United Hatzalah and Terem Medical Clinics Achieve Training Partnership

United Hatzalah and Terem Medical Clinics have recently reached a partnership agreement in which United Hatzalah ambulance team leaders can perform their clinical training during shifts in select Terem urgent care clinics throughout Israel.

United Hatzalah volunteers working outside of Terem during a snowstorm in Jerusalem

“The goal of our partnership is to fulfill our commitment to the Health Ministry for our ambulance team leaders to do 2 shifts in an urgent care clinic” said Itzik Hacmon, Project Manager of United Hatzalah’s Medical Department and a volunteer paramedic with the organization. “Terem was happy to have our ambulance team leaders join the shifts of their urgent care clinics across the country. At the same time we are proud to have found such a worthy partner who is equally dedicated to quality patient care as we are,” Hacmon added.

This arrangement is just the first phase of this partnership according to Hacmon. “The second phase that we are working on currently is to have our volunteer EMTs also be able to join their urgent care teams and provide medical assistance and extra manpower when needed. We are looking to create a long-term partnership with them that will be a mutually beneficial relationship with both organizations. These clinics tend to see a wide variety of medical and trauma cases that will add to the experience of our ambulance team leaders and EMTs”

The new project is set to launch this week and will be expand to various Terem locations across the country. Terem Romema in Jerusalem, Terem Beer Sheva, Terem Ichilov in Bnei Brak, and the clinics in Carmiel, Ashdod and Modi’in.

Tzur Admon who is the Director of the Terem Urgent Care Clinics in the Jerusalem Region also spoke about the mutually beneficial partnership with United Hatzalah. “We are happy to have been able to open our doors and help provide professional enrichment for ambulance team leaders who have finished their course and require shift work as mandated by the Health Ministry. The partnership with United Hatzalah is one that not only helps further the goals of both organizations who work hand in hand in the field but will also help the patients themselves. By having ambulance team leaders attain a higher level of training we are serving those who need us most.”

The Terem urgent care project is the latest addition to United Hatzalah’s emergency room training projects which already exists in 11 hospitals around the country and aims at giving EMT volunteers experience in a wide range of medical and trauma cases. In the current hospital emergency room project, volunteer EMTs receive additional hands-on training while assisting nurses and doctors with triage and procedures required with emergency patients. The Terem urgent care project is the first of its kind that will allow United Hatzalah ambulance team leaders to train in urgent care conditions and fulfill their regulated requirements as set out by the Health Ministry.

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Remembering Ezra Schwartz Through The Families Who Saved Lives With Him

Seven years ago, in 2010, four childhood friends from Sharon, Massachusetts, Josh Hanau, Dani Lerner, Ariel Goldman, and Ezra Schwartz, and their families donated an ambucycle together to help support the work of United Hatzalah.

Ezra and Josh and their ambucycle in Jerusalem

They raised the money needed to purchase an ambucycle, a motorcycle fully equipped with all the medical equipment necessary to provide a fast response to medical emergencies and terror attacks throughout Israel. For the next seven-and-a-half years, their ambucycle, together with its drivers Yossi Rafaeli and Daniel Cohen, was responsible for saving many lives. On average, the ambucycle responded to 4-5 calls per day over its prestigious life. The ambucycle stayed in service far longer than most ambucycles.  Finally, in September 2017, the ambucycle was retired.

“Over the years, we were updated on our ambucycle’s driver and his lifesaving feats as a result of our ambucycle’s quick response time,” writes the families who donated the ambucycle on their new campaign page. “Our ambucycle made many calls and saved many lives over the years. Unfortunately, this past September, our ambucycle was retired due to mechanical issues.” The ambucycle had been the most senior and longest lasting in the entire fleet.

Ezra Schwartz was killed in a terrorist attack in Gush Etzion, Israel, on November 19th, 2015, during his gap year. He, together with his three friends, was spending the year in Israel studying. During that time, while Ezra was still alive, he and his friends would look for their ambucycle anytime they saw a medical emergency in progress, or an ambucycle pass by, in hopes that they would spot their own.

