United Hatzalah Opens Supply Depot in Uman Enabling Travelling EMS Personnel to Treat Tourists and Locals

Israel’s national volunteer EMS organization continues to expand its international operations for communities around the globe. United Hatzalah has opened a new medical supply depot in Uman, Ukraine, ahead of the annual mass pilgrimage that takes place during the High Holiday season. During the months surrounding the Jewish New Year, this year scheduled to begin on the eve of September 20th, tens of thousands of Jewish pilgrims head to the eastern European city to pay their respects to the deceased rabbinical masters whose graves are spread across the western half of the country. As the main focal point of the pilgrimage is the city of Uman, United Hatzalah has chosen it as the location of a new emergency medical supply depot for the organization’s volunteers who will be present during the upcoming pilgrimage.

Medical equipment and EMT bags being set up in Uman for use by visiting EMS personnel

Medical equipment and EMT bags being set up in Uman for use by visiting EMS personnel

The supply depot will allow traveling EMS volunteers and professionals from the organization to present their credentials to the staff on the ground and receive a full bag of medical equipment similar to what they would have in Israel. All volunteers have been instructed to leave their specialized emergency smartphone application running, which will still be used to track and alert them to medical emergencies that occur near their location. The volunteers will receive medical equipment, be notified of emergencies and join the local emergency medical services of the area in an effort to provide a quick and effective response to any emergency that may occur during their stay.


President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer relayed, “We are continuing to expand the international activities of United Hatzalah across the globe and assist any local rescue services that request our assistance. In this case, following the request of the local Hatzalah services in Uman, we are establishing a medical supply center for our many volunteers, including EMTs, paramedics and doctors who visit the area so that they will be able to join the local teams on the ground during their stay and thereby raise both the level and breadth of the care offered in the area. Now when our volunteers go to visit or pay homage at the grave sites of the holy rabbis who are buried there, they will also be able to help the local rescue and Hatzolah teams save lives in case of a medical emergency.”


Beer also said that the organization is looking to expand its activities even further in the area and include providing EMS services to other Jewish communities in the country and across Europe.”      

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