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Ambulance Driver Saves Three Lives In One Day

On Wednesday morning at 7:30 a.m. in Teveria, United Hatzalah volunteer Paramedic David Merizan began a day of lifesaving that would see him save the lives of three people in separate incidents. The first emergency which David was alerted to, … Continue reading

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Father Resuscitated In The Rain After Collapsing In Front Of Son Just Before Shabbat

In what turned out to be a dramatic and successful CPR that took place on Friday evening, just as Shabbat was coming in, a father collapsed in front of his son and was saved by the quick reaction of his … Continue reading

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The Korenvaes Miracle Award – 6th Night of Hannukah Recipient – The Druze EMT From Julis Who Believes In Good Hearted People

Every night throughout Hanukkah, United Hatzalah will be awarding one highly dedicated volunteer with the annual Korenvaes Miracle Award. Tonight’s recipient, on the sixth night of Hanukkah, is Monir Kawas from Julis.   Monir Kawas is a Druze volunteer EMT … Continue reading

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Bus Door Crushes Older Woman

Recently, the end of a regular bus journey turned ghastly for an elderly woman as she reached into the baggage compartment to retrieve her belongings. Suddenly the electronic door began to close as the driver was unaware that the woman … Continue reading

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Who are the Doctors who work around-the-clock to save lives?

It is unclear whether there is a job that has more responsibility as well as round-the-clock stress than that of a doctor in any field, even more so when talking about a specialist who is responsible to make tough life-saving … Continue reading

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