the organization to be dispatched to the large scale incidents, be they terror attacks, building collapses or other emergencies. The declaration culminates months of increased public awareness and strengthening of ranks that have come about since the Health Ministry sorted out the information sharing issue that had been taking place towards the beginning of the year.


Minister Erdan said that United Hatzalah qualified as a national rescue organization under protocol 90a of the Police Mandate and will work under the auspices of the police force at large scale disasters and emergencies including mass casualty incidents. The move was welcomed by Israel Police Chief Roni Alsheich who had recently made an in-depth visit to United Hatzalah headquarters in Jerusalem to survey the organization’s method for working in high-stress situations.


President and Founder of the organization Eli Beer said “We wish to thank the Minister of Public Security, Gilad Erdan, Health Minister Moshe Litzman and Police Chief Roni Alsheich for the faith that they have placed in our volunteers and for recognizing their selfless devotion to saving the lives of others. Our volunteers respond to almost 300,000 incidents per year and save many lives on a daily basis. Joining the ranks of other recognized rescue organizations in Israel is a badge of honor for us one that will propel us ever forward in the fight to save lives.”   


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