Volunteer EMT Orders a Pizza and Saves Two Lives

Last week Thursday at 7:00 pm, Yuval Mizrachi, who just two months ago became a father for the first time, was sent out by his wife to pick up a pizza for dinner. He had just picked up a family-sized pizza in his hometown of Ganei Tikvah when his United Hatzalah walkie-talkie alerted him that someone had collapsed nearby and was in need of emergency CPR.

Putting the pizza in the back of his ambucycle, Yuval flipped on his lights and siren and raced to the address. An elderly man had suffered a sudden heart attack. Yuval initiated CPR. Within minutes he was joined by additional United Hatzalah medics, as well an ambulance crew.

Yuval Mizrachi on his ambucycle in Ganei Tikvah

Yuval Mizrachi on his ambucycle in Ganei Tikvah

After 45 minutes of intense toil, Yuval received another alert that a traffic accident had occurred right near his location. Since there were enough medics to continue performing CPR on the current patient, Yuval quickly raced to the site of the accident. He was the first medic to arrive at the scene and found an 18-year-old male had been riding a bicycle when he was struck by a bus. The man’s head had shattered the windshield of the bus and he was bleeding profusely. He had sustained moderate and severe facial and hand injuries. The experienced medic rapidly staunched the heavy bleeding, bandaged his wounds, and immobilized the injured man. The ambulance arrived 10 minutes later to find the man stabilized and prepped for transport!

It was already 8:30 pm when Yuval finally arrived home with his family’s supper. His incredible wife Ma’ayan, though, was too proud of her dedicated husband to mind the cold pizza. For a United Hatzalah family, this was all part of the routine. “Family is what this organization is all about,” said Yuval when relating the story afterward. ”One cannot find the brotherhood that exists in United Hatzalah in any other organization. The Director and leadership showed up at my sheva brachot when I got married, and that for me was a big sign of just how family oriented the whole organization is. Here I am a secular man living in Ganei Tikvah and the leadership of the organization, which is incredibly busy, takes the time to come out and celebrate with me, that is the sign of a family. Ever since then, the support I have felt in this organization and in my chapter have never wavered, and both I and my wife are happy to be part of this amazing family, that is responsible for saving lives every day.”   

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