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Bus Driver Stops 50 Passenger Bus to Treat Victims of Three Car Accident Near The Dead Sea

On Wednesday afternoon at around 4:30 p.m., a three-car accident occurred on Highway 90 near the Dead Sea chemical factories. In the accident, one car was completely overturned and 5 people sustained injuries.  Emergency services were called and United Hatzalah … Continue reading

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One Killed In Accident On Highway 6 Near Kiryat Gat The Two Others Left Injured

On Sunday morning at around 7:00 a.m., a fatal two-car accident occurred near the Kiryat Gat interchange on highway 6, leaving one person dead and two others lightly injured.  A vehicle for road construction stood on the side of the … Continue reading

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Saving A Young Car Accident Victim

At around 5:00 p.m. on Sunday evening, a 7-year-old boy was hit by a passing car on HaRav Kook street in Hadera. He had unexpectedly run out into the street in between two cars and was hit by the passing … Continue reading

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Acts of Kindness Day

Today, February 17th, we celebrate Acts of Kindness Day.  In this honor, we wanted to highlight some of the incredible acts of kindness performed by United Hatzalah. The entire organization is built on kindness, so what we are talking about … Continue reading

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Passing EMTs Save Life Of Unconscious Man In Ramat Gan 

On Sunday evening at around 4:45 p.m., a 62-year-old man with a history of cardiological diseases, suffered a cardiac incident and lost consciousness while driving to the dialysis center on HaTa’as Street in Ramat Gan. A passerby at the scene … Continue reading

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EMTs go from responding to car accident to a cardiac arrest in one busy evening

On Wednesday evening at around 8:30 p.m., a 60-year-old gentleman collapsed on Ha’Atzmaut boulevard in Bat Yam after suffering a cardiac arrest.  United Hatzalah volunteers Beni Mizrachi and Raziel Bney Israeli, had just finished treating patients at the scene of … Continue reading

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One Year After Being Injured In An Act of Violence, EMT Saves Car Accident Victim

Eiad Azem is a United Hatzalah volunteer from the city of Tayibe, an Arab city in central Israel, and the deputy head of the team there. He is an incredible person who is always willing to help others. Eiad continues … Continue reading

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Jumping From Emergency To Emergency

On Tuesday morning just after 10:00 a.m., a man in his 80’s collapsed at home on Hama’apilim Street after suffering a heart attack. Worried family members called emergency services for help.  Avraham Porges, who works as a Kashrut Supervisor for … Continue reading

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Saving the Life of A Badly Injured Cyclist

At approximately 6:30 p.m. on Monday evening, United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Itai Strominger was eating dinner with his family in their home in Be’er Milka. At the same time, a man in his 30’s was riding on his electric bicycle … Continue reading

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United Hatzalah volunteer saves baby whose mother was taken into police custody

On Thursday night, United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Yinon Tubul was driving home in Be’er Sheva when he came across a motor vehicle accident that was surrounded by policemen. A woman driver had been involved in a self-inflicted accident and sustained … Continue reading

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