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Caplan, Lenner, Parker, Port, Rosenblatt & Stulberger 's Campaign

Join us in raising funds and awareness for United Hatzalah of Israel. We are doing this in celebration of Our B'nai Mitzvah - TBJ Israel Trip 2019 .

Message to sponsors:

The six of us will become B'nai Mitzvah on Masada during Chanukah 2019. In celebration of this Simcha we are raising awareness of this fantastic organization in Israel. While our initial goal was to purchase an Ambucycle, we are aware of the EpiPen shortage for each medic to have this life-saving medicine with them at all times. Our contribution will help them save lives in a matter of minutes. Many of our families are directly affected with food allergies and it is so meaningful to us to know that Medics would be equiped with such an important medicine. We chose United Hatzalah for multiple reasons, including their mission to help anyone without discrimination (Jews, Muslims, Christians, etc.) and the rapid speed in which they get to people. EpiPen cost $120 for a set and $60 for a single. We would like to cover the cost of 180 sets of EpiPens.  Please help us in raising funds for such an incredible cause. Any amount you donate brings us closer to our goal and will help to save more lives.

Toda Raba (Thank you very much)

Rebecca Stulberger, Harrison Rosenblatt, Gabby Port, Isabel Parker, Rebecca Lenner & Matthew Caplan

Donations raised to date:

Amanda F
Sara K
Mazel tov!!
Debra B
A great cause. Mazel Tov and have the best time! The Bernstein’s!
Erica S
Great effort!
The L
Allison C
Felicia & Andrew W
We are so proud of Isabel and her friends for their support of such a wonderful organization! Mazel Tov xo! The Waldman Family
Kim and Bill W
Mazel Tov to Rebecca and Rebecca! And to all the b’nai mitzvot! What a wonderful organization. Good luck and we wish you a wonderful experience in Israel. Xoxo
Steven W
The K
Congratulations Harrison, what great work your doing!
Michael T
Cindy G
Mazel Tov!
Amy R
Mark C
Amy S
Lisa H
Sara L
Jodie K
Leslie S
Mazel Tov Harrison!!! Wishing you an amazing trip. You’re almost a man! With love, the Shaftons
Ann A
In honor of Harrison Rosenblatt’s Bar Mitzvah.
Alyssa A
In honor of Harrison Rosenblatt’s Bar Mitzvah
Bridget J
Good work, Harrison!!
Mindy T
Happy to support the TBJ 2019 Israel in this wonderful mitzvah project! - The Tofias Family
Nicole,Marc,Ethan,Isaac,Jacqueline,Baxter&Riley L
In honor of ’The Rebeccas’ & the Mitzvah crew for their efforts to raise money & awareness for their upcoming B’nai Mitzvah on Masada. We are so proud!
Samantha S
Mazel Tov to Mathew and gabby! With love, The Schmell Family
Jessica and Keith C
Nancy M
Audrey S
So Proud to support the TBJ B’nai Mitzvah families in your effort to raise money for this incredible organization. So excited to be sharing this time with you all. Mazel tov to you all.
Julie C
Gail and Cliff S
Proud to support the TBJ B’nai Mitzvah families in your effort to raise money for this incredible organization. Mazel Tov!
Lisa and Adam S
Mazel Tov to Rebecca, Rebecca and the rest of the B’nai Mitzvah crew! 10 sets of epipens towards saving lives!!! With love, Lisa, Adam, Rachel, Michael and David
Laura J
Mazel tov to these Tbj families on their mitzvah. We love this organization The Janay’s
Karen and Mark C
I’m proud to support this amazing organization in honor of my son Matthew and his B’nai mitzvah friends.
Susan E
Mazel Tov!!!
Ellen R
Mazel Tov Gabby!
Brett L
Mazel tov to this wonderful group of B’nai MitZvah students!!
Susan S
Can’t wait to see this
Ethan L
Mazel Tov I'm looking forward to celebrating and sharing this milestone with you.
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About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.