“We were all spending our gap year between High school and college in Israel,” the friends wrote on their new campaign page. “Following Ezra’s death, our ambucycle, with our names written on it, driving through the hills of Jerusalem and saving lives gave us comfort.

Losing Ezra in Israel, and in such a tragic way, made us even more aware of how important our ambucycle was to the people of Israel.  We received the news that our ambucycle was going to be retired just months before Ezra Z”L’s second yahrzeit. His death has been life-changing for each of us and our families.”

But the families are not distraught at the thought of losing the ambucycle that carries Ezra’s name. Instead, the four families and three remaining friends are banding together once more to honor Ezra by donating another ambucycle in his memory.

Ariel Goldman, one of the four boys who made the original donation, said, “I still remember the day that we decided to raise money 7 years ago. To do it together, as friends, was so special. And now we have come full circle, and it’s not just the three of us doing it – Ezra’s with us, too.”

Dani Lerner, another among the quartet, added, “Losing Ezra has been an extremely painful experience. If I can prevent others from having to go through that same experience, I would raise as much money as it takes to do so. $36,000 is nothing compared to the lives that United Hatzalah will potentially save with this money.”

The last quartet member, Joshua Hanau, spoke about the special relationship he and Ezra had and the fun they enjoyed while “hunting” for their ambucycle in Jerusalem. “The ambucycle was something that Ezra and I bonded over for years. It always made me happy knowing that it was out there helping those in need.”

Ezra’s mother, Ruth Schwartz, recalled some happy memories involving Ezra and the ambucycle. “I remember Ezra telling me that he and Josh got very excited every time they saw an ambucycle during the summer of 2014. They were in Israel on their camp trip. He told me that they would run and see if it was their ambucycle. I can just imagine him happily flailing his arms and running with his wide silly gait in order to get everyone else around him excited. He really wanted to find their ambucycle. Finally, they found it and took a picture with it.”

She added that she believes her son would be proud of the renewed efforts of his friends and their families to donate a second ambucycle in his honor. “I think that this is something that Ezra would feel good about. He really loved the whole idea of the ambucycle.  He was proud that he and his friends participated in donating one for their Bar Mitzvah’s. The terror attack that Ezra was killed in was a drive-by shooting on a highly traveled road with traffic. It occurred during rush hour. This is the exact situation where an ambucycle can be so critical and truly make a difference between life and death. In Ezra’s memory, and in honor of the boys from Sharon, Massachusetts, I would love to get this ambucycle on the road. Their new ambucycle, Ezra’s Ambucycle, will once again drive through the hills of Jerusalem and save lives.”

Please donate and support Ezra’s Ambucycle to be a part of sharing his memory and saving lives in Israel. The family is looking to complete this fundraiser by Ezra’s 2nd Yartzeit, November 25th -ז׳ כסליו

To make a donation to this project click here:
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Rabbi David Wolpe Joins United Hatzalah International Board

Israel’s national volunteer EMS organization has added another feather in its proverbial cap with the addition of renowned rabbinical figure Rabbi David Wolpe to its International Board this past week.

Rabbi Wolpe has been previously named the most influential rabbi in America by Newsweek Magazine. He was also listed as being one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world by the Jerusalem Post. In his rabbinical post, Rabbi Wolpe leads the congregation of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, California. Other accolades include a teaching stint at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in New York, the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, Hunter College, and UCLA. Wolpe has authored eight books, including the national bestseller “Making Loss Matter: Creating Meaning in Difficult Times”.

United Hatzalah volunteers at work

Rabbi Wolpe, has become very familiar with the organization through his numerous missions to Israel and in hearing about their life-saving activities from a myriad of other sources in the U.S. Rabbi Wolpe led his third mission to Israel in July 2006, at the height of the Second Lebanon War, the same war that caused the founding of United Hatzalah as a national organization. In bringing Rabbi Wolpe onto the International Board, the organization is hoping to galvanize support and further spread the word about the tremendous life-saving efforts that they undertake each day. The 3,500 volunteers that form the national network of EMS responders answer 800 calls per day and have treated more than 2,500,000 people since the organization’s inception. Their work is entirely donation based and all of the money that they receive goes directly to saving lives. Their work is one of the main reasons that Israel boasts the fastest EMS response time in the world, with a national average response time of under 3 minutes, and in large urban centers such as Jerusalem, that response time is less than 90 seconds.

