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Tsvi G.K.'s Campaign

Please join me in raising funds for United Hatzalah of Israel. I am doing this in memory of my grandparents & my friend Yannick Rosenberg.

Message to sponsors:

EBike4Life: An e-Bike to save lives in Israel

Presentation :

My name is Tsvi. I am married and have three children. I'm an aeronautical engineer and a Major (Res.) in the IDF. 
I am a volunteer EMT with United Hatzalah.
As a United Hatzalah volunteer EMT, I respond to emergency calls in my neighborhood on a daily basis.

United Hatzalah in brief:

United Hatzalah is a free, volunteer-based emergency medical services (EMS) organization based in Jerusalem. Founded in 2006, it is the largest independent, non-profit and fully volunteer EMS organization in Israel, with more than 3,500 emergency medical technicians (EMT), certified first responders, paramedics and doctors dispersed throughout the country. United Hatzalah's LifeCompass Command Center uses advanced GPS-based dispatch technology to identify the closest and most qualified volunteers to the scene of an emergency and routes those individuals through a mobile device application. Cadres of trained civilian volunteers throughout Israel create a web of emergency first responders, each outfitted with medically equipped motorcycles or e-bikes capable of reaching victims in as few as 90 seconds. The organization is funded exclusively through private charitable support.

An e-Bike-Ambulance?!

I live in the Kyriat Yovel neighborhood of Jerusalem. Kyriat Yovel is only 2 square kilometers (~0.8 square miles), but has over 25000 residents. There are many medical emergencies, and the streets are very narrow and jammed.

The Ambubike (electric bicycle ambulance) is therefore the most suitable vehicle for first response (BLS and PHTLS) in minimum time!

Volunteers as part of United Hatzalah of Israel use E-bikes because they possess an ability to assist emergency first responders. Electric rapid response bicycles are nimble, thereby allowing their riders to access spaces that motor vehicles, even motorcycles, cannot, such as narrow walking paths, alleyways, and parks. In addition, they allow for circumventing instances of bumper-to-bumper traffic. While regular vehicles wait in the standstill, e-bikes can easily cut through, or go around traffic congested roadways.

The e-Bike-Ambulance will be equipped with all the requisite equipment and supplies to provide first response (see the attached list). Supplies will be replenished for at least 3 years. The e-Bike-Ambulance makes it possible to arrive at the scene of an emergency in less than 3 minutes, the difference between life and death in 25% of medical emergencies in Israel.

I invite all of you to participate by donating and sharing on social media 
Thank you in advance for your donations (*) and Save Lives Together!

(*) All donations are tax-deductible - According to many Poskim it is permissible and a mitzvah to use Ma'aser money to donate to United Hatzalah of Israel.

Interactive tracking

As soon as the project is completed, you will be informed of the emergencies processed (**) thanks to this interactive map Click on the image:

(**) Legal information: For reasons of confidentiality, certain details of the cases presented have been modified

Contact :

I invite you to contact me personally: click here 

Financing Details:

A true two-wheeled ambulance, Hatzalah's eBike4Life project enables the emergency volunteer to save lives thanks to the financing of a fully equipped medical electric bike for 3 years supplying medical equipment:

  • Intervention bag with its medical equipment (list attached) for 3 years of replenishment: $7800 ($2600 x3 years) 
  • Defibrillator for 3 years (pairs of disposable electrodes, batteries and maintenance): $3000  
  • Electric bike + customization + Top case + maintenance 3 years: $1700  

List of medical equipment:

Oxygen tank, Valve, Adult sphygmomanometer, Child Sphygmomanometer, Stethoscope, Cervical collars (several sizes), Scissors fabrics and metals, Examination gloves, Insufflator adult, Mask for Insufflator adult, Mask for Insufflator child, vacuum mucosity, Container for used needles and syringes, peripheral venous catheters of different sizes, Antimicrobial filters for adults and children, Disinfecting lotion, Normal dressings, Guedel Airways of all sizes, Adult Oxygen mask, Oxygen mask for children, Disposable sterile delivery kit, Protective mask , Oximeter, Survival blanket, Tactical turnstile tourniquet, Sterile triangular bandage, Tactical haemorrhagic dressings, Disinfectant wipes, Intravenous needle box, Glucogel, Aspirin, Lecoplast, Bandages, Compresses, Defibrillator, Defibrillator stickers, Saline perfusions

Please join us raising funds for a LifeSaving E-BIKE to save lives in Israel

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To participate in this project: 
(When making a donation please note that it is intended for "Tsvi eBike4life" in the comments section, your address, Tel and email)

FRANCE : Pour participer  ce projet avec rception de reu CERFA francais pour dduction fiscale - Cliquez ici :

Donations raised to date:

Anny and Daniel Bornstein
Anonymous A
Très beau projet
Olivier Sebag
de la part d'ami de Michael Landauer
Anonymous A
Martin Delmas
Bon courage
Anonymous A
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Anonymous A
Helene Azoulay
Anonymous A
Helene Azoulay
Anny & Daniel Bornstein
Yshai Bloch
בהצלחה ידידי!
Anonymous A
Anonymous A
Brouria and Nethanel Bornstein
Myriam and Moshe Bornstein
Marguerite Romerowski
Rinate Bendanoune
Haguit Szpeker
Odile Gouet
De la part de ton cousin Florian et de moi ta tante Odile.N'oublie pas d'être prudent, tu seras encore plus utile.Et BRAVO!
Evelyn Tenenbaum
Henri & Dominique ZYLBERBERG
Anonymous A
Eliane claudine BLEINES
Bravo pour l idée dAurelien Tsvi qui j espère va séduire un grand nombre
Sarah Gouet
Contente de pouvoir participer à la réalisation de ce grand projet de sauvetage de vie !! Bravo Tsvi , tous mes encouragements! !
Gerard Ankermann
Nicole and Dan Rozenberg
Eliahu Bergart
Mikael Amzallag
Qui sauve une vie... Magnifique projet!
Sarah Gouet
Hazak pour cette belle et grande initiative ☺☺
Patrick Pessah BIRNBAUM
Très beau projet
Kol akavod pour vos actions!
Anonymous A
Bravo. Continue longtemps comme cela
Helene Azoulay
Hazak. Nous sommes avec toi de tout cœur
Yael Balouka
Brice Barnier
En te connaissant personnellement, je sais que cette argent va être très bien utilisée! Continue à mettre autant de cœur dans cette si belle activité. Encore bravo et à très vite!

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.