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EMT Gets Help From Some Neighbors To Locate A Suffering Woman and Save Her Life

On Monday afternoon on Yefe Nof Street in Tiberias (Tevaria), a woman in her 50s began to feel unwell and called her son to tell him that he should call for help. The son, who did not live at home … Continue reading

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Two Neighbors Save The Life Of A Third

A woman in her 70s was eating lunch this past Friday in the town of Nof HaGalil in northern Israel when she suddenly choked on her food, suffocated, and collapsed. Her son immediately called for help, and two United Hatzalah … Continue reading

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The Memory of a Fallen Neighbor Spurs EMT to Save Live

Each year in the middle of March, Hami Erlenger (26) remembers the moment that changed his life forever. Erlenger, who is married and the father of three, is an event photographer by profession. When he is not busy photographing weddings … Continue reading

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