More Than 500 Seniors Living Alone Receive Gift Packages For Pesach As Part of National Drive To Care For The Elderly Ahead of the Holiday

During the past week, more than 500 senior citizens who live by themselves, received gift packages containing matzah and wine for the Pesach seder, as well as a special holiday blessing. The country-wide initiative is part of a national drive being undertaken by United Hatzalah in order to make sure that no senior citizen is left without the basic needs for the holiday. 

Ten Kavod participant in Beit Shemesh receives a Pre-Pesach gift package from United Hatzalah

The recipients are all part of the organization’s Ten Kavod (Giving Honor) project, which sees a medically trained volunteer EMR or EMT visit a specific senior citizen on a weekly basis in order to alleviate any sense of loneliness and to provide them with a free medical checkup in the comfort of their own home. 

Ten Kavod participant in Mevaseret receives a Pre-Pesach gift package from United Hatzalah

Director of the Development Division of United Hatzalah Ariel Ben David spoke about the importance of the initiative. “This year, as well as in previous years, we have merited to be able to help senior citizens who participate in the Ten Kavod project and provide them with a special gift package for the Pesach holiday. The happiness and joy that we see emanating from the recipients who thank us for “not forgetting them even for a moment” are worth all of the challenges we face in making this project, and others like it happen each year. The gift packages were delivered from north to south by our dedicated volunteers from the program. I wish to thank all of the donors, as well as the local and regional coordinators, and mainly, the volunteers themselves, who made this project possible.”  

Ten Kavod participant in Bnei Brak receives a Pre-Pesach gift package from United Hatzalah

“The goal of the Ten Kavod project is to enhance the lives of the elderly, specifically Holocaust survivors, all across Israel,” said President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer. “Our trained volunteers visit participants weekly to ensure they are being taken care of and supervised medically on a regular basis. The program also provides emotional support and friendship for any elderly individual who needs companionship across the country. The holiday period can be particularly difficult emotionally for people who live by themselves and who may not have any family coming to visit them. I am thankful that through our efforts, we are reaching these people ahead of the holiday to lift their spirits and provide them with the basic needs for the seder night.”  


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