Rehovot Fire Department, City and United Hatzalah Make Sick Child’s Dream Come True

Last week, a number of rescue organizations banded together with the city of Rehovot to make a sick child’s dream come true. A letter was received by United Hatzalah rescue service asking that they help a sick child feel first hand what it was like to volunteer in a rescue organization. Volunteers from the organization provided the child with an ambulance to take him from place to place as well as monitoring his health throughout the day.

The organization contacted the Fire Department in Rehovot and began to organize the logistics for the day. On Thursday, a special ambulance arrived to take the sick boy, Hezki and his family, from their home in a town near Jerusalem to Rehovot. At the entrance to the city, a second ambulance together with ambucycles from the organization awaited the family. After showing Hezki the vehicles and how they operate during a medical emergency, they accompanied the family to the local fire station.

Firefighters in the station received Hezki and dressed him in full firefighting gear. They then showed him the different vehicles they use to fight fires. Hezki was even allowed to go on the basket and the ladder supporting him was raised. He was accompanied by a firefighter on his trip.

At the end of his visit, he received a modest gift from Chief Officer in charge of the shift Doron Elmishelli.

Hezki and his family then headed to one of the city’s parks where counselor Itzik Ayleen demonstrated how the child rescue vehicle of the city operates and explained what the city’s project for protecting its children from violence consists of.

Hezki and his parents thanked all of the organizations involved profusely for their help in realizing Hezki’s dream.

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