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Bringing Light to Israel’s Seniors On Hanukkah

In honor of Hanukkah, volunteers from United Hatzalah’s Ten Kavod project across Israel took the initiative to distribute sets of menorahs (hanukkiahs) and candles to over 500 senior citizens, most of whom are elderly and live on their own or … Continue reading

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Holocaust Survivors Reunite With Long Lost Family Members, Hold Bar Mitzvah Celebration at age of 92

Walter and Oscar Blau, a pair of Holocaust survivor brothers from Israel, were sure they were the only ones in their family who survived the Holocaust and World War II. To their surprise, they discovered that they have an entire … Continue reading

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National Project For Vaccinating All Holocaust Survivors in Israel Opens

On Sunday morning, the Claims Conference initiated a new project in partnership with United Hatzalah that will orchestrate a national operation with the goal of making sure that all 20,000 homebound Holocaust survivors living in Israel are able to go … Continue reading

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Caring For The Elderly on Chanukah

Over the course of the Chanukah holiday, United Hatzalah’s Ten Kavod (giving honor) project teamed up with the Ner Levi non-profit and the municipality of Beit Shemesh and distributed winter packages containing blankets and warm clothing to senior citizens in … Continue reading

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Teams of Furloughed Volunteers Throughout The Country Deliver Food To Elderly And People in Isolation

United Hatzalah volunteers across Israel have initiated a campaign working together with social services of local and regional councils to deliver food packages to those in need of financial assistance, people stuck in isolation and the elderly. Volunteers have already … Continue reading

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Dignity Becomes Them Lest We Forget

In many instances in Israel, elderly people, especially those who live on their own a long distance away from their children or loved ones, do not receive the help that they need and deserve. One of United Hatzalah’s community outreach … Continue reading

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Going Beyond the Emergencies and Providing Preventative Medical Care to The Elderly

United Hatzalah has become well known in the field of emergency medical response in Israel. Over the last decade, the organization has grown considerably, along with the demand for its services. Recently, the organization and its volunteers have taken steps … Continue reading

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Israelife – providing a framework for volunteer rescue operations in Israel and around the world

“The ‘Giving Honor’ project is one of the initiatives that we at Israelife are most proud of. As the number of holocaust survivors dwindles each year, we are proud that we can help maintain their health and provide assistance with whatever they need.” Continue reading

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