Rabbi Wolpe is no stranger to philanthropy and activism when it comes to raising money for good causes. In the past, he raised three million dollars for victims of terror in a single morning at his synagogue. Rabbi Wolpe also led the largest American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) delegation ever assembled from one synagogue to the AIPAC conference in Washington in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 with numbers ranging from 230-300 delegates.

When asked why he decided to join the board of the organization Rabbi Wolpe answered: “It is an honor to be associated with the creative, passionate, lifesaving work of United Hatzalah. They enact the highest mitzvah of pikuach nefesh, every single day and I am excited to now become a part of it.“

Rabbi Wolpe joins a prestigious group of individuals on the International Board of United Hatzalah, with Jewish leaders such as Professor Alan Dershowitz and Chilean Philanthropist Leonardo Farkas as well as many other notable individuals. Former members of the board include U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and former Director of the Mossad Meir Dagan.

Chairman of the International Board of United Hatzalah, Mark Gerson said: “We are deeply honored to welcome Rabbi David Wolpe to the Board of United Hatzalah.  He is a great institution builder, a brilliant Torah scholar, and teacher whose insights educate and enlighten on seemingly every human subject and an acting representation of the best in Jewish leadership.  He has been a great friend to United Hatzalah for many years and we are delighted to deepen our partnership with Rabbi Wolpe — a true Kiddush Hashem.”

Founder and President of United Hatzalah Eli Beer said: “Having such a prestigious public and rabbinic figure as Rabbi Wolpe join our board is a huge step forward for our organization. With Rabbi Wolpe’s support, United Hatzalah will be able to open many doors that will allow us to save more lives and cut down the length of our response times across the country. He has been a big supporter from afar in the past, but now Rabbi Wolpe is joining our ranks in order to take a more active hand in helping save lives in Israel every day.”

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Drummer at Event Hall, Chokes and is Saved By Fellow Guest Who is a Volunteer EMT – Live Footage

A resident of Ma’alot and volunteer EMT with United Hatzalah Mordechai Mammon attended a friend’s party last week on Monday in a wedding hall in Acre. During the event, the drummer of the hall, Avraham Shitrit, choked on a piece of steak that he was eating. Mammon rushed over and performed the Heimlich maneuver on Shitrit a number of times and finally succeeded in expunging the blockage from Shitrit’s throat, shortly before Shitrit lost consciousness. The entire incident was caught by the security cameras of the wedding hall.

The footage shows Shitrit choking, attempting to breathe and cough to dislodge the blockage and even trying to take a drink. At this point, those around him noticed that he was in distress and tried unsuccessfully to help him.

One of the other celebrants alerted Mammon to what was happening as it was occurring behind him, after which, Mammon proceeded to perform the Heimlich numerous times before finally removing the piece of meat from his throat.

After the incident, Mammon said: “This is the realization of a dream. I became an EMT to help save lives after my sister was killed in a car accident. I joined up to do things just like this and on Monday I got that chance.”

Shitrit and Mammon meet up again after the choking incident.

Shitrit said that: “I felt like I was going to die. Mordechai saved my life.”

This past week the Mammon and Shitrit met up once again and Shitrit thanked Mammon for saving his life.

To support the work of volunteers like Mordechai click here:  https://israelrescue.org/donate.php

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From Postal to Post Trauma – EMT Saves Child’s Life Amid Visit to Post Office

On Monday afternoon, United Hatzalah’s dispatch center received an emergency call just after 1:00 p.m. regarding a child who was choking. The child was at daycare when he choked on a piece of a cookie that he was eating. United Hatzalah volunteers who worked and lived in the area received the emergency call via their smartphone applications and two-way-radios. Numerous volunteers responded to the call, but the first to arrive at the daycare came in less than a minute and succeeded in extricating the blockage from the child’s windpipe.

Yossi Dvir together with Doctor Yishai Ben Uri following the call.

