When seconds count…



United Hatzalah’s strength is in its 6,500 selfless volunteers. These include emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics, and doctors who are on call 24/7/365 – even on Yom Kippur!

United Hatzalah volunteer medics take a 200 hour course and undergo 100 training calls to qualify as EMTs. After passing the exams, each medic receives a rescue bag and a phone that connects him to the LifeCompass System.

From that point forward, the medics are always on call. They take their rescue bags, phones, and mode of transportation everywhere they go so they can respond to a call at a moment’s notice. They leave their workplaces, offices, schools, and families – even in middle of the night or during a holiday – to go and treat someone in need of medical assistance whenever they are needed.

United Hatzalah has a diverse volunteer team. Among the 6,500 volunteers, one can find religious and secular Jews, Arabs, Druze, Bedouins, and Christians. The sole criteria to become a United Hatzalah volunteer is to be willing to save anyone’s life – anytime, anywhere.