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Knowing What To Do On Shabbat

On a recent Shabbat at the end of May, a two-year-old girl was suffering from a suspected respiratory emergency at her home on HaShophet Haim Cohen Street in Jerusalem. United Hatzalah physician responder Dr. Aviram Zeiler left his synagogue and … Continue reading

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Jewish and Muslim Emergency Dispatchers In Jerusalem Caught on Film Praying Together During Break

On Thursday evening two emergency response dispatchers from United Hatzalah went on their shift break and took time out to pray in the break-room. Both responders prayed their evening prayers but they were of two different religions. Working side by … Continue reading

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United Hatzalah EMTs Calm And Treat Blind Arab Girl Following Jerusalem Car Accident

On Monday, two United Hatzalah volunteer EMTs, Dovy Meyer and Yisrael Shachar, responded to a car accident near Mamilla. “One of the many calls I responded to on Monday morning was a car accident that occurred in the tunnel underneath … Continue reading

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