Yossi Dvir had been waiting in line for more than half an hour at the post office when the call came in. He was the next number to be called when his United Hatzalah radio alerted him. Dvir jumped up and rushed out the post office, momentarily startling the security guard and the other post office patrons. He slammed his helmet on and roared off on his ambucycle to the address which was close by

On the scene in under 60 seconds, Dvir found a neighbor attempting chest compressions on the 1-year-old baby. In one swift movement, the seasoned medic took the blue little body and performed the Heimlich maneuver, followed by firm black slaps and compressions. After several tense moments, he succeeded in dislodging the piece of cookie that was lodged in the baby’s throat and with a gasp, the baby began to breathe again. Doctor Yishai Ben Uri, who also volunteers with United Hatzalah, had raced out of a nearby clinic to assist in the resuscitation. He quickly examined the baby and told Yosef, “The baby’s fine. You just saved his life.” A few minutes later an ambulance arrived and transported the fully conscious child to the hospital for a check-up while Yosef returned to the post office (and waited another 25 minutes for his turn!)

“This is how our network of volunteer emergency medical servicemen and women works,” explained Eli Beer, Founder and President of United Hatzalah following the incident. “We get the emergency call, we alert the responders who are going about their daily lives, just like Yossi was, and they grab their equipment and go save a life or treat an injured or sick person in need of help. This is exactly why we use volunteers and continue to build our network of volunteers because no one can be faster at responding to an emergency than the person next door. The solution is in building communities of responders within each neighborhood in the country. That way, even if a responder is away or unavailable, his or her fellow responders fill in and answer the call. Helping people as fast as possible is what United Hatzalah volunteers are all about. It is why we use ambucycles and electric bicycles, it is why our volunteers are trained to the highest level and take continual retraining. All in an effort to provide emergency medical services to those closest to them. Their family, their neighbors and their communities.”

To support volunteers like Yossi click here: https://israelrescue.org/donate.php

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Learning CPR is So Important Even the Knesset Is Getting Into It

It is one of the most important things that a person can learn and hope that they never use it. CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver, and other basic life-saving procedures can and do save lives when people need them the most. From the upper echelons of society to the person on the street these are skills that everyone should know. That message has gotten through to members of the Knesset Worker’s Committee who organized, in conjunction with United Hatzalah, the Knesset’s first course in basic life-saving skills for the workers of the nation’s top governmental building.

United Hatzalah paramedic Itzik Chachmon instructing Knesset workers in basic life-saving procedures

The course which is called Mishpacha Betucha (Safe Family) is aimed at teaching participants the basic life-saving procedures to undertake in the case of an emergency in the first few moments before other help can arrive. The course was taught by Paramedic Itzik Chachmon and gave instructions as to how to properly administer CPR, how to treat choking victims and other examples of first-aid procedures to undertake before an EMS or ambulance team can arrive.


Within the framework of the Mishpacha Betucha courses, EMS trainers teach the wider public these basic procedures as part of a four-hour-long course. The courses are generally aimed at parents and educators in an effort to better equip them with the tools necessary to save a life during an emergency.

“Our hope is to have at least one person in each household or classroom who knows how to administer basic CPR and life-saving treatment so that we as a nation are better prepared for emergencies when they arrive. Having one or both parents take the course has proven to save lives within a family that has a crisis numerous times,” said Eli Beer President and Founder of United Hatzalah. “We aim to save lives and we thank the Knesset for hosting the course for its workers to help spread this knowledge which is so vital when emergencies happen,” he concluded.

To find out more about the Mishpacha Betucha project, or to get information on how to take a course, please click here:

To donate to United Hatzalah click here: https://israelrescue.org/donate.php

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United Hatzalah and IDF 669 Unit Hold Collaborative Training Drill in Multiple Locations

On Monday evening, the IDF’s elite search and rescue unit known as 669 held an active drill in cooperation with United Hatzalah EMS  personnel and Israel’s Search and Rescue Units. Volunteers from Beit Shemesh, Rehovot, Ramla and Lod, joined together with the helicopter evacuation unit of 669 in order to practice emergency evacuations under a variety of conditions in the field.


The drill took place in two locations simultaneously, simulating the need for multiple extraction points during a time of crisis. The EMS personnel were required to treat the “victims” in the field and prepare them for transport by helicopter, a process far more complex than regular ambulance transport.


