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Knowing What To Do On Shabbat

On a recent Shabbat at the end of May, a two-year-old girl was suffering from a suspected respiratory emergency at her home on HaShophet Haim Cohen Street in Jerusalem. United Hatzalah physician responder Dr. Aviram Zeiler left his synagogue and … Continue reading

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Stepping Up To Save A Life When No One Else Is Around

On Shabbat morning, just after 10 a.m., United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Avraham Farkash was walking to synagogue in the town Ma’ale Hever when he was alerted to a nearby medical emergency. Avraham’s communications device notified him of the address, which … Continue reading

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Father Resuscitated In The Rain After Collapsing In Front Of Son Just Before Shabbat

In what turned out to be a dramatic and successful CPR that took place on Friday evening, just as Shabbat was coming in, a father collapsed in front of his son and was saved by the quick reaction of his … Continue reading

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Sharing My Husband For The Greater Good

By Ruth Hametz, (This article first appeared in a blog on Times of Israel and is reprinted here with the author’s permission)  Before the title provokes errant thoughts, just know, we are not polygamists. Although, after watching a few episodes of … Continue reading

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Anaphylactic Reaction Nearly Brings Tragedy To Quiet Shabbat Meal

Two months ago, a family was sitting in their home in Haifa on Friday night for their Shabbat meal. Everything was carrying on as normal until the mother noticed that her 4-year-old son was having trouble breathing. She asked her … Continue reading

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The Greatest Way To Honor and Enjoy Shabbat – Save Someone Who Can Honor it And Enjoy It Also

On a recent Friday afternoon, a 90-year-old woman was preparing for Shabbat when the contents of one of the pots on the stove caught fire. Smoke quickly filled the apartment and the woman, due to her limited mobility, was unable … Continue reading

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Rushing Into a Terror Attack – An Open Letter From the First Responder On Scene at the Halamish Attack

On Friday Night United Hatzalah volunteer EMS personnel left their families at their dinner tables and ran into, not away from, a terror attack that took place right next to their homes.   Doron Mah Tov lives in the town … Continue reading

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Bringing in Shabbat – EMT Style

In Judaism, the holiest time of the week is Friday night. Traditionally a person prepares themselves to accept or greet the Shabbat in a way that they would accept and greet a bride or a queen. However, for some EMS … Continue reading

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The Couple that Saves Lives Together on Shabbat

Amazing Shabbat story from Jerusalem United Hatzalah volunteer Miriam Miedzinski-Ballin. “Last night I was preparing shabbat dinner when my MIRS radio started talking. It was the familiar voice of the United Hatzalah dispatch operator delivering information about a serious call, … Continue reading

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