The Couple that Saves Lives Together on Shabbat

Amazing Shabbat story from Jerusalem United Hatzalah volunteer Miriam Miedzinski-Ballin.

“Last night I was preparing shabbat dinner when my MIRS radio started talking. It was the familiar voice of the United Hatzalah dispatch operator delivering information about a serious call, not a minor one. I listened in and heard that the call was in the building next door. As I continued listening, I realized it was referring to the home of a good friend of mine. What was the call? Baby being born! I felt the adrenalin rush and I ran. First I ran to my neighbor, and said, “hatzalah call… Next building… please watch my kids!!!” She nodded in confusion. Knowing that I had my own kids were safe, I set off. I arrived at my friend’s home in less than 90 seconds. Who walked in the door together with me? My husband! He is a doctor with United Hatzalah who heard the call in the middle of services at the synagogue across the street. I arrived just in time to “catch” the baby. My husband handed me everything I needed. The baby let out a loud cry and we were all relieved. My friend who was in shock, said ” I’m so happy you came!” I told her a whole medical team was here for her. She pointed at the phone and said “but how, we are still on the phone to the ambulance?” She was amazed and relieved. Not only by our quick response but our foresight to have women available to assist women. Dr. Aryeh Jaffe, a senior hatzalah doctor and OBGYN led the rest of the process. I went back home on a high and found my guests waiting with my own kids at home. We began a very joyful shabbat meal! There was new meaning to the word ‘L’chaim!’.

– Miriam Ballin

Miriam and Adam Ballin

Miriam and Adam Ballin

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