Chapter head of United Hatzalah in Mevaseret, Ophir Ben Yitzchak said: “This drill was held to help hone our skills in treating patients in the field as well as preparing them for emergency evacuation via helicopter. We ran drills utilizing stretcher carries and placing patients in the helicopter. The IDF 669 unit drilled continued care of the patient as well as receiving patients from local EMS personnel and treating them mid-flight. I headed one of the emergency evacuation sites while Dotan Ram headed the other. The drill succeeded in achieving all of the goals we set out for ourselves and the cooperation between all of the forces in the field went smoothly.”


President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer said: “We are thankful for the opportunity to train or volunteers together with the IDF. Our continuing, mutually-symbiotic, relationship with the 669 Search and Rescue Unit has led to dozens of rescues over the past few years and many lives have been saved because of the incredible work that our volunteers in the field do in conjunction with their teams. As our volunteers arrive they can relay details from the scene of the emergency to the helicopter evacuation unit before they reach the area so that they know what they are walking into. Additionally, having our volunteers train with the IDF allows for an exchange of operational knowledge that helps hone the skills of responders on both sides and ultimately helps the patients receive the proper treatment much faster. That is, and always has been our primary goal.”

To donate to United Hatzalah please click here: https://israelrescue.org/donate.php

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Jewish and Muslim Emergency Dispatchers In Jerusalem Caught on Film Praying Together During Break

On Thursday evening two emergency response dispatchers from United Hatzalah went on their shift break and took time out to pray in the break-room. Both responders prayed their evening prayers but they were of two different religions. Working side by side as dispatchers, helping volunteers of all religions save the lives of all people from all backgrounds in Israel, allowed them to feel comfortable praying alongside one another in the same room at the same time. This is not something you get to see every day, but it is something that happens every day at the United Hatzalah headquarters and other places in Israel. The dual prayer was caught on film.

President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer saw the video and said the following: “One of the things not mentioned nearly enough in the media is the cooperation and friendships that are formed by people of different faiths working together to achieve a common goal. At United Hatzalah, we have volunteers and staff members of all faiths represented in Israel, working together to save lives. Volunteering side by side, day in and day out achieves a bond of friendship between people of different faiths that is rarely seen in today’s polarizing world.


The friendship goes beyond simply working together. Our volunteers and staff learn about one another, help one another, support each other, and work as a team in some of the most trying circumstances that exist. They have even been known to invite members of other faiths to their weddings. I myself had numerous Arabs, Christians, Druze and even a few Bedouin people at my daughter’s wedding this past summer, and I would call them all close friends.

It is not enough to hear me or the media talk about this. Sometimes you have to see it to understand it. So here is a video I am sharing from this past Thursday evening taken at United Hatzalah’s national headquarters in Jerusalem. A religious Jew and a religious Arab pray their evening prayers right next to each other. These two individuals, who work closely together, who know each other and are friendly with each other, in spite of their differences, came together to serve a common goal. They’ve learned how to put their differences aside and work together. They are so comfortable together, that on their break, they even pray with one another. That is what unity means. It doesn’t mean we each give up our own identity. It means that we respect our own identities, and we respect the other person’s identity as well and we work together to achieve our common goals as a united group of individuals who work together to save lives. That is what the network of volunteers of United Hatzalah is all about .”

To Donate to United Hatzalah please click here: https://israelrescue.org/donate.php

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I Saved My Daughter’s Life Because My Grandmother Collapsed in Front of Me

“I will never forget the image of my daughter choking before my very eyes.” This statement was made recently by Yisrael Amar, a United Hatzalah volunteer who decided to become a volunteer EMT and first responder because of a personal story that almost ended in tragedy. His grandmother collapsed spontaneously and the first ones to arrive to provide aid for her were volunteer EMS personnel from United Hatzalah.

Yishai Amar and his daughter whose life he saved

“I began the training course to become an EMT, and approximately two weeks after we learned how to treat a choking victim, I myself experienced something which I will never forget,” Yisrael relayed. “My own daughter, Tohar, who was only two years old at the time, choked on a piece of plastic. She turned blue and lost consciousness because she could not breathe. Within seconds I performed the maneuvers we learned in the course and I succeeded at dislodging the piece of plastic from her windpipe. She began to breathe once again and she slowly regained consciousness. I saved my own daughter’s life. I continued with the training and after 7 months of intensive work I was certified as an EMT.”

Today, Amar volunteers as an EMT on the streets of Rehovot and the surrounding area. “I have saved lives on many occasions. It is a tremendous feeling, one which I cannot fully explain. But even before I went out to save others, I believe that I received some divine inspiration to take this training course, because it was due to the knowledge which I gained there that I was able to save my daughter who is more valuable to me than anything else.”

President and Founder of United Hatzalah, Eli Beer said: “Each and every one of our 3,500 volunteers has a story that inspired them to become a volunteer EMS responder, whether it was someone close to them who died, or was saved, or they saw a medical emergency occur and wanted to help, or they simply always felt a longing to help others in need. Each story is important in its own right, but together, our volunteers make up the fastest network of medical responders in the world. These are not stories about one person or one medical incident. These stories have become the fabric of the millions of lives that have been touched by United Hatzalah volunteers who help others because of their own personal stories. Now it is your turn to help. Please help our volunteers make sure that stories of medical emergencies have as many happy endings as possible.”

To Donate to United Hatzalah please click here: https://israelrescue.org/donate.php

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Saving Lives Together to Build Our Communities

Last Thursday night an emergency alert went out on the radio network of United Hatzalah from the organization’s dispatch center in Jerusalem, notifying all of the EMS personnel in the Mevaseret region to an emergency taking place in Kibbutz Tzuba.


I together with Tomer Nuni, and his wife Shlomit, who is also a volunteer EMT with the ambulance services, raced over to the scene from Mevaseret. While en route I thought about the other members of the team and recalled that we have a sensational volunteer paramedic named Ma’ayan Yogev who lives in Tzuba. I called her and told her that there was an unconscious person in the kibbutz and that we may have to do CPR and asked whether she was available to come and assist.   

United Hatzalah’s Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance taking part in a demonstration during a community outreach program in Mevaseret

She immediately ran over to the location and made it to the address in less than three minutes. She began the CPR on a 60-year-old man who had a sudden heart attack.


I also recalled that we have a new EMT in our area, Yisrael Shachar, who recently moved from Jerusalem and has an ambucycle. He lives in the nearby neighborhood of Kiryat Yearim. I called him and told him about the incident, and he too immediately dropped what he was doing and rushed over.


We arrived at the scene and met none other than Tzafrir, who is not only the security head of the kibbutz and a United Hatzalah volunteer but is also in charge of the Etzion search and rescue units. He helped arrange to light the area in which the heart attack took place as it was outside and in the dark.


We assisted with compressions, assisted breathing, and anything else that was asked of us.

It was a long resuscitative effort that involved hand-in-hand cooperation between all of the teams and EMS organizations that arrived. We all worked really hard. We sweated together to succeed at our common goal of saving a life.   

United Hatzalah EMS personnel help build up their communities by assisting people, saving lives and community outreach projects such as this one in Mevaseret and the surrounding area.

The patient was transported to hospital amid continuing resuscitative efforts but unfortunately was pronounced dead at the hospital.


Today the angel of death defeated us. But I was still astounded at the sheer willingness of people to come from all over, drop whatever they were doing and rush to save a life. A paramedic, ambucycle EMTs and regular volunteers all arrived in just a few moments to a rather distantly located town that was far from any ambulance dispatch or medical center.


I am continually proud to know that these are the people I volunteer with, these men and women who drop what they are doing to rush to help others.


Last year this type of response would not have been possible. Our chapter head, Ofir Ben Yitzchak, has continually insisted that each and every town in the region have first responders so that we can minimize response time. This theory has proven itself time and time again. The situation is getting better as another EMT course is set to graduate in the region. This is the first ever full EMT course to graduate in Mevaseret and it will more than double the number of our volunteers in the city. Our life-saving efforts are bringing people from different towns closer together and strengthening all of our communities.

— Maor Nachum

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