Turning Terror into Acts of Loving-kindness

Family of Terror Victim Sued Iran Dedicates Ambulance in Honor of Fallen Loved One

Family of slain Alan Beer stands in front of the new Mobile Intensive Car Unit donated in his honor

Family of slain Alan Beer stands in front of the new Mobile Intensive Car Unit donated in his honor

14 years ago, on June 11th, 2003, Alan Beer and 16 other people were murdered by a terrorist who blew himself up on the 14a bus at Davidka Square. The family of Alan Beer sued for damages from Iran and other entities that support terror and were victorious in their lawsuit. From the penalties awarded, only a small amount ever reached the family and they decided to utilize this money and inaugurate a mobile intensive care ambulance that will save lives in the city in which the terror attack was carried out.

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14 years to the day, in the very spot of the terror attack, Davidka Square, the relatives of slain Alan Beer stood together with family members of other victims, as well as EMS and hospital personnel who treated the victims from that heinous attack. In their presence the ambulance was unveiled and a Torah scroll was written in honor of the fallen.

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Alan, hailed from Cleveland, Ohio and was a new immigrant to Israel.  He had been in the country for only a few months when his life was cut short by the tragic attack. In the words of his sister Cookie Maisel who spoke at the dedication, “Alan loved Jerusalem. He loved it and he loved the people in it. He loved talking with them and hearing their stories. It is why he took the bus instead of driving his own car. What better way to pay tribute to him than by dedicating an ambulance that will save the lives of people in the city that he loved so much.”

Aerial view of dedication

Aerial view of dedication

The ambulance was dedicated to United Hatzalah and will serve as the organization’s first ICU ambulance, and the first ICU ambulance in the country to provide free service to all citizens in need.  

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Dov Maisel, Vice President of International Operations of United Hatzalah and the nephew of Alan, was one of the first responders at the scene of the attack. He was the EMS responder who found his uncle amid the rubble after the blast. “Today, in this very spot, we are closing a circle. 14 years ago, my uncle Alan was murdered together with 16 other people, while over 100 were injured amid the chaos of the 14a bus bombing. At this place, where friends and family members lost their lives we are inaugurating a new mobile intensive care unit that will save lives,” he said.

Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Jerusalem Rabbi Shlomo Amar speaks at inauguration ceremony.

Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Jerusalem Rabbi Shlomo Amar speaks at inauguration ceremony.

President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer said following the event, “This ICU ambulance will join the other 24 active ambulances across the country and will save lives of all citizens of Israel, regardless of race, religion or background. We are incredibly excited as an organization to honor the memory of our beloved Alan Beer, whose life was taken from us before his time. By helping us to save lives in Israel we hope that his memory may live on among the heroes of Israel. Alan’s family was generous enough to donate the mobile ICU to United Hatzalah, so that this vehicle will be able to save lives without cost to the patients. Being able to inaugurate the vehicle in the very spot that Alan’s life was taken away together with 16 other victims of the heinous attack, has brought a small sense of relief to the family and to all of us as a nation.”

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