United Hatzalah Meets With High Ranking Police Officers to Increase Effectiveness of Treatment During Emergencies

Numerous high-ranking Israeli police officers, including spokespersons from various branches of the Israeli Police force visited the headquarters of United Hatzalah on Wednesday morning. Commander Meirav Lapidot, Chief Superintendent Shai Hakimi and numerous spokespersons of different sectors of the Israeli police force were in attendance in order to learn about the national EMS organization and build closer collaboration.  

Officers who visited United Hatzalah headquarters recently.

Officers who visited United Hatzalah headquarters recently.

Among the topics discussed during the visit was how to increase communication and effective cooperation between the two organizations during incidents that fall under police jurisdiction.  

Following the visit, Eli Beer the President and Founder of United Hatzalah said, “I am very happy with the visit and its outcome. The level of professionalism shown by Commander Lapidot and the officers who attended is commendable. As an emergency medical service that works at scenes that fall under police jurisdiction, it is important for us to maintain open lines of communication and work together to increase efficiency and for us to work according to the protocols that they set forth. We hope to continue our collaborative efforts that allow us to provide the fastest EMS response possible.”  

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