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defib 's Campaign

Join me in raising funds and awareness for United Hatzalah of Israel. I am doing this { .

Message to sponsors:

Please in raising funds for a piece of lifesaving medical equipment. Any amount you give brings us closer to our goal and will help save more lives

Donations raised to date:

In memory of my beloved parents Etela Bat David & Avrom Ben Sholom
Jeffrey G
Ellen an lloyd S
Josh K
Pledge from josh Kameo @ shaare zion Please make receipt put to NE brands LLC
joseph d
מאיר ס
Please write on the plaque Donated by the Shasho Familly Freida and Mourad Shasho Aliza and Morris Shasho Refuah Shelema to Mordechai Mourad Shasho
Yas B
Wishing you much success with the February fundraiser in LA.
jaime c
I love Israel!!!
Carol M
Stan K
Yael L
Hatzlacha on all that you do. Yael and moshe Jungries From Miami
Elliot S
Jorge W
Louis T
Jorge W
Judith R S
Keep on saving lives with Hashem's help.
joan p
David M
Alan F
Marilyn R
Kenneth S
Susan E
In Memory of Hilda Luria May her memory be a blessing and inspiration to always help others Jewel Brenner, Robert, Jimmy, Susan, Mike, Jamie, Ilan, Byron, Tali, Amanda
Jason M
This defibrillator should be in Honour of the Mandalawi Family and in Honor of my Wife Stephanie Mandalawi. May this defibrillator never be used but should it, may it only be to save a life. Tizku La Mitzvot.
Kenneth K
Keep up the great work! Good to see you at AIPAC Policy Conference.
Joan S
Adam G
Yetti V
Millie L
Thank you and Yeyasher Kochachem for the extraordinary work you do for our people and our country!
Rachel and Andrew E
Lisa M
wolf f
Debra M
For a refuah Shelaima for hindel simma bat mishka blima
Deborah C
Shalom, I'm Exec. Director of Daughters For Zion, the prayer ministry for CUFI. I toured there with the CUFI high School tour the summer of 2017. As an RN who worked the ER for years, I was so impressed with your first responder organization! I'm pleased to donate and would like to work in the future to give more as well as getting the high school/young adults involved in this life-saving non-profit. Blessings on your 2019! Deb
I need a 46 for tax purposes in Israel. If you could please email it to thanks so much.
Ellen B
G-d bless you all
Joseph S
1/4 of defibrillator
Stanley F
Jonathan S
Lynne F S
We are delighted to support your work and we do so in honor of Harlan and Amy Korenvaes.
Gary D
THANK YOU for all of your great work
David and R
Daniel S
Beth K
Keep up your amazing work!
Shlomo G
Devorah S
For a refuah shlaima for: Yoel Aaron ben Devorah,Avraham Chaim ben Rechel and Devorah bas Leah. Kol HaKavod to Eli Beer and the entire volunteers and staff of Hatzalah.
Victor S
In Honor of my Wife Marlene and Children Yvette, Rachel, Lauren and Edmond..
Eric G
Karen W
Jason S
marvin s
cover pledge of 500
Esther R
Joseph F
Kol HaKavod and Hashem’s blessings
Leah K
Ira K
mary m
Gregory H
u r always there when we need you young and old rich and poor and we r never alone when there is an emergency Thanks Yishtabach Hashem!
perry a
In memory of my parents Harav Moshe Shlomo ben Aharon Lev and Tzvia Smaecha bat Harav Avraham Yitchak.
Moshe A
Arie and Eva H
Ronit M
Julie S
Pamela H
Susan S
Eric and Hilary R
Idel S
Karen M
Clifford W
Ike G
Leonard F
Allan R
G-D Bless you all !!!!!!!!!
Bruce L
Glad to help with your exceptional work... Hatzlacha for Hatzalah
michael a
Keep up the amazing work Eli Beer.
michael a
Keep up the amazing work Eli Beer.
Judy P
Frances S
Sheila R
Mark V
I am a Gentile believer in the One God of Israel as taught in both the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures (there is no Trinity anywhere in the Bible despite what the so-called "Christian" churches say) and find it a privilege to be able to assist in my small way the needy among His people.
Abe W
Michael S
Ronald D
In Honor of the University of Iowa Outback Bowl Game
Candice E
dina b
william h
Jay and Jeanie S
Sylvia S
Paul H
Gad S
Glenn S
Vincent N
Thank you!
Angela L
Blessings, Peace and Protection always. Amen
Susan P
Rose Ann 669613884493 C
Mitchell B
Don L
Barbara C
Dean R
Joyce B
Susanne E
Thank you for the service you provide to God's chosen. May he watch over and protect you!
Jacqueline saragosti
Marcia R
You are doing a wonderful job.
Clement E
Leonard and Rosalie R
Sandra and Thomas L
Morris D
Elaine M
Gil M
Betty and Michael H
Harriet L
Herb M
Harvey S
Alan and Carolyn C
Clare L
Great job you are doing
Lindsay C
Anonymous .
T Lupas
Alan and Shira G
Jeff and Erica K
Anonymous .
Ann and Ilya B
Marc Z
Thank you for all the amazing work you do .
Blessings to your organization during this season.
Geoffrey P
You are providing an essential service to the people of Israel . May G–– Bless you and assist your endeavours. Geoff Parker.
Judith S
Steven L
Sheri and Michael S
Leon S
Blima and Joel A
Marian P
Susan and Arthur G
Jay and Michelle M
Elliott W
Richard C
Shmuel and Devorah S
Ariela E
Perry and Shifra G
Martin B
Rose L
Stuart H
Lloyd B
Patricia B
Adrian and Ilene G
Fred S
Mark F
Moshe and Rivka L
Dov H
Leon and Susie E
Rob D
Barbara W
Mirian F
Jenny M
Jonathan F
Joanna A
Elliott H
Murray J
Gerald P
Henry and Helene S
J and D E
Yaffa and Jacob B
Jeffrey and Louise B
Kathryn W
Nelson and Tara S
Eric H
Pesh K
Eliane and Bernard L
Robert S
Judith and Myron C
Abraham and Gertrude L
Nina S
Mervin J
Robert and Renee D
David and Lisa S
Joseph and Victoria S
Marsha L
Daniel S
Faye B
Pearl G
Abraham F
Michael and Linda S
Eve P
Marvin and Mary R
Christopher B
Martin and Irene K
Shelley and Josef P
Esther A
Harriet R
Isaac T
Faith C
Shirley and Marcus M
Cathy & Phil G
Daniel and Rita G
Jonathan B
Adele C
Avi J
Herbert B
Phil K
Gita L
Andrew F
Moshe and Yocheved A
Ely T
Gene H
In honor of Dr. Paul Scheinberg
Anonymous .
Tomas and Judy R
Al G
Eli and Siona A
Allen and Ellen R
Evelyn D
Curtis C
Kenneth B
Av T
Nicole B
Elaine and Stanley S
David and Phyllis G
Joseph and Lisa S
Sheila K
Geoffrey and Yardena M
in memory of Joseph K Miller HY'D Yosef ben aaron Shmuel HY'D
Leonard and Laura B
Ozzie O
Steven F
Jay and Joyce M
Howard U
Alon Sternhill
Moira Lynn Kirzner
Wishing you continue your incredible work. In honor of my Mom, Hadassah Loeb.
steve r
proud to support this great cause
Tom and Debbie F
In loving memory of Aryeh Eliezer Kaminer, a"h
Henry and Roslind S
Reva W
Hashem should give you the strength and courage to continue your amazing work of saving lives! May you have great zechusim and health and nachas for you and your family for all you do for klal Yisrael!
Marcos R
Alen and Ellen R
Henry and Myrtle H
Anonymous .
Jonathan P
Martin F
johanna f
Don M
Frances S
Sheri and Joshua G
Isaac R
Steven H
Samuel and Miriam M
Steve R
Irene P
Joseph K
Bentzion K
gary m
Robert H
claire b. s
beginning january, 2019, please set us up for automatic deduction of $150. per month for the year 2019. please confirm, and also please send me a letter stating the amount of our 2018 donations. thank you for all that you do. you and your workers are a blessing to israel. shabbat shalom, chaya (claire) subar
Doug C
Evelyn B
Keep up your holy work! Thank you.
Geoff & Steff L
Elchonon S
Edward K
Jennifer B
Jonathan A
Michael P
Monica S
Barbara and Tobias L
In memory of Morris Pinsky
Adele and Joel S
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Eli Beer
Heidi and Marc W
Miriam and David S
for Refuah shleima for Etta Malka bas Miriam, In honor of Eli Beer, Michael Yudien and your team of heroes!
Miriam C
The donation is in honour of Edith Palmer's 90th birthday. Please send her a notification at Thank you. Also do not send mail to the address on the VISA. I don't live there and you will jeopardize my using that address.
Ruth E
In honor of my brother, Charles Hurwitz who is a volunteer paramedic on Hof Hacarmel.
Adam S
Karen and Joe L
Rona S
Raviv L
Lynne S
Mark and Joann E
Juliette K
Zvi and Linda F
In memory of Shlomo Ben Zvi
Howard and Freda R
Toby D
In memory of Robert Schweitzer A'H'. Levi Shmuel ben Michoel
Michael R
Cathy S
It was great having you at TBI last night. Wonderful program that is changing the way emergency medical services can be delivered.
Jack B
mordechai e
Hatzlocho on all your great work. May Hashem Bless you with much success
Tina J
In memory of Saul and Edith Jaskoll
Evan S
Andrew Z
Amazing work! Tizku l'mitzvot!
David G
Sharon S
Benjamin T
In Honor of Murray and Leah Grode. Because they would have done the same thing if they were here.
Marvin S
Aaron S
Richard C
Rebecca & Steven S
Thank you Gavy and to everyone at United Hatzalah for saving Israeli lives each and every day. May the Lord bless you and protect you- Rebecca, Steven and Landon Stoll
Esther T
Samantha D
Rena Z
Hannah S
Thanking you for your continued efforts helping people. You are performing an exceptional service. — Lenny and Penny Beer
Elaine Y
Elisha R
Lionel S
Frances R
May God's blessings ride with you on every call.....
L'ilui nishmas Doniel ben Dovid, z'l
Judy M
Michael P
The expiration date is 10/22. Your form does not allow the year?
Jeffrey T
Jennifer W
Thank you for all of your incredible work! I am proud to support United Hatzalah of Israel.
Lee N
Roberta Z
Wayne K
Joey R
Carole H
Andrea and Larry W
Rebecca W
Andrew F
Cathy and Allan W
Jonathan S
Dedicated in Memory of Parvin Sedgh.
Ben and Shayna K
Sina R
Joshua and Leah K
David M
Howard K
richard e
Weinberger Family F
Jason M
Bentzion K
Jack B
Henry A
Holly and Jonathan L
In honor of our friend Eli Beer
norman s
in memory of Sam and Beila Rispler
Marc S
judith L
Rabbi and Mrs. Stuart L
Mark Z
In memory of Mrs. Marvin Curlin
Arnold S
Feigy H
Avromi M
In honor of my dear friends ELI BEER Avi Neffousi and Shloimy Tishler Keep up the great work You are all very much appreciated by klal yisroel.
Jenna M
God bless
In honor of Jason Katz who works tirelessly for this amazing organization.
Ben C
Tammy W
Yaakov and Jennifer G
Jeffrey S
Benjamin and Rachel B
Robert W
Ladies of Shul
Greg M
Daniel and Shimrit W
Ely T
Terry B
Leo K
You are doing amazing work. Truly inspirational.
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About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.