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Blessings From The Sky – United Hatzalah’s Tiberias Chapter Introduces Aquatic Rescue Drone

Last month, United Hatzalah’s Tiberias chapter received a special life-saving tool, a brand new aquatic rescue drone. The new drone is powerful enough that it is capable of carrying and safely dropping life preservers for drowning victims anywhere in the … Continue reading

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EMT Gets Help From Some Neighbors To Locate A Suffering Woman and Save Her Life

On Monday afternoon on Yefe Nof Street in Tiberias (Tevaria), a woman in her 50s began to feel unwell and called her son to tell him that he should call for help. The son, who did not live at home … Continue reading

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Bringing Good Deeds Into The World

Shimrit Cohen is a United Hatzalah EMT from Tiberias who also volunteers with the organization’s emergency room (ER) assistance program at the Poriya Medical Center. As hospitals are approaching peak capacity with the influx of COVID patients, Shimrit knows that … Continue reading

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The Korenvaes Miracle Award – 4th Night of Hannukah Recipient – The EMT Trainer From Mitzpe Netofa – Shaun Shlomo Spruch

Every night throughout Hanukkah, United Hatzalah will be awarding one highly dedicated volunteer with the annual Korenvaes Miracle Award. Tonight’s recipient, on the fourth night of Hanukkah, is Shaun Shlomo Spruch from Mitzpe Netofa. Shaun Shlomo Spruch lives in Mitzpe … Continue reading

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New Ambulance Rides the Waves in the Kinneret

Following a summer that had a tremendously high increase in the number of drownings across Israel, and in specific on the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), United Hatzalah initiated a campaign for a new ambulance that will ride the waves of … Continue reading

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Collaborative Terror Drill Held in Tevaria’s IDF Conscription Base

Last Wednesday, Ambulance Merizan and United Hatzalah joined forces with the local and national police forces in a combined drill that simulated a terror attack in the city of Tevaria, Israel’s largest city on the Kineret, or Sea of Galilee. … Continue reading

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Sons Follow in Their Father’s Footsteps and Become Volunteer EMTs

One of the most inspiring moments for any parent is when your child mimics your actions and chooses a life path similar to your own. Two excited fathers, who volunteer as EMTs in the northern city of Tevaria were given … Continue reading

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