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Anthony David & Michael Dinowitz's Campaign

Please join me in raising funds for United Hatzalah of Israel. I am doing this in honor of Guivat Shmuel.

Message to sponsors:

United Hatzalah provides tax deductible receipts in the US, Canada, UK, France and Israel. Please choose the appropriate currency for your location.


United Hatzalah is the only fully-volunteer national emergency medical services (EMS) organization in Israel, saving lives 24/7. Our 6,500 volunteer medics, nurses and doctors hail from every sector of Israeli society and respond to over 2,000 calls daily – that's a call every fifty seconds – anywhere in Israel.

Thanks to our innovative rapid response vehicles, cutting-edge GPS-based dispatch and communication technology, and national volunteer network, our medics arrive on scene in under three minutes to provide lifesaving treatment until the arrival of an ambulance, saving thousands of lives each year. In the last year our volunteer medics have treated 700,000 adults and children. We serve all citizens of Israel, regardless of race, color or creed, and all lifesaving services are provided absolutely free of charge.

A gift of $72,000 per vehicle will enable United Hatzalah to serve Guivat Shmuel with a new rapid response Ambucar – fully equipped emergency vehicle – to protect the health and safety of Israel's citizens at all times.


United Hatzalah is Israel's only fully-volunteer national EMS organization. Our mission is to provide immediate lifesaving medical intervention during the critical window between the onset of an emergency and the arrival of traditional ambulance assistance. We train ordinary people to become citizen-responders, enabling them to administer lifesaving treatment to their families, neighbors, co-workers or total strangers at a moment’s notice, when every second matters.

Our unique lifesaving model has revolutionized emergency medical care in Israel, bringing our volunteer medics to the scene faster than any other EMS in the world. Our 6,500 fully equipped volunteers create a nationwide lifesaving network connected to our proprietary GPS-based dispatch system that tracks the location of each volunteer in real-time. By arriving before the ambulance to staunch bleeding, administer CPR or start defibrillation, our volunteer medics, paramedics, nurses and doctors are saving thousands of lives each year.

United Hatzalah is recognized internationally as a leader in the EMS field, and is a designated Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Security and IDF Home Front Command EMS provider. Our medics hail from every sector of Israeli society and create a web of first-responders ready to drop whatever they are doing and race to nearby emergencies, anywhere and anytime.

United Hatzalah's unique combination of optimal medic-to-population saturation, innovative rapid response vehicles, and cutting-edge dispatch technology ensures that every heart attack, road accident or terror victim in Israel receives immediate and free medical assistance when every second can mean the difference between life and death.


As Israel’s premier volunteer EMS organization, United Hatzalah must be prepared to respond swiftly and professionally to any type of medical emergency, including household injuries, car accidents, heart attacks, emergency births, terror attacks and mass casualty.

In each of these situations, every second between the onset of the emergency and the commencement of excellent medical treatment impacts the chances of full recovery and often means the difference between life and death.

Why is the speed of our response so important? Medical emergencies strike at any time and can result in long term disability or fatality if help does not arrive on time. Ambulance response times often extend to ten minutes or more due to traffic congestion; however, the brain can only survive 4 to 6 minutes without oxygen.

During cases of sudden cardiac arrest or other injuries causing oxygen deprivation and more, survival rates decrease by 7 to 10% with each minute that defibrillation or other urgent treatment is delayed. However, studies have demonstrated that when victims receive advanced medical care within the first critical minutes, more than 90% survive.

Our current national response time is the fastest in the world, and yet, in order to save every life humanly possible, our goal is to achieve a groundbreaking 90-second response rate nationwide. To accomplish this, we must equip more of our volunteer medics with our revolutionary fully equipped registered rapid response vehicles.


United Hatzalah's fleet of Ambucars - rapid response licensed emergency response cars fitted with sirens and emergency lights - fill the operational gap between ambulances and ambucycles, allowing our volunteer medics and personnel to carry all the medical gear found in an ambulance whilst going about their daily routine, in all weather conditions.

Ambucars ensure the arrival of advanced professional
volunteers who often prefer cars over motorcycles for daily commute, to provide advanced lifesaving treatment until the arrival of an ambulance.

With additional seating and storage, Ambucars allow United Hatzalah's experts such as doctors and nurses, regional directors, mass-casualty incident (MCI) coordinators and dispatch personnel to carry additional equipment, including mobile dispatch cases, search and rescue equipment, reserve medical equipment, and command post tents, facilitating the setup of fully operational command posts and field hospitals at any location.

Additionally, with 4 passenger seats, the Ambucar enables a team of volunteers living or working together or spending a night out volunteering together to reach the scene swiftly.

United Hatzalah must expand its Ambucar fleet to respond to the needs of Israel’s people.


United Hatzalah requires a larger fleet of fully equipped Ambucars to provide the highest level of emergency care at any location.

Your gift of $72,000 will enable us to post a new Ambucar in Israel to respond to medical emergencies in the minutes that matter most. Ambucar donations include a dedication inscription on the vehicle and a dedication ceremony at the locale of your choosing, including at our headquarters in Jerusalem.

Your Ambucar sponsorship is comprehensive – it covers the cost of the vehicles and three years of maintenance, insurance, medical equipment and first aid supplies – everything to keep your Ambucars on the road saving lives for at least three years. And all through that period, while they are out saving lives, we will send you regular updates on the performance of your emergency vehicles, allowing you to track how your generosity has a direct impact on saving lives.

On behalf of those we help, their families, friends and communities, thank you for considering the sponsorship of a new United Hatzalah rapid response Ambucar.

Donations raised to date:

Kevin Brenner
Avi Lieberman
Matthew Barkoff
Andrew Feldman
In honor of Michael Dinowitz
Mitch Weitzner
This donation is made to honor the memory of Jeremy Mash.
Juliya Ismailov
Elliot Zaks
Keep up doing great mitzvah’s for the klal!
James Schwalbe
Shimon Shkury
In Honor of Michael Dinowitz. Great cause!
David Sweet
The Sweet family is honored to give this donation in memory of our cousin Jeremy Mash
Jill and Larry Mash & Faye Dinowitz
In loving memory of our beloved and cherished son and grandson, Jeremy Mash, Z"L. May his memory be for a blessing.
Victoria Sweet
So happy to be able to contribute to such a good cause.
Laura Sweet
Honored to donate to this wonderful organization in honor of my cousin, Jeremy Mash.
Jeffrey and Marsha Schreiber
James Gelman
Moshe Greenfield
In honor of Beth and Michael Dinowitz and In memory of their nephew, Jeremy Mash Z”L, לעילוי נשמת פנחס הלל בן אליהו הלוי
Cory Zelnik
Great cause
Beni Itzkowitz
In honor of the mayor of Big Tor
Shlomo Scharf
Jacob cohen
Reuven Epstein
Z”N Jeremy Mash
Alan Schwartz
morris betesh
elliot katz
Robert Fabricant
Zac Gindi
Samuel Shiel
Yasher Koach Michael. May your nephew’s neshama have an Aliyah.
Jay Goldstein
Jeremy Zucker
David Hoffman
Aaron Feuer
John Engelman
Peter Ray
Beth and Michael Dinowitz
In memory of our nephew Jeremy Mash Z”L (פנחס הלל בן אליהו הלוי). May his memory be blessed. Let’s get to $72K and make this Ambucar happen for Givat Shmuel!
Saul Moore
Steven Dersh
In memory of Jeremy Mash and in honor of Beth and Michael Dinowitz
We are privileged to help this most worthwhile organization
Frederick Rosner
Favi & Debi Walfish
Mitchell and Betty Troyetsky
Mitchell Feldman
David Kolesnik
Israel Fleischer
Adam Bergenfeld
Fredy Kaplan
Joel & Tamar Hutman
David Kirschtel
Zevy Mitz
efraim gottdiener
Lilui nishmas Jeremy Mash.
Avrohom Schlisselfeld
Pace Cohen
Howard Cogan
menachem Weinreb
Yehuda Kaplovitz
Brian Ray
Donny Fein
Cynthia Schein
In memory of my cousin Jeremy Mash.
moe Landy
Moshe Curland
Jeffrey Silverman
My donation is in conjunction with the 2nd yahrzeit of Jeremy Mash, Michael Dinowitz’s nephew. This is a great cause.

About United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization that provides the fastest and free emergency medical first response throughout Israel. United Hatzalah's service is available to all people without regard to race, religion or national origin.