Two EMTs playing an April Fools Joke End Up Saving a Life in the Process

Late Saturday night on April 1st, two EMTs, Dvir Adani and Moshe Mizrachi, decided that they would play an April Fool’s joke on their friends. The pair of United Hatzalah volunteers were driving past Ben Gurion airport on their way to buff calls in the center of the country when they decided to take a picture of themselves at the departures desk of the airport to post on facebook and tell their friends that they were spontaneously traveling to Thailand.

Dvir and Moshe at the airport playing the prank.

Dvir and Moshe at the airport playing the prank.

They parked their car at the short-term parking lot and headed to the departures desk with a shoulder bag and a passport, that one of them happened to have in his car. The pair found another traveler and convinced him to allow them to take a picture with his luggage. They posted the photo on Dvir’s facebook page and the comments began to pour in. A few minutes after the photo went online a call went out from the national dispatch alerting the two EMTs to a man with severe chest pains in the airport, just a few hundred meters away from them.

They both ran to the location pinpointed for them by the dispatcher and found an older man in the middle of a heart attack outside of gate 33 in the waiting area of the departures area. The man was scheduled to travel with his wife and daughter to Moscow in less than an hour. The EMTs quickly treated the man and made sure that an ambulance was on the way. They continued taking the man’s vital signs and monitoring him while waiting for the ambulance for almost 20 minutes. When the ambulance arrived, the EMTs helped load the patient onto the intensive care ambulance to be transported to the hospital. The man’s wife and daughter seeing the comprehensive treatment that their husband and father was receiving departed for Russia as he was taken to hospital in stable condition.

Moshe and Dvir treat the patient in the airport.

Moshe and Dvir treat the patient in the airport.

“There is no doubt in my mind that had we not been there the story could have ended much differently. What started out as a friendly and harmless prank on our friends, ended with us saving this man’s life,” said Adani. “This is what is so amazing about United Hatzalah. It gives us the ability to save people no matter where we are or what we are doing.”

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“Saving lives is no joke, “ said Mizrachi who couldn’t keep the smile off of his face.  “While we did set out to have some fun, things got serious fast and we provided professional care to a man who severely needed it. Sometimes having fun does indeed help others. It’s all about being at the ready to help other when needed. That is what we do at United Hatzalah, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We are there for you.”

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