When seconds count…

burn treatment kits

The burn treatment kit is a bandage with a gel composed of sterilized water and natural ingredients with the power to quickly decrease skin temperature and sterilize the wound. Its beauty is in its simplicity - it can be applied in rough field conditions, by virtually anyone, to effectively treat 1st through 3rd degree burns.

The burn treatment kit, ideal for emergency care of burns, replicates the benefits of a cool bath, bringing down the temperature of the affected area, and preventing fatal damage to the skin and muscle tissue. In addition, this bandage seals off the open wound and provides physical protection against contamination, minimizing the likelihood of infection - which is the no.1 fatal cause in burn victims. Finally, yet of extreme importance, the Burn Shield relieves the victims’ pain, soothing and cooling the area, enabling them to relax and begin to heal.

Burn treatment kit advantages

Sterile Provides protection against infection
Heals Prevents damage to skin tissue and accelerates the healing process
Cools Stops loss of liquid, cools and moistens
Soothes Eases pain immediately and long-term
User-friendly Flexible, stretches, non-adhesive, easy to use with minimal training
Useful For use on burns of all degrees, available in a variety of sizes