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UH volunteers in Akko hand out heat blankets to the homeless on coldest night of the year

In a moving act of lovingkindness, Muslim and Jewish volunteers from United Hatzalah distributing blankets to the homeless in the city of Akko on what is thus far, the coldest night of the year.  United Hatzalah EMTs Eran Lev, Shira … Continue reading

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Ambulances Transport Elderly To Receive Their Vaccinations

Answering a need faced by many elderly or disabled persons who are without cars, and for whom the use of public transportation can be difficult, United Hatzalah has begun working with various cities and regional councils throughout Israel to transport … Continue reading

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Keeping The Elderly Warm In Midst Of Corona Winter

Due to the winter cold and the countrywide lockdown restrictions becoming tightened and more severe, United Hatzalah along with the International Federation of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), took it upon themselves to give out blankets and food stamps to the … Continue reading

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United Hatzalah Head of Strategy Saves Local Grocery Store Owner

When Moti Elmaliach is not working as the head of strategy and PR at United Hatzalah, he is out saving lives as one of the organization’s 6,000 volunteer EMTs. Moti lives with his family in Tel Aviv and often responds … Continue reading

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Health, Home Improvement & Humanitarian Aid. A Community Rallies Together To Do It All

On Saturday night, United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Avi Bismouth responded to a medical emergency involving a person who dehydrated at the address of a man whom he had helped once before. Bismouth, recognizing the address, knew that the man was … Continue reading

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Two Women Save Their Neighbor’s Life After He Collapsed In Front Of His Children

Last Tuesday, Talia Brauer and Tina Berkowitz, two United Hatzalah volunteer EMTs from the town of Ein Hod, which is located in a remote area of the Hof HaCarmel region, saved the life of one of their neighbors. The incident … Continue reading

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A Moving Meeting Between a Man and the People Who Saved His Life

The last day of 2018 in Mevaseret Tzion, Tomer Greenzeid, a United Hatzalah volunteer EMT was heading to work when his emergency phone application alerted him to a medical emergency in his vicinity. A 67-year-old man suffered respiratory distress and … Continue reading

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Psychotrauma Unit Sends Ambulance to Bolster Sderot

Following the Intensification of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip this past weekend, United Hatzalah’s Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit Director Miriam Ballin visited the city and its responders in order to bring some much-needed support to the residents and … Continue reading

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Saving Lives Together to Build Our Communities

Last Thursday night an emergency alert went out on the radio network of United Hatzalah from the organization’s dispatch center in Jerusalem, notifying all of the EMS personnel in the Mevaseret region to an emergency taking place in Kibbutz Tzuba. … Continue reading

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India Wants to Build EMS System Modeled After Israel’s United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah has been working together with the AJC to build a community-based EMS response model in India. The two organizations aim to build a similar first responders model to the one that has been so effective in Israel. In … Continue reading

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