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45-Year-Old Man Resuscitated in Mevaseret Zion After Choking on His Food

 Emergency medical personnel from United Hatzalah in Mevaseret were dispatched to a medical emergency on Monday evening that took place in the ‘Maoz Zion’ neighborhood of Mevaseret Zion. The emergency alert went out after a report reached the organization’s dispatch … Continue reading

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United Hatzalah’s Women’s Unit Holds Mass Casualty (MCI) Incident Training Drill

On Tuesday evening in the valley of Emek Ha’Arazim between Mevaseret and Jerusalem, United Hatzalah of Israel held a mass casualty incident (MCI) training exercise for its women’s unit. The simulated drill scenario, which was planned in July, was surprisingly … Continue reading

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Community Volunteers Cooperate to Transport Elderly and Disabled to their Vaccinations During Lockdown

United Hatzalah has partnered with the group Yad Beyad for the Development of Mevaseret Zion, a non-profit, in a new project transporting people over 60 and the disabled who qualify to receive the Coronavirus vaccine, in cases when their access … Continue reading

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A Special Bar Mitzvah At A Corona Hotel

On Saturday night, A special Bar Mitzvah celebration was held at the Ya’arim Hotel in Ma’aleh HaHamisha, which has been designated as a “Corona Hotel” housing people who have been diagnosed as being ill with the virus.  One of the … Continue reading

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A Moving Meeting Between a Man and the People Who Saved His Life

The last day of 2018 in Mevaseret Tzion, Tomer Greenzeid, a United Hatzalah volunteer EMT was heading to work when his emergency phone application alerted him to a medical emergency in his vicinity. A 67-year-old man suffered respiratory distress and … Continue reading

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Newly Placed Equipment In Mall Aids In Saving The Life Of Man Who Collapsed In Mevaseret On Saturday

As part of their mission to further develop life-saving operations in the Mevaseret Zion region, local United Hatzalah volunteers entered into negotiations with the Rami Levy mall in Mevaseret to set up a first aid cabinet complete with an EMT … Continue reading

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Saving Lives Together to Build Our Communities

Last Thursday night an emergency alert went out on the radio network of United Hatzalah from the organization’s dispatch center in Jerusalem, notifying all of the EMS personnel in the Mevaseret region to an emergency taking place in Kibbutz Tzuba. … Continue reading

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