When seconds count…

Refuah Shlema

Prayers for a Speedy Recovery for the Extended United Hatzalah Family

Please share names of loved ones who need prayers for a speedy recovery and we will post the names to this page.

Please email [email protected] to let us know within 60 days if the names listed should remain on the list or be removed. Names posted will automatically be removed after 60 days unless otherwise updated.

Please take a moment to say a short prayer (below) for the speedy recovery for the names listed. A speedy recovery to all!

Shortest Psalm of Tehillim to pray for the sick:

:הַלְלוּ אֶת יְהוָה כָּל גּוֹיִם שַׁבְּחוּהוּ כָּל הָאֻמִּים :כִּי גָבַר עָלֵינוּ חַסְדּוֹ וֶאֱמֶת יְהוָה לְעוֹלָם הַלְלוּיָהּ תהילים פרק קיז

“O praise the LORD, all ye Nations; laud Him, all ye Peoples

For His mercy is great toward us; and the truth of the LORD endured forever. Hallelujah”.

Psalms 117

May it be His will that all the sick of Yisrael be completely healed – body, mind, and spirit – including:

Refuah Shleima, a complete healing to:

Shifra bat Rachel

Barbara Weissman/Baila Bas Chaya Uhdel

Judah Solomon Cohen

Adam Graidson

Cheryl Ann Mindelson

Yuval Keren Bidel 

Goldie Mazal Korn

Elchanan Eliyahu ben Rachel

Marline Polak/Miriam